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binb: Binb is not Beamer

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The Beamer package is very popular for making pdf presentations from LaTeX, and also supported from Markdown and RMarkdown. This package (currently) provides functionality to use the following custom (LaTeX) themes for Beamer directly via RMarkdown:

The original LaTeX styles been converted to be directly useable from RMarkdown



Consider the following minimal example, adapted from the original minimal example at the bottom of the Metropolis page:

title: A minimal example
author: Matthias Vogelgesang
date: \today
institute: Centre for Modern Beamer Themes
output: binb::metropolis

# First Section

## First Frame

Hello, world!

It creates a three-page pdf file which we converted into this animated gif


Similarly, for IQSS we use the following input adapting the example above but showing sections and subsections for the nice headings it generates:

title: A minimal example
author: Ista Zahn
date: \today
institute: IQSS
output: binb::iqss

# First Section

## First Sub-Section

### First Frame

Hello, world!

# Second Section

## Second Subsection

### Second Frame

Another planet!

This creates this pdf file which we converted into this animated gif:


The following small example adapted some of the slides from original minimal example from the Presento repo:

author: Ratul Saha
address: www.ratulsaha.com
subtitle: clean, simple and extensible
date: \today
output: binb::presento

## Presento

- \begin{center}\largetext{The design is \underline{clean}}\end{center}    \bigskip
- \begin{center}\largetext{The rules are \underline{simple}}\end{center}   \bigskip
- \item \begin{center}\largetext{The code is \underline{extensible}}\end{center}

## Open Source Fonts

-  \montserratfont This is \textsc{Montserrat}	\bigskip
-  \notosansfont This is \textsc{Noto Sans}		\bigskip
-  \latolightfont This is Lato (light)          \bigskip
-  \inconsolatafont This is inconsolata         \bigskip
-  \textsc{This is Alegreya Sans small caps}    \bigskip

## Color Palette

  \crule[colordgray] \crule[colorhgray] \crule[colorblue] \crule[colorgreen] \crule[colororange]


 \hugetext{BIG BOLD TEXT}
 \small but background color does not work


\tikz[overlay,remember picture] \node[opacity=0.8, at=(current page.center)]{%

From this, one can creats this pdf file which can be converted into this animated gif:


Below is an example of the Monash Business School theme by Rob Hyndman. There also two longer Monash demos included in the package: longer demo and options demo.

(The source is a little longer and included in the repo and package so not shown here.)


The package is fairly new and susceptible to change, but on CRAN.


The package is on CRAN and can be installed via a standard


and can then be used as a Markdown template via RStudio, or via code such as

draft("myslides.Rmd", template="metropolis", package="binb", edit=FALSE)
setwd("myslides")  ## template creates a new subdir

to create a first draft of a new myslides.Rmd.

Once installed, the above code examples should work as expected.


Beyond the R package dependencies, a working pandoc binary is needed. RStudio installs its own copy, otherwise do what is needed on your OS (i.e., something like sudo apt-get install pandoc pandoc-citeproc).

The Metropolis LaTeX package is used, but we assume that is is installed via TeXLive, MikTeX or another LaTeX bundle. The LaTeX code for the IQSS Beamer Theme and the Presento Theme are included (and adapted for RMarkdown use).

These themes use additional (free) fonts you may need to install:

If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can use the informal font packages I created for Fira and Fira Sans, Libertinus, Montserrat, Alegreya Sans, respectively.

Most modern desktop systems make it easy to install additional fonts as a user. However, instructions vary so please see for your particular system.

See Also

  • linl: Linl is not Letter: LaTeX letters from RMarkdown
  • pinp: Pinp is not PNAS: Snazzy one-or two column short papers or vignettes
  • tint: tint is not tufte: Beautiful pdf or html handout or writeups

and the minm package installing all of them.


Dirk Eddelbuettel, Ista Zahn and Rob Hyndman


GPL (>= 2) for this package.