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This repository contains a dockerfile to add a pre-built glibc to an otherwise emtpy alpine container. This is necessary for some software that is shipped precompiled and linked against glibc only. Alpine Linux itself uses the much smaller and faster musl libc (which is also considered often as a more secure replacement for the glibc).


To use this image you need the base alpine image (either from a registry, then you need to edit the Dockerfile, or -- preferred -- self-build as alpine-x86_64) and podman or docker installed. Then simply build the image based on the dockerfile:

podman build . -t alpine-glibc-x86_64:3.11.6_2.31-r0

The tag is a suggestion to include both the alpine and the glibc version.

Author and Copying

This repository is authored by Nils Freydank. You can use, modify and share this code under the terms of the MIT license (see the file COPYING-MIT for details).