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2011-12-01 Werner Koch <>
NB: ChangeLog files are no longer manually maintained. Starting
on December 1st, 2011 we put change information only in the GIT
commit log, and generate a top-level ChangeLog file from logs at
"make dist". See doc/HACKING for details.
2011-09-20 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): s/gcry_md_start_debug/gcry_md_debug/
in preparation for Libgcrypt 1.6.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Ditto.
* certreqgen.c (create_request): Ditto.
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cert_sig): Ditto.
2011-08-10 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (keydb_add_resource): Remove unsued var CREATED_FNAME.
* gpgsm.c (main): Remove unused var FNAME.
2011-07-21 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (get_cached_cert, get_cached_cert_data_cb): New.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Try to get the only-valid-if-cert-valid
certificate from the dirmngr first.
2011-06-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters): Initialize RC.
2011-04-25 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Mark classify_user_id for
use with non-OpenPGP.
(gpgsm_find_cert): Ditto.
* sign.c (get_default_signer): Ditto.
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Ditto.
* import.c (reimport_one): Ditto.
* export.c (gpgsm_export): Ditto.
* delete.c (delete_one): Ditto.
2011-03-10 Werner Koch <>
* minip12.c (oid_pkcs5PBKDF2, oid_pkcs5PBES2, oid_aes128_CBC): New.
(set_key_iv_pbes2): New.
(crypt_block): Add args IV and IVLEN. Call set_key_iv_pbes2.
(decrypt_block): Add args IV and IVLEN.
(parse_bag_encrypted_data): Hack to support PBES2 data.
(parse_bag_data): Ditto.
2011-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* base64.c (base64_finish_write): Do not copy to radbuf to get rid
of a faulty gcc 4.4 "used uninitialized" warning.
2011-03-01 Werner Koch <>
(reqgen_ctrl_s): Remove field WRITER.
(read_parameters): Support new keywords. Change arg WRITER to
OUT_FP; pass that to proc_parameters.
(proc_parameters): Add arg WRITER. Check values of new keywords.
Create writer object here. Support generation of certificates.
(create_request): Take new arg SIGKEY. Allow for hash algorithms
other than SHA-1. Set serialno and other values for certificate
(gpgsm_genkey): Do not create writer object but pass output stream
to read_parameters.
* certreqgen-ui.c (gpgsm_gencertreq_tty): Ask for self-signed.
* misc.c (transform_sigval): New.
2011-02-25 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (create_request): Add arg SIGKEY.
2010-11-25 Werner Koch <>
* base64.c (gpgsm_create_writer): Remove arg FP which is not used
by any caller. Change all callers.
(struct writer_cb_parm_s): Remove field FP.
(do_putc, do_fputs): Remove and replace callers by direct calls to
es_ functions.
2010-11-23 Werner Koch <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Add extra_bin_ldflags.
2010-10-08 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Add option --with-keygrip.
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): Add WITH_KEYGRIP.
* keylist.c (list_cert_std): Implement option.
2010-09-16 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_walk_cert_chain): Use GPG_ERR_MISSING_ISSUER_CERT.
(do_validate_chain): Ditto.
(gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Ditto.
* call-agent.c (learn_cb): Take care of new
* import.c (check_and_store): Ditto.
(check_and_store): Ditto.
2010-08-16 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) <aGPGConfList>: Use es_printf.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr_ext): Use new start_new_dirmngr
* gpgsm.c: Mark option --prefer-system-dirmngr obsolete.
(main): Enable dirmngr by default.
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): Remove field PREFER_SYSTEM_DIRMNGR.
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Use dirmngr_socket_name instead of the
envvar for the hello line info.
2010-06-21 Werner Koch <>
* minip12.c (p12_build): Change arg CERT to const void ptr.
(build_cert_sequence): Change arg CERT to const ptr.
* gpgsm.c (main) <aExportSecretKeyP12>: Use to estream.
(open_fwrite): Removed.
* export.c: Include minip12.h.
(popen_protect_tool): Remove.
(export_p12): Use gpg-agent directly. Change calling convention.
(gpgsm_p12_export): Adjust for that change. Change arg FP to an
(do_putc): Remove. Change callers to es_putc.
(do_fputs): Likewise.
(print_short_info): Remove arg FP.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_export_key): new.
2010-06-17 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (parse_p12): Remove arg retfp. Use the agent's new
import command.
(import_one): Adjust call to pkcs12.
(store_cert_cb, rsa_key_check): New.
(popen_protect_tool): Remove.
* minip12.c (parse_bag_encrypted_data, p12_parse): Add arg
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_ask_passphrase): New.
(gpgsm_agent_keywrap_key): New.
(struct import_key_parm_s): New.
(gpgsm_agent_import_key): New.
* minip12.c, minip12.h: Move from ../agent/.
* (gpgsm_SOURCES): Add them.
2010-06-11 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (cmd_message) [HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM]: Finish pipe.
2010-06-10 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (SERVER_STDIN, SERVER_STDOUT): New macros.
(gpgsm_server): Use them with assuan_fdopen.
2010-04-23 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* certreqgen.c (read_parameters): Use ascii_isspace instead of
spacep to stop at newline, too.
2010-04-14 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) [W32CE]: Disable dirmngr for now.
2010-04-13 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Do not check qualified status in
no-chain-validation mode.
2010-04-08 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (open_es_fread): Add arg mode.
(main) <aKeygen>: Call with mode "r" instead of "rb".
2010-04-07 Werner Koch <>
* misc.c: Remove setenv.h. Include sysutils.h.
(setup_pinentry_env): s/setenv/gnupg_setenv/
2010-03-24 Werner Koch <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Add extra_sys_libs.
2010-03-23 Werner Koch <>
* qualified.c (gpgsm_is_in_qualified_list): Replace rewind by
2010-03-22 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (parse_p12): Use estream functions for the tmp streams.
* export.c (export_p12): Ditto.
2010-03-11 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Use gpgsm_es_print_name.
* gpgsm.c: Include "asshelp.h".
(main): Remove assuan_set_assuan_log_prefix. Add
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Remove assuan_set_log_stream.
2010-03-10 Werner Koch <>
* (common_libs): Remove libjnlib.a. Change order.
* gpgsm.h: Remove "estream.h".
2010-03-08 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (gpgsm_genkey): Change OUT_FP to an estream_t
* certreqgen-ui.c (gpgsm_gencertreq_tty): ditto.
* server.c (cmd_genkey): Close IN_STREAM.
* server.c (cmd_encrypt, cmd_decrypt, cmd_verify, cmd_sign): Avoid
dup call by using es_fdopen_nc.
(do_listkeys): Use es_fdopen_nc instead of dup and es_fdopen.
(cmd_export): Ditto.
(cmd_genkey): Ditto.
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Change OUTFILE to an estream_t.
(export_p12): Change OUTFP and arg RETFP to an estream_t.
(gpgsm_p12_export): Change DATAFP to an estream_t.
(gpgsm_export): Remove arg FP.
* import.c (import_one): Change CERTFP and arg FP to an estream_t.
(popen_protect_tool): Ditto for OUTFILE.
(parse_p12): Change CERTFP to an estream_t.
* sign.c (hash_data, hash_and_copy_data): Use estream.
(gpgsm_sign): Change arg OUT_FP to an estream_t.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Rename FP to IN_FP. Change FP and arg
OUT_FP to an estream_t.
(hash_data): Use estream.
* base64.c (struct reader_cb_parm_s): Change FP to an estream_t.
(gpgsm_create_reader): Ditto.
(simple_reader_cb, base64_reader_cb): Adjust accordingly.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Change OUT_FP and IN_FP to an estream_t.
* encrypt.c (gpgsm_encrypt): Change OUT_FP to an estream_t. Ditto
for DATA_FD.
(encrypt_cb): Use estream.
* gpgsm.c (main) <aEncr, aVerify, aSign, aDecrypt>: Use estream
(main) <aExport, aKeygen>: Use open_es_fwrite.
2009-12-14 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_passwd): New.
(register_commands): Register new command.
2009-12-10 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Add option --ignore-cert-extension.
* gpgsm.h (opt): Add field IGNORED_CERT_EXTENSIONS.
* certchain.c (unknown_criticals): Handle ignored extensions,
2009-12-08 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (keydb_search_kid): Fix code even that it is not used.
(classify_user_id): Adjust for change of u.kid type.
(keydb_classify_name): Replace GPG_ERR_INV_NAME by
(keydb_classify_name): Remove. Replace all callers by
2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr_ext): Convert posix fd to assuan fd.
2009-12-03 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (set_debug): Allow for numerical debug leveles. Print
active debug flags.
2009-12-02 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Add audit info on hash algorithms.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Add audit log calls.
(hash_data): Return an error indicator.
2009-12-01 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Add audit log calls.
* gpgsm.c: New option --html-audit-log.
2009-11-25 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Use assuan_fd_t and assuan_fdopen on
2009-11-23 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) <aGpgConfList>: Add key "default_pubkey_algo".
2009-11-10 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (cmd_getauditlog): Don't dup FD for es_fdopen_nc as
this leaks the FD here.
2009-11-05 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr_ext): Update use of
assuan_pipe_connect and assuan_socket_connect.
2009-11-04 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters): Change fallback key length to
* server.c (register_commands): Add help arg to
assuan_register_command. Provide help strings for all commands.
2009-11-02 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (reset_notify, input_notify, output_notify): Update to
new assuan interface.
(register_commands): Use assuan_handler_t.
* call-agent.c (membuf_data_cb, default_inq_cb)
(inq_ciphertext_cb, scd_serialno_status_cb)
(scd_keypairinfo_status_cb, istrusted_status_cb)
(learn_status_cb, learn_cb, keyinfo_status_cb): Return gpg_error_t.
2009-10-16 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (default_include_certs): Change to -2.
(DEFAULT_CIPHER_ALGO): New. Use instead of hardcoded "3DES".
2009-09-30 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Remove obsolete GCRYCTL_DISABLE_INTERNAL_LOCKING.
2009-09-23 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Update to new assuan API.
* server.c: Include "gpgsm.h" before <assuan.h> due to check for
GPG_ERR_SOURCE_DEFAULT and assuan.h now including gpg-error.h.
(option_handler, cmd_recipient, cmd_signer, cmd_encrypt)
(cmd_decrypt, cmd_verify, cmd_sign, cmd_import, cmd_export)
(cmd_delkeys, cmd_message, cmd_listkeys, cmd_dumpkeys)
(cmd_listsecretkeys, cmd_dumpsecretkeys, cmd_genkey)
(cmd_getauditlog, cmd_getinfo): Return gpg_error_t instead of int.
(register_commands): Same for member HANDLER in table.
(gpgsm_server): Allocate assuan context before starting server.
* sm/call-dirmngr.c:
* call-dirmngr.c (prepare_dirmngr): Check for CTX and error before
(start_dirmngr_ext): Allocate assuan context before starting
(inq_certificate, isvalid_status_cb, lookup_cb, lookup_status_cb)
(run_command_cb, run_command_inq_cb, run_command_status_cb):
Return gpg_error_t instead of int.
2009-08-06 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Print INV_SNDR for a bad default key.
* server.c (cmd_signer): Remove unneeded case for -1. Send
INV_SGNR. Use new map function.
(cmd_recipient): Use new map function.
* gpgsm.c (do_add_recipient): Use new map function for INV_RECP.
(main): Ditto. Also send INV_SGNR.
2009-07-30 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (learn_cb): Do not store as ephemeral.
2009-07-29 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* keylist.c (print_capabilities): Print a trailing colon.
2009-07-23 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (is_cert_still_valid): Emit AUDIT_CRL_CHECK.
2009-07-07 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (command_has_option): New.
(cmd_getinfo): Add subcommand "cmd_has_option".
(cmd_import): Implement option --re-import.
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Add arg reimport_mode.
(reimport_one): New.
* gpgsm.h: Include session-env.h.
(opt): Add field SESSION_ENV. Remove obsolete fields.
* server.c (option_handler): Rewrite setting of option fields.
Replace strdup by xtrystrdup.
* gpgsm.c (set_opt_session_env): New.
(main): Use it for oDisplay, oTTYname, oTTYtype and oXauthority.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Adjust start_new_gpg_agent for
changed args.
* misc.c (setup_pinentry_env): Use new session_env stuff.
2009-07-02 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen-ui.c (gpgsm_gencertreq_tty): Allow using a key from a
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_scd_serialno)
(scd_serialno_status_cb, store_serialno): New.
(scd_keypairinfo_status_cb, gpgsm_agent_scd_keypairinfo): New.
2009-07-01 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen-ui.c (check_keygrip): New.
(gpgsm_gencertreq_tty): Allow using an existing key.
* gpgsm.c (open_es_fread): New.
(main) <aKeygen>: Implement --batch mode.
2009-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (pattern_from_strlist): Remove dead assignment of N.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Remove dead assignment.
* certreqgen.c (create_request): Assign GPG_ERR_BUG to RC.
Reported by Fabian Keil.
2009-05-27 Werner Koch <>
* encrypt.c (encrypt_dek): Make use of make_canon_sexp.
2009-05-18 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (option_handler): New option "no-encrypt-to".
(cmd_encrypt): Make use of it.
* gpgsm.c: Remove not implemented --verify-files.
2009-04-02 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_std): Print card serial number.
2009-04-01 Werner Koch <>
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Add command line option
--agent-program and pass flag bit 6.
* import.c (popen_protect_tool): Ditto.
2009-03-26 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): s/def_digest_string/forced_digest_algo/ and
activate the --digest-algo option.
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): s/def_digest_algo/forced_digest_algo/.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Implement --digest-algo.
* sign.c (MAX_DIGEST_LEN): Change to 64.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_marktrusted): Format the issuer name.
2009-03-25 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Print ENC_TO and NO_SECKEY stati.
Fixes bug#1020.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_short_fingerprint): Add arg R_HIGH and
change all callers.
2009-03-23 Werner Koch <>
* delete.c (delete_one): Also delete ephemeral certificates if
specified uniquely.
2009-03-20 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Set released cert to NULL.
* call-agent.c (learn_status_cb): New.
(gpgsm_agent_learn): Use it.
(learn_cb): Send a progress for every certificate.
2009-03-18 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): Move field WITH_EPHEMERAL_KEYS to struct
* gpgsm.c (main): Change accordingly.
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Ditto.
* server.c (option_handler): Add "with-ephemeral-keys".
2009-03-12 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (gpgsm_dump_time): Remove.
* certdump.c, verify.c, certchain.c
* gpgsm.c: s/gpgsm_dump_time/dump_isotime/.
2009-03-06 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_keyinfo, keyinfo_status_cb): New.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Print card S/N.
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Always list ephemeral keys if
specified by keygrip or fingerprint.
(list_cert_raw): Always show ephemeral flag.
* export.c (gpgsm_export): Export ephemeral keys if specified by
2009-02-09 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Change default cipher back to 3DES.
2009-01-12 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (print_utf8_extn_raw): Cast printf precision argument.
2009-01-08 Werner Koch <>
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_keygrip_hexstring): Add error detection.
2008-12-10 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (our_cipher_test_algo): Use the GCRY constants as we now
require 1.4.
(our_md_test_algo): Ditto. Add SHA224.
(main) <aGpgConfList>: Update default cipher algo.
2008-12-09 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Call i18n_init before init_common_subsystems.
2008-12-05 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (create_request): Provide a custom prompt for the
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc): Remove debug output.
(gpgsm_format_keydesc): Remove saving of errno as xfree is
supposed not to change it. Use the new percent_plus_escape
function which also fixes the issue that we did not escaped a
percent in the past.
2008-11-18 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (make_libversion): New.
(my_strusage): Use new function.
(build_lib_list): Remove.
2008-11-13 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Remove all unused options. Use ARGPARSE macros.
2008-10-28 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc): Use xtryasprintf and xfree.
(gpgsm_es_print_name): Factor code out to ...
(gpgsm_es_print_name2): New function.
(gpgsm_format_name2, format_name_writer): Use estream so that it
works on all platforms.
(format_name_writer): Fix reallocation bug.
2008-10-23 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (popen_protect_tool): Add arg CTRL and assure that the
agent is running. Pass a value for CTRL from all caller.
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Ditto.
2008-10-21 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (inq_certificate_parm_s): Add field CTRL.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Supply a value for that field.
(inq_certificate): Add inquiry ISTRUSTED.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_istrusted): Add new optional arg
HEXFPR. Changed all callers.
2008-10-20 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (keydb_locate_writable): Mark unused arg.
(keydb_search_kid): Ditto.
(keydb_clear_some_cert_flags): Ditto.
* server.c (cmd_encrypt): Ditto.
(cmd_decrypt, cmd_verify, cmd_import, cmd_genkey): Ditto.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_scd_pksign): Ditto.
* call-dirmngr.c (release_dirmngr, release_dirmngr2)
(run_command_cb): Ditto.
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_cert_to_certlist): Ditto.
* certchain.c (find_up_dirmngr): Ditto.
* keylist.c (print_key_data): Ditto.
(list_cert_raw, list_cert_std): Ditto.
* qualified.c (gpgsm_is_in_qualified_list): Ditto.
* gpgsm.c (set_binary) [!W32]: Mark unused arg.
2008-10-17 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr, start_dirmngr2): Reset the lock
flag on error.
(release_dirmngr, release_dirmngr2): Replace asserts by error messages.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_lookup): Replace assert by fatal error message.
2008-10-13 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Add alias --delete-keys.
2008-09-30 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_getinfo): New subcommand agent-check.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_send_nop): New.
2008-09-29 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (MY_GCRY_PK_ECDSA): Remove. Change users to
* gpgsm.c (MY_GCRY_PK_ECDSA): Ditto.
* sign.c (MY_GCRY_MD_SHA224): Remove change users to GCRY_MD_SHA224.
2008-09-04 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc): Work around a mingw32 bug.
2008-09-03 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (MY_GCRY_MD_SHA224): New, so that we don't need libgcrypt
2008-08-13 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Print 'f' for validated certs.
2008-08-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* gpgsm.h (struct server_control_s): Remove member dirmngr_seen.
* call-dirmngr.c (dirmngr2_ctx, dirmngr_ctx_locked)
(dirmngr2_ctx_locked): New global variables.
(prepare_dirmngr): Don't check dirmngr_seen anymore.
(start_dirmngr): Move bunch of code to ...
(start_dirmngr_ext): ... this new function.
(release_dirmngr, start_dirmngr2, release_dirmngr2): New
(gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Call release_dirmngr.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_lookup): Call release_dirmngr. If dirmngr_ctx is
locked, use dirmngr2_locked.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_run_command): Call release_dirmngr.
2008-06-25 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Revamp the hash algorithm selection.
* gpgsm.h (struct certlist_s): Add field HASH_ALGO and HASH_ALGO_OID.
* qualified.c (gpgsm_qualified_consent): Fix double free.
* gpgsm.c (main): Change default cipher algo to AES.
* keylist.c (print_utf8_extn_raw, print_utf8_extn): New.
(list_cert_raw, list_cert_std): Print the TeleSec restriction
2008-06-23 Werner Koch <>
* encrypt.c (encode_session_key): Replace xmalloc by xtrymalloc.
Use bin2hex instead of open coding the conversion.
(encrypt_dek): Init S_DATA.
2008-06-13 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* call-dirmngr.c (prepare_dirmngr): Fix error code to ignore.
2008-06-12 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* gpgsm.h (struct keyserver_spec): New struct.
(opt): Add member keyserver.
* gpgsm.c (keyserver_list_free, parse_keyserver_line): New functions.
(main): Implement --keyserver option.
* call-dirmngr.c (prepare_dirmngr): Send LDAPSERVER commands.
2008-05-20 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) <aExportSecretKeyP12>: Pass FP and not stdout to
the export function. Reported by Marc Mutz.
2008-05-06 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_external_keys): Ignore NOT FOUND error code.
This is bug#907.
2008-04-23 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (find_up): Make correct C89 code. Declare variable
at the top of the block. Reported by Alain Guibert.
2008-04-09 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Print the message hash values on error.
2008-03-31 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Use log_info instead of
log_error when falling back to start dirmngr.
2008-03-20 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Always save the first
subject and issuer. Initialize issuer with issuer and not with
(same_subject_issuer): Set issuer2 to issuer and not to subject.
2008-03-17 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (my_funopen_hook_size_t): New.
(format_name_writer): Use it.
2008-03-13 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (gpgsm_fpr_and_name_for_status): Fix signed/unsigned
char issue.
(gpgsm_format_keydesc): Remove superfluous test. Add expire date
to the prompt.
2008-02-18 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_is_root_cert): Factor code out to ...
(is_root_cert): New. Extend test for self-issued certificates
signed by other CAs.
(do_validate_chain, gpgsm_basic_cert_check)
(gpgsm_walk_cert_chain): Use it here.
* gpgsm.c: Add option --no-common-certs-import.
* certchain.c (find_up_dirmngr, find_up, do_validate_chain)
(check_cert_policy): Be more silent with --quiet.
* gpgsm.c: Add option --disable-dirmngr.
* gpgsm.h (opt): Add field DISABLE_DIRMNGR.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Implement option.
2008-02-14 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (option_handler): Add option allow-pinentry-notify.
(gpgsm_proxy_pinentry_notify): New.
* call-agent.c (default_inq_cb): New.
(gpgsm_agent_pksign, gpgsm_scd_pksign, gpgsm_agent_readkey)
(gpgsm_agent_istrusted, gpgsm_agent_marktrusted)
(gpgsm_agent_passwd, gpgsm_agent_get_confirmation): Call it.
(struct cipher_parm_s, struct genkey_parm_s): Add field CTRL.
(inq_ciphertext_cb): Test keyword and fallback to default_inq_cb.
(inq_genkey_parms): Ditto.
(start_agent): Tell agent to send us the pinentry notifications.
2008-02-13 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_lookup): Add arg CACHE_ONLY.
* keylist.c (list_external_keys): Pass false for new arg.
* certchain.c (find_up_dirmngr): New.
(find_up): Also try to read from the dirmngr cache.
(find_up, find_up_external, gpgsm_walk_cert_chain)
(gpgsm_basic_cert_check, allowed_ca): Add arg CTRL and changed all
* call-agent.c (struct learn_parm_s): Add field CTRL.
(gpgsm_agent_learn): Set it.
2008-02-11 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_getinfo): New.
(gpgsm_server): Register GETINFO.
2008-01-29 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): New variable lastcert. Use it
to suppress duplicates which immediately follow each other.
2008-01-27 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (popen_protect_tool): Set bit 7 in the flags for
gnupg_spawn_process so that under W32 no window appears.
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Ditto.
2007-12-13 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Add option --extra-digest-algo.
* gpgsm.h (struct): Add EXTRA_DIGEST_ALGO.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Use it. Use the hash algorithm from
the signature value.
2007-12-11 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (do_validate_chain): Log AUDIT_ROOT_TRUSTED.
* server.c (cmd_sign, cmd_decrypt, cmd_encrypt): Start audit log.
(cmd_recipient): Start audit session.
* gpgsm.c (main): Revamp creation of the audit log.
* gpgsm.h (struct server_control_s): Add AGENT_SEEN and DIRMNGR_SEEN.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Record an audit event.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Ditto. Add new arg CTRL and pass
it from all callers.
(prepare_dirmngr): New helper for start_dirmngr.
* encrypt.c (gpgsm_encrypt): Add calls to audit_log.
2007-12-03 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Call gnupg_reopen_std.
h2007-11-22 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_getauditlog): New.
(register_commands): Register GETAUDITLOG.
2007-11-19 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_recipient, cmd_signer): Add error reason 11.
* gpgsm.c (main): Print a warning if --audit-log is used.
2007-11-15 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h (struct): Add XAUTHORITY and PINENTRY_USER_DATA.
* misc.c (setup_pinentry_env): Add XAUTHORITY and PINENTRY_USER_DATA.
* gpgsm.c (main): New option --xauthority.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Adjust for changed start_new_gpg_agent.
* server.c (option_handler): Ad the new options.
2007-11-07 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New option --audit-log.
* server.c (option_handler): New option enable-audit-log.
(start_audit_session): New.
(cmd_verify): Create audit context.
(gpgsm_server): Release the context.
* gpgsm.h (struct server_control_s): Add member AUDIT, include
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_sn_issuer): New.
* verify.c (hash_data): Return an error code.
(gpgsm_verify): Add calls to audit_log.
* gpgsm.c (get_status_string): Remove.
* gpgsm.h: Include status.h instead of errors.h.
2007-10-19 Werner Koch <>
* qualified.c (gpgsm_qualified_consent): Use i18N-swicth functions.
(gpgsm_not_qualified_warning): Ditto.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc): Ditto.
2007-09-14 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (build_lib_list): New.
(my_strusage): Print lib info.
2007-08-24 Werner Koch <>
* (common_libs): Swap libkeybox and jnlib.
2007-08-23 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (gpgsm_certs_identical_p): New.
(gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Ignore duplicate certificates in
ambigious name detection.
(gpgsm_find_cert): Ditto.
* export.c (gpgsm_p12_export): Ditto.
2007-08-22 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (create_request): Replace open coding by bin2hex.
* certreqgen-ui.c (gpgsm_gencertreq_tty): Use es_fopenmem.
2007-08-21 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (parse_p12): Use gnupg_tmpfile.
* export.c (export_p12): Ditto.
2007-08-20 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (read_parameters): Change FP to an estream_t.
(gpgsm_genkey): Replace in_fd and in_stream by a estream_t.
* server.c (cmd_genkey): Adjust for that.
* certreqgen-ui.c (gpgsm_gencertreq_tty): Use es_open_memstream
instead of a temporary file.
2007-08-14 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Use dirmngr_socket_name. change
the way infostr is xstrdupped.
* gpgsm.c (main) [W32]: Make --prefer-system-dirmngr a dummy under
2007-08-13 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (do_add_recipient): Add RECP_REQUIRED and make error
message depend on that.
(main): Add avriable RECP_REQUIRED, set ift for encryption
commands and pass it to do_add_recipient.
(our_pk_test_algo, our_cipher_test_algo, our_md_test_algo): Implement.
2007-08-09 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) [W32]: Enable CRL check by default.
(main): Update the default control structure after reading the
(gpgsm_parse_validation_model, parse_validation_model): New.
(main): New option --validation-model.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Implement this option.
* server.c (option_handler): Ditto.
* certchain.c (is_cert_still_valid): Reformatted. Add arg
FORCE_OCSP. Changed callers to set this flag when using the chain
2007-08-08 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (gpgsm_print_serial): Fixed brown paper bag style bugs
which prefixed the output with a 3A and cut it off at a 00.
* keylist.c (list_cert_raw): Print the certificate ID first and
rename "Serial number" to "S/N".
(list_cert_std): Ditto.
2007-08-07 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Allow a string for --faked-system-time.
2007-08-06 Werner Koch <>
Implementation of the chain model.
* gpgsm.h (struct rootca_flags_s): Define new members VALID and
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_istrusted): Mark ROOTCA_FLAGS valid.
(istrusted_status_cb): Set CHAIN_MODEL.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Replace LM alias by LISTMODE
and FP by LISTFP.
(gpgsm_validate_chain): Factor some code out to ...
(check_validity_period, ask_marktrusted): .. new.
(check_validity_cm_basic, check_validity_cm_main): New.
(do_validate_chain): New with all code from gpgsm_validate_chain.
(gpgsm_validate_chain): Provide ROOTCA_FLAGS and fallback to chain
model. Add RETFLAGS arg and changed all callers to pass NULL. Add
CHECKTIME arg and changed all callers to pass a nil value.
(has_validity_model_chain): New.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Check for chain model and return as
part of the trust status.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Use constant here.
2007-08-03 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Avoid duplicate listing of kludge
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Make STATUS_VERIFY return the hash and
pk algo.
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cms_signature): Add arg R_PKALGO.
2007-08-02 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Factored GC_OPT_FLAGS out to gc-opt-flags.h.
2007-07-17 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Implement --default-key.
(main) <gpgconf-list>: Declare --default-key and --encrypt-to.
2007-07-16 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_message): Use gnupg_fd_t to avoid dependecy on
newer assuan versions.
2007-07-12 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (check_special_filename): Use translate_sys2libc_fd_int
when passing an int value.
* server.c (cmd_encrypt, cmd_decrypt, cmd_verify, cmd_import)
(cmd_export, cmd_message, cmd_genkey): Translate file descriptors.
2007-07-05 Werner Koch <>
* (common_libs): Changed order of libs.
2007-07-04 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (check_cert_policy): Remove extra checks for
GPG_ERR_NO_VALUE. They are not needed since libksba 1.0.1.
* keylist.c (print_capabilities, list_cert_raw, list_cert_std): Ditto.
* certlist.c (cert_usage_p, cert_usage_p): Ditto.
2007-06-26 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Call gnupg_rl_initialize.
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Add LIBREADLINE and libgpgrl.a.
2007-06-25 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (check_special_filename): Use translate_sys2libc_fd and
add new arg FOR_WRITE. Change callers to pass new arg.
2007-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (open_es_fwrite): Avoid the dup by using the new
2007-06-21 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen-ui.c: New.
* gpgsm.c (main): Let --gen-key call it.
* certreqgen.c (gpgsm_genkey): Add optional IN_STREAM arg and
adjusted caller.
* gpgsm.h (ctrl_t): Remove. It is now declared in ../common/util.h.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Factored almost all code out to
2007-06-20 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent) [W32]: Start the agent on the fly.
2007-06-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Percent escape output of --gpgconf-list.
2007-06-14 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Use gnupg_module_name.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Ditto.
* export.c (export_p12): Ditto.
* import.c (parse_p12): Ditto.
* gpgsm.c (run_protect_tool): Ditto.
2007-06-12 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Replace some calls by init_common_subsystems.
(main): Use gnupg_datadir.
* qualified.c (read_list): Use gnupg-datadir.
2007-06-11 Werner Koch <>
* (common_libs): Use libcommaonstd macr.
* gpgsm.c (main) [W32]: Call pth_init.
2007-06-06 Werner Koch <>
* qualified.c (gpgsm_not_qualified_warning) [!ENABLE_NLS]: Do not
define orig_codeset.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc) [!ENABLE_NLS]: Do not define
(format_name_writer): Define only if funopen et al is available.
* gpgsm.c (i18n_init): Remove.
2007-05-29 Werner Koch <>
* export.c (gpgsm_p12_export): Print passphrase encoding info only
in PEM mode.
2007-05-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* qualified.c (gpgsm_qualified_consent,
gpgsm_not_qualified_warning): Free ORIG_CODESET on error.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc): Likewise.
2007-05-07 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (MY_GCRY_PK_ECDSA): New.
2007-04-20 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Parameterize failed versions check messages.
2007-04-19 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (do_encode_md): Add arg PKEY. Add support for DSA2
and all ECDSA sizes.
(get_dsa_qbits): New.
(pk_algo_from_sexp): A key will never contain ecdsa as algorithm,
so remove that.
2007-04-18 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (do_encode_md): Support 160 bit ECDSA.
2007-04-13 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Don't use log_error when using the
fallback hack to start the agent. This is bug 782.
2007-03-20 Werner Koch <>
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_fingerprint): Add caching.
(gpgsm_get_fingerprint_string): Use bin2hexcolon().
(gpgsm_get_fingerprint_hexstring): Use bin2hex and allocate only
as much memory as required.
(gpgsm_get_keygrip_hexstring): Use bin2hex.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Keep track of the
certificate chain and reset the ephemeral flags.
* keydb.c (keydb_set_cert_flags): New args EPHEMERAL and MASK.
Changed caller to use a mask of ~0. Return a proper error code if
the certificate is not available.
* gpgsm.c: Add option --p12-charset.
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): Add p12_charset.
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Use new option.
2007-03-19 Werner Koch <>
Changes to let export and key listing use estream to help systems
without funopen.
* keylist.c: Use estream in place of stdio functions.
* gpgsm.c (open_es_fwrite): New.
(main): Use it for the list commands.
* server.c (data_line_cookie_functions): New.
(data_line_cookie_write, data_line_cookie_close): New.
(do_listkeys): Use estream.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_print_serial): Changed to use estream.
(gpgsm_print_time): Ditto.
(pretty_es_print_sexp): New.
(gpgsm_es_print_name): New.
(print_dn_part): New arg STREAM. Changed all callers.
(print_dn_parts): Ditto.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Changed FP to type
(do_list, unknown_criticals, allowed_ca, check_cert_policy)
(is_cert_still_valid): Ditto.
* export.c (gpgsm_export): New arg STREAM.
(do_putc, do_fputs): New.
(print_short_info): Allow printing to optional STREAM.
* server.c (cmd_export): Use stream.
* base64.c (do_putc, do_fputs): New.
(base64_writer_cb, base64_finish_write): Let them cope with an
alternate output function.
(plain_writer_cb): New.
(gpgsm_create_writer): New arg STREAM and call plain_writer_cb for
binary output to an estream. Changed call callers.
2007-01-31 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Let --gen-key print a more informative error
2007-01-25 Werner Koch <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Add LIBICONV. Noted by Billy Halsey.
2007-01-05 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (unknown_criticals): Add subjectAltName.
2006-12-21 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Comment mtrace feature.
2006-12-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Release SUBJECT.
* encrypt.c (encrypt_dek): Release S_CIPH.
2006-12-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Release CTRL->server_local.
* base64.c: Add new members READER and WRITER in union U2.
(gpgsm_create_reader): Initialise CTX->u2.reader.
(gpgsm_destroy_reader): Invoke ksba_reader_release. Return early
if CTX is NULL.
(gpgsm_create_writer): Initialise CTX->u2.writer.
(gpgsm_destroy_writer): Invoke ksba_writer_release. Return early
if CTX is NULL.
2006-12-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_fingerprint): Close MD.
2006-11-24 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (parse_dn_part): Take '#' as a special character only
at the beginning of a string.
2006-11-21 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (my_funopen_hook_ret_t): New.
(format_name_writer): Use it for the return value.
2006-11-14 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (skip_options): Skip leading spaces.
(has_option): Honor "--".
(cmd_export): Add option --data to do an inline export. Skip all
* certdump.c (gpgsm_fpr_and_name_for_status): New.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Use it to print correct status messages.
2006-11-11 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (skip_options): New.
2006-10-24 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2006-10-23 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Remap common cipher algo names to their OIDs.
(main): New command --gpgconf-test.
2006-10-20 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (classify_user_id): Parse keygrip for the '&' identifier.
2006-10-18 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_raw): Also test for GPG_ERR_NO_VALUE when
testing for GPG_ERR_NO_DATA.
* certlist.c (cert_usage_p, gpgsm_find_cert): Ditto.
* certchain.c (check_cert_policy): Ditto.
* keylist.c (list_cert_std, list_cert_raw): Print "none" for no
chain length available.
2006-10-17 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: No need for pth.h.
(main): or to init it. It used to be hack for W32.
* sign.c (gpgsm_get_default_cert): Changed to return only
certificates usable for signing.
2006-10-16 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (already_asked_marktrusted)
(set_already_asked_marktrusted): New.
(gpgsm_validate_chain) <not trusted>: Keep track of certificates
we already asked for.
2006-10-11 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters, create_request): Allow for
creation directly from a card.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_readkey): New arg FROMCARD.
(gpgsm_scd_pksign): New.
2006-10-06 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CFLAGS): Use PTH version of libassuan.
(gpgsm_LDADD): Ditto.
2006-10-05 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (do_encode_md): Check that the has algo is valid.
2006-10-02 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (register_commands): New commands DUMPKEYS and
(cmd_dumpkeys, cmd_dumpsecretkeys): New functions.
(option_handler): Support with-key-data option.
2006-09-26 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): More changes for the relax
feature. Use certificate reference counting instead of the old
explicit tests. Added a missing free.
2006-09-25 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h (struct rootca_flags_s): New.
* call-agent.c (istrusted_status_cb): New.
(gpgsm_agent_istrusted): New arg ROOTCA_FLAGS.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Use dummy for new arg.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Make use of the relax flag
for root certificates.
(unknown_criticals): Ignore a GPG_ERR_NO_VALUE.
2006-09-20 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Add alias command --dump-cert.
* Changes to allow parallel make runs.
2006-09-18 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Use this to import standard certificates.
* keydb.c (keydb_add_resource): New arg AUTO_CREATED.
2006-09-14 Werner Koch <>
Replaced all call gpg_error_from_errno(errno) by
2006-09-13 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Print marker line to FP and not
to stdout.
* gpgsm.c (main): All list key list commands now make ose of
--output. Cleaned up calls to list modes. New command
--dump-chain. Renamed --list-sigs to --list-chain and added an
alias for the old one.
* server.c (cmd_message): Changed to use assuan_command_parse_fd.
(option_handler): New option list-to-output.
(do_listkeys): Use it.
2006-09-06 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h (OUT_OF_CORE): Removed and changed all callers to
(CTRL): Removed and changed everywhere to ctrl_t.
(CERTLIST): Ditto.
Replaced all Assuan error codes by libgpg-error codes. Removed
all map_to_assuan_status and map_assuan_err.
* gpgsm.c (main): Call assuan_set_assuan_err_source to have Assuan
switch to gpg-error codes.
* server.c (set_error): Adjusted.
2006-08-29 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_pkdecrypt): Allow decryption using
complete S-expressions as implemented by the current gpg-agent.
* gpgsm.c (main): Implement --output for encrypt, decrypt, sign
and export.
2006-07-03 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters): Print the component label of a
faulty DN.
2006-06-26 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (gpgsm_cert_log_name): New.
* certchain.c (is_cert_still_valid): Log the name of the certificate.
2006-06-20 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (gpgsm_init_default_ctrl): Take care of the command line
option --include-certs.
* keylist.c (list_cert_raw): Print the certid.
2006-05-23 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (hextobyte): Deleted as it is now defined in jnlib.
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Include ZLIBS.
2006-05-19 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* keydb.c (keydb_insert_cert): Do not lock here, but only check if
it is locked.
(keydb_store_cert): Lock here.
* keydb.h (keydb_delete): Accept new argument UNLOCK.
* keydb.c (keydb_delete): Likewise. Only unlock if this is set.
* delete.c (delete_one): Add new argument to invocation of
2006-05-15 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (print_names_raw): Sanitize URI.
2006-03-21 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (get_regtp_ca_info): New.
(allowed_ca): Use it.
2006-03-20 Werner Koch <>
* qualified.c (gpgsm_is_in_qualified_list): New optional arg COUNTRY.
2006-02-17 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Print name of dirmngr to be started.
2005-11-23 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h: New member QUALSIG_APPROVAL.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Print a warning if a certificate is not
* qualified.c (gpgsm_qualified_consent): Include a note that this
is not approved software.
(gpgsm_not_qualified_warning): New.
* gpgsm.c (main): Prepared to print a note whether the software
has been approved.
2005-11-13 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_get_confirmation): New.
* keylist.c (list_cert_std): Print qualified status.
* qualified.c: New.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Check for qualified
* certchain.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Release keydb handle when
no-chain-validation is used.
2005-11-11 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (print_capabilities): Print is_qualified status.
2005-10-28 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (pretty_print_sexp): New.
(gpgsm_print_name2): Use it here. This allows proper printing of
DNS names as used with server certificates.
2005-10-10 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c: Add pkaAdress OID as reference.
2005-10-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Add ../gl/libgnu.a after
2005-09-13 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Print a note if the unknown algorithm
is MD2.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Ditto.
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cert_sig): Ditto.
2005-09-08 Werner Koch <>
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Add option --have-cert. We
probably lost this option with 1.9.14 due to restructuring of
2005-07-21 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New options --no-log-file and --debug-none.
* certreqgen.c (get_parameter, get_parameter_value): Add SEQ arg
to allow enumeration. Changed all callers.
(create_request): Process DNS and URI parameters.
2005-07-20 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (email_kludge): Reworked.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_print_serial, gpgsm_dump_serial): Cast printf
arg to unsigned.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_run_command): Ditto
2005-07-19 Werner Koch <>
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_certid): Cast printf arg to unsigned.
Bug accidently introduced while solving the #$%^& gcc
signed/unsigned char* warnings.
2005-06-15 Werner Koch <>
* delete.c (delete_one): Changed FPR to unsigned.
* encrypt.c (encrypt_dek): Made ENCVAL unsigned.
(gpgsm_encrypt): Ditto.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Made SIGVAL unsigned.
* base64.c (base64_reader_cb): Need to use some casting to get
around signed/unsigned char* warnings.
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cms_signature): Ditto.
(gpgsm_create_cms_signature): Changed arg R_SIGVAL to unsigned char*.
(do_encode_md): Made NFRAME a size_t.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_print_serial): Fixed signed/unsigned warning.
(gpgsm_dump_serial): Ditto.
(gpgsm_format_serial): Ditto.
(gpgsm_dump_string): Ditto.
(gpgsm_dump_cert): Ditto.
(parse_dn_part): Ditto.
(gpgsm_print_name2): Ditto.
* keylist.c (email_kludge): Ditto.
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters, create_request): Ditto.
(create_request): Ditto.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_pksign): Made arg R_BUF unsigned.
(struct cipher_parm_s): Made CIPHERTEXT unsigned.
(struct genkey_parm_s): Ditto.
* server.c (strcpy_escaped_plus): Made arg S signed char*.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_fingerprint): Made ARRAY unsigned.
(gpgsm_get_keygrip): Ditto.
* keydb.c (keydb_insert_cert): Made DIGEST unsigned.
(keydb_update_cert): Ditto.
(classify_user_id): Apply cast to signed/unsigned assignment.
(hextobyte): Ditto.
2005-06-01 Werner Koch <>
* misc.c: Include setenv.h.
2005-04-21 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New options --{enable,disable}-trusted-cert-crl-check.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Make use of it.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Check revocations even for
expired certificates. This is required because on signature
verification an expired key is fine whereas a revoked one is not.
2005-04-20 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CFLAGS): Add PTH_CFLAGS as noted by several folks.
2005-04-19 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (check_cert_policy): Print the diagnostic for a open
failure of policies.txt only in verbose mode or when it is not
2005-04-17 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (inq_certificate): Add new inquire SENDCERT_SKI.
* certlist.c (gpgsm_find_cert): Add new arg KEYID and implement
this filter. Changed all callers.
* certchain.c (find_up_search_by_keyid): New helper.
(find_up): Also try using the AKI.keyIdentifier.
(find_up_external): Ditto.
2005-04-15 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_raw): Print the subjectKeyIdentifier as
well as the keyIdentifier part of the authorityKeyIdentifier.
2005-03-31 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Use PATHSEP_C instead of ':'.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Ditto.
2005-03-17 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c: Fixed use of DBG_CRYPTO and DBG_X509.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Dump certificates after a
failed gcry_pk_verify.
(find_up): Do an external lookup also for an authorityKeyIdentifier
lookup. Factored external lookup code out to ..
(find_up_external): .. new.
2005-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Added PTH_LIBS. Noted by Kazu Yamamoto.
2005-01-13 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters): Cast printf arg.
2004-12-22 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (set_binary): New.
(main, open_read, open_fwrite): Use it.
2004-12-21 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Use default_homedir().
(main) [W32]: Default to disabled CRL checks.
2004-12-20 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Before starting a pipe server start
to connect to a server on the standard socket. Use PATHSEP
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Use PATHSEP.
* import.c: Include unistd.h for dup and close.
2004-12-18 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h (map_assuan_err): Define in terms of
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Pass error source to
2004-12-17 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (isvalid_status_cb, lookup_status_cb)
(run_command_status_cb): Return cancel status if gpgsm_status
returned an error.
* server.c (gpgsm_status, gpgsm_status2)
(gpgsm_status_with_err_code): Return an error code.
(gpgsm_status2): Always call va_end().
2004-12-15 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (lookup_status_cb): Send progress messages
(isvalid_status_cb): Ditto.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Put CTRL into status CB parameters.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_run_command, run_command_status_cb): Pass CTRL to
status callback and handle PROGRESS.
* misc.c (setup_pinentry_env) [W32]: Don't use it.
* gpgsm.c (main) [W32]: Init Pth because we need it for the socket
operations and to resolve libassuan symbols.
(run_protect_tool) [W32]: Disable it.
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Move LIBASSUAN_LIBS more to the end.
2004-12-07 Werner Koch <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Put libassuan before jnlib because
under W32 we need the w32 pth code from jnlib.
* misc.c (setup_pinentry_env) [W32]: Disabled.
2004-12-06 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (run_protect_tool) [_WIN32]: Disabled.
* import.c (popen_protect_tool): Simplified by making use of
(parse_p12): Likewise, using gnupg_wait_process.
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Ditto.
(export_p12): Ditto.
* keydb.c: Don't define DIRSEP_S here.
2004-12-02 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Dump certs with bad
signature for debugging.
(gpgsm_validate_chain): Ditto.
2004-11-29 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (set_debug): Changed to use a globals DEBUG_LEVEL and
(main): Made DEBUG_LEVEL global and introduced DEBUG_VALUE. This
now allows to add debug flags on top of a debug-level setting.
2004-11-23 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --prefer-system-dirmngr.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Implement this option.
2004-10-22 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (gpgsm_genkey): Remove the NEW from the certificate
request PEM header. This is according to the Sphinx standard.
2004-10-08 Moritz Schulte <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Do not use keydb_new() in
case the no_chain_validation-return-short-cut is used (fixes
memory leak).
2004-10-04 Werner Koch <>
* misc.c (setup_pinentry_env): Try hard to set a default for GPG_TTY.
2004-09-30 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (i18n_init): Always use LC_ALL.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_name): Factored code out to ..
(gpgsm_format_name2): .. new.
(gpgsm_print_name): Factored code out to ..
(gpgsm_print_name2): .. new.
(print_dn_part): New arg TRANSLATE. Changed all callers.
(print_dn_parts): Ditto.
(gpgsm_format_keydesc): Do not translate the SUBJECT; we require
it to stay UTF-8 but we still want to filter out bad control
* Adjusted for gettext 0.14.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Make sure that the expired flag has
a higher precedence than the invalid flag.
2004-09-29 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (parse_p12): Write an error status line for bad
passphrases. Add new arg CTRL and changed caller.
* export.c (export_p12): Likewise.
2004-09-14 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Give expired certificates a
higher error precedence and don't bother to check any CRL in that
2004-08-24 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c: Fixed typo in ocsp OID.
2004-08-18 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (gpgsm_cert_use_ocsp_p): New.
(cert_usage_p): Support it here.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Use it here.
2004-08-17 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* import.c: Fix typo in last change.
2004-08-17 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (check_and_store): Do a full validation if
--with-validation is set.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Print more detailed error
* certcheck.c (do_encode_md): Partly support DSA. Add new arg
PKALGO. Changed all callers to pass it.
(pk_algo_from_sexp): New.
2004-08-16 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --fixed-passphrase.
* import.c (popen_protect_tool): Pass it to the protect-tool.
* server.c (cmd_encrypt): Use DEFAULT_RECPLIST and not recplist
for encrypt-to keys.
2004-08-06 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --with-ephemeral-keys.
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Set it here.
(list_cert_raw): And indicate those keys. Changed all our callers
to pass the new arg HD through.
2004-07-23 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters): Do not allow key length below
2004-07-22 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_raw): Print the keygrip.
2004-07-20 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): The trust check didn't
worked anymore, probably due to the changes at 2003-03-04. Fixed.
2004-06-06 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (get_parameter_uint, create_request): Create
an extension for key usage when requested.
2004-05-12 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Install emergency_cleanup also as an atexit
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Removed the separate error code
handling for KSBA. We use shared error codes anyway.
* export.c (export_p12): Removed debugging code.
* encrypt.c (gpgsm_encrypt): Put the session key in to secure memory.
2004-05-11 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Include the error source in the final error
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Ditto.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_key_algo_info): New.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Don't assume RSA in the status line.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Really print the algorithm and key
(list_cert_raw, list_cert_std): Ditto.
(list_cert_colon): Reorganized to be able to tell whether a root
certificate is trusted.
* gpgsm.c: New option --debug-allow-core-dump.
* gpgsm.h (opt): Add member CONFIG_FILENAME.
* gpgsm.c (main): Use it here instead of the local var.
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Print some additional information with
the hello in verbose mode.
2004-04-30 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (check_and_store): Do not update the stats for hidden
imports of issuer certs.
(popen_protect_tool): Request statusmessages from the protect-tool.
(parse_p12): Detect status messages. Add new arg STATS and update them.
(print_imported_summary): Include secret key stats.
2004-04-28 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New command --keydb-clear-some-cert-flags.
* keydb.c (keydb_clear_some_cert_flags): New.
(keydb_update_keyblock, keydb_set_flags): Change error code
2004-04-26 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) <gpgconf>: Do not use /dev/null as default config
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_pksign, gpgsm_agent_pkdecrypt)
(gpgsm_agent_genkey, gpgsm_agent_istrusted)
(gpgsm_agent_marktrusted, gpgsm_agent_havekey)
(gpgsm_agent_passwd): Add new arg CTRL and changed all callers.
(start_agent): New arg CTRL. Send progress item when starting a
new agent.
* sign.c (gpgsm_get_default_cert, get_default_signer): New arg
CTRL to be passed down to the agent function.
* decrypt.c (prepare_decryption): Ditto.
* certreqgen.c (proc_parameters, read_parameters): Ditto.
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_create_cms_signature): Ditto.
2004-04-23 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (keydb_add_resource): Try to compress the file on init.
* keylist.c (oidtranstbl): New. OIDs collected from several sources.
(print_name_raw, print_names_raw, list_cert_raw): New.
(gpgsm_list_keys): Check the dump mode and pass it down as
2004-04-22 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New commands --dump-keys, --dump-external-keys,
2004-04-13 Werner Koch <>
* misc.c (setup_pinentry_env): New.
* import.c (popen_protect_tool): Call it.
* export.c (popen_protect_tool): Call it.
2004-04-08 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Return GPG_ERR_NO_DATA if it is not a
encrypted message.
2004-04-07 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --force-crl-refresh.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Pass option to dirmngr.
2004-04-05 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (get_status_string): Add STATUS_NEWSIG.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Print STATUS_NEWSIG for each signature.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain) <gpgsm_cert_use_cer_p>: Do
not just warn if a cert is not suitable; bail out immediately.
2004-04-01 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (isvalid_status_cb): New.
(unhexify_fpr): New. Taken from ../g10/call-agent.c
(gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Add new arg CTRL, changed caller to pass
it thru. Detect need to check the respondert cert and do that.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Add new arg FLAGS. Changed
all callers.
2004-03-24 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Include a short list of capabilities.
2004-03-17 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main) <gpgconf>: Fixed default value quoting.
2004-03-16 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Implemented --gpgconf-list.
2004-03-15 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Hack to set the expired flag.
2004-03-09 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Correctly intitialze USE_OCSP flag.
* keydb.c (keydb_delete): s/GPG_ERR_CONFLICT/GPG_ERR_NOT_LOCKED/
2004-03-04 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): New arg ISSUER_CERT.
* certchain.c (is_cert_still_valid): New. Code moved from ...
(gpgsm_validate_chain): ... here because we now need to check at
two places and at a later stage, so that we can pass the issuer
cert down to the dirmngr.
2004-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Replaced pinentry setup code by a
call to a new common function.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_format_keydesc): Make sure the string is
returned as utf-8.
* export.c (gpgsm_export): Make sure that we don't export more
than one certificate.
2004-03-02 Werner Koch <>
* export.c (create_duptable, destroy_duptable)
(insert_duptable): New.
(gpgsm_export): Avoid duplicates.
2004-02-26 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (compare_certs): New.
(gpgsm_validate_chain): Fixed infinite certificate checks after
bad signatures.
2004-02-24 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Print the fingerprint as the
cert-id for root certificates.
2004-02-21 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Return error codes.
(list_external_keys, gpgsm_list_keys): Ditto.
* server.c (do_listkeys): Ditto.
* gpgsm.c (main): Display a key description for --passwd.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_passwd): New arg DESC.
2004-02-20 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New option --debug-ignore-expiration.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Use it here.
* certlist.c (cert_usage_p): Apply extKeyUsage.
2004-02-19 Werner Koch <>
* export.c (export_p12, popen_protect_tool)
(gpgsm_p12_export): New.
* gpgsm.c (main): New command --export-secret-key-p12.
2004-02-18 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (set_debug): Set the new --debug-level flags.
(main): New option --gpgconf-list.
(main): Do not setup -u and -r keys when not required.
(main): Setup the used character set.
* keydb.c (keydb_add_resource): Print a hint to start the
2004-02-17 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Fixed value parsing for --with-validation.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Ignore an empty GPG_AGENT_INFO.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Likewise for DIRMNGR_INFO.
* gpgsm.c: New option --with-md5-fingerprint.
* keylist.c (list_cert_std): Print MD5 fpr.
* gpgsm.c: New options --with-validation.
* server.c (option_handler): New option "with-validation".
* keylist.c (list_cert_std, list_internal_keys): New args CTRL and
WITH_VALIDATION. Changed callers to set it.
(list_external_cb, list_external_keys): Pass CTRL to the callback.
(list_cert_colon): Add arg CTRL. Check validation if requested.
* certchain.c (unknown_criticals, allowed_ca, check_cert_policy)
(gpgsm_validate_chain): New args LISTMODE and FP.
(do_list): New helper for info output.
(find_up): New arg FIND_NEXT.
(gpgsm_validate_chain): After a bad signature try again with other
CA certificates.
* import.c (print_imported_status): New arg NEW_CERT. Print
additional STATUS_IMPORT_OK becuase that is what gpgme expects.
(check_and_store): Always call above function after import.
* server.c (get_status_string): Added STATUS_IMPORT_OK.
2004-02-13 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_create_cms_signature): Format a description
for use by the pinentry.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Ditto. Free HEXKEYGRIP.
* certdump.c (format_name_cookie, format_name_writer)
(gpgsm_format_name): New.
(gpgsm_format_serial): New.
(gpgsm_format_keydesc): New.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_pksign): New arg DESC.
(gpgsm_agent_pkdecrypt): Ditto.
* encrypt.c (init_dek): Check for too weak algorithms.
* import.c (parse_p12, popen_protect_tool): New.
* base64.c (gpgsm_create_reader): New arg ALLOW_MULTI_PEM.
Changed all callers.
(base64_reader_cb): Handle it here.
(gpgsm_reader_eof_seen): New.
(base64_reader_cb): Set a flag for EOF.
(simple_reader_cb): Ditto.
2004-02-12 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h, gpgsm.c: New option --protect-tool-program.
* gpgsm.c (run_protect_tool): Use it.
2004-02-11 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Pass directory constants via -D; this
will allow to override directory names at make time.
2004-02-02 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (check_and_store): Import certificates even with
missing issuer's cert. Fixed an "depending on the verbose
setting" bug.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Mark revoked certs in the
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): New arg VALIDITY; use it to print a
revoked flag.
(list_internal_keys): Retrieve validity flag.
(list_external_cb): Pass 0 as validity flag.
* keydb.c (keydb_get_flags, keydb_set_flags): New.
(keydb_set_cert_flags): New.
(lock_all): Return a proper error code.
(keydb_lock): New.
(keydb_delete): Don't lock but check that it has been locked.
(keydb_update_keyblock): Ditto.
* delete.c (delete_one): Take a lock.
2004-01-30 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (check_cert_policy): Fixed read error checking.
(check_cert_policy): With no critical policies issue only a
warning if the policy file does not exists.
* sign.c (add_certificate_list): Decrement N for the first cert.
2004-01-29 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (parse_dn_part): Map common OIDs to human readable
labels. Make sure that a value won't get truncated if it includes
a Nul.
2004-01-28 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Changed the message printed
for an untrusted root certificate.
2004-01-27 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (parse_dn_part): Pretty print the nameDistinguisher OID.
(print_dn_part): Do not delimit multiple RDN by " + ". Handle
multi-valued RDNs in a special way, i.e. in the order specified by
the certificate.
(print_dn_parts): Simplified.
2004-01-16 Werner Koch <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Print an error message on all failures.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Ditto.
2003-12-17 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Add arg DEFAULT_RECPLIST.
(cmd_encrypt): Add all enrypt-to marked certs to the list.
* encrypt.c (gpgsm_encrypt): Check that real recipients are
* gpgsm.c (main): Make the --encrypt-to and --no-encrypt-to
options work. Pass the list of recients to gpgsm_server.
* gpgsm.h (certlist_s): Add field IS_ENCRYPT_TO.
(opt): Add NO_ENCRYPT_TO.
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): New arg IS_ENCRYPT_TO.
Changed all callers and ignore duplicate entries.
(is_cert_in_certlist): New.
(gpgsm_add_cert_to_certlist): New.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_print_serial): Cleaned up cast use in strtoul.
(gpgsm_dump_serial): Ditto.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Replaced ERR by RC.
2003-12-16 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Set the prefixes for assuan logging.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Add validation checks for the default
* gpgsm.c: Add -k as alias for --list-keys and -K for
2003-12-15 Werner Koch <>
* encrypt.c (init_dek): Use gry_create_nonce for the IV; there is
not need for real strong random here and it even better protect
the random bits used for the key.
2003-12-01 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c, gpgsm.h: New options --{enable,disable}-ocsp.
(gpgsm_init_default_ctrl): Set USE_OCSP to the default value.
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Handle USE_OCSP.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): Add arg USE_OCSP and
proceed accordingly.
2003-11-19 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Use "0" instead of an empty string for
the VALIDSIG status.
2003-11-18 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Fixed for changes API of gcry_md_info.
* certchain.c (unknown_criticals): Fixed an error code test.
2003-11-12 Werner Koch <>
Adjusted for API changes in Libksba.
2003-10-31 Werner Koch <>
* certchain.c (gpgsm_validate_chain): Changed to use ksba_isotime_t.
* verify.c (strtimestamp_r, gpgsm_verify): Ditto.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Ditto.
* keylist.c (print_time, list_cert_std, list_cert_colon): Ditto.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_print_time, gpgsm_dump_time, gpgsm_dump_cert):
2003-10-25 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (read_parameters): Fixed faulty of !spacep().
2003-08-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* encrypt.c (encode_session_key): Allocate enough space. Cast key
byte to unsigned char to prevent sign extension.
(encrypt_dek): Check return value before error.
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz <>
* encrypt.c (encode_session_key): Use new Libgcrypt interface.
2003-07-31 Werner Koch <>
* (gpgsm_LDADD): Added INTLLIBS.
2003-07-29 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Add secmem features and set the random seed file.
(gpgsm_exit): Update the random seed file and enable debug output.
2003-07-27 Werner Koch <>
Adjusted for gcry_mpi_print and gcry_mpi_scan API change.
2003-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (gpgsm_status_with_err_code): New.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Use it here instead of the old
tokenizing version.
* verify.c (strtimestamp): Renamed to strtimestamp_r
Adjusted for changes in the libgcrypt API. Some more fixes for the
libgpg-error stuff.
2003-06-04 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (init_membuf,put_membuf,get_membuf): Removed.
Include new membuf header and changed used type.
Renamed error codes from INVALID to INV and removed _ERROR suffixes.
2003-06-03 Werner Koch <>
Changed all error codes in all files to the new libgpg-error scheme.
* gpgsm.h: Include gpg-error.h .
* Link with libgpg-error.
2003-04-29 Werner Koch <>
* Use libassuan. Don't override LDFLAGS anymore.
* server.c (register_commands): Adjust for new Assuan semantics.
2002-12-03 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_passwd): New.
* gpgsm.c (main): New command --passwd and --call-protect-tool
(run_protect_tool): New.
2002-11-25 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Handle content-type attribute.
2002-11-13 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Try to use $GPG_TTY instead of
ttyname. Changed ttyname to test stdin becuase it can be assumed
that output redirection is more common that input redirection.
2002-11-12 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New command --call-dirmngr.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_run_command)
(run_command_status_cb): New.
2002-11-11 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cms_signature): Don't double free
s_sig but free s_pkey at leave.
2002-11-10 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Removed duplicate --list-secret-key entry.
2002-09-19 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cert_sig): Add cert hash debugging.
* certchain.c (find_up): Print info when the cert was not found
by the autorithyKeyIdentifier.
2002-09-03 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Disable the internal libgcrypt locking.
2002-08-21 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (print_imported_summary): Cleaned up. Print new
not_imported value.
(check_and_store): Update non_imported counter.
(print_import_problem): New.
(check_and_store): Print error status message.
* server.c (get_status_string): Added STATUS_IMPORT_PROBLEM.
2002-08-20 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Use the log file only in server mode.
* import.c (print_imported_summary): New.
(check_and_store): Update the counters, take new argument.
(import_one): Factored out core of gpgsm_import.
(gpgsm_import): Print counters.
(gpgsm_import_files): New.
* gpgsm.c (main): Use the new function for import.
2002-08-19 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Return a better error status token.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Don't error on messages with no signing
time or no message digest. This is only the case for messages
without any signed attributes.
2002-08-16 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c: Renamed to ..
* certchain.c: this. Renamed all all other usages of "path" in the
context of certificates to "chain".
* call-agent.c (learn_cb): Special treatment when the issuer
certificate is missing.
2002-08-10 Werner Koch <>
* (INCLUDES): Add definition for localedir.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Print the short fingerprint in the
key ID field.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_short_fingerprint): New.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Print more verbose info for a good
2002-08-09 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (prepare_decryption): Hack to detected already
unpkcsedone keys.
* gpgsm.c (emergency_cleanup): New.
(main): Initialize the signal handler.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Reset the hash context for subsequent
signers and release it at the end.
2002-08-05 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_signer): New command "SIGNER"
(register_commands): Register it.
(cmd_sign): Pass the signer list to gpgsm_sign.
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Add SECRET argument, check
for secret key if set and changed all callers.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): New argument SIGNERLIST and implemt
multiple signers.
* gpgsm.c (main): Support more than one -u.
* server.c (cmd_recipient): Return reason code 1 for No_Public_Key
which is actually what gets returned from add_to_certlist.
2002-07-26 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cert_sig): Implement proper cleanup.
(gpgsm_check_cms_signature): Ditto.
2002-07-22 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (keydb_add_resource): Register a lock file.
(lock_all, unlock_all): Implemented.
* delete.c: New.
* gpgsm.c: Made --delete-key work.
* server.c (cmd_delkeys): New.
(register_commands): New command DELKEYS.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Print a convenience note when RC2 is
used and a STATUS_ERROR with the algorithm oid.
2002-07-03 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (gpgsm_status2): Insert a blank between all optional
arguments when using assuan.
* server.c (cmd_recipient): No more need for extra blank in constants.
* import.c (print_imported_status): Ditto.
* gpgsm.c (main): Ditto.
2002-07-02 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Extend the STATUS_BADSIG line with
the fingerprint.
* certpath.c (check_cert_policy): Don't use log_error to print a
* keydb.c (keydb_store_cert): Add optional ar EXISTED and changed
all callers.
* call-agent.c (learn_cb): Print info message only for real imports.
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Moved duplicated code to ...
(check_and_store): new function. Added magic to import the entire
chain. Print status only for real imports and moved printing code
to ..
(print_imported_status): New.
* call-dirmngr.c (gpgsm_dirmngr_isvalid): print status of dirmngr
call in very verbose mode.
* gpgsm.c (main): Use the same error codes for STATUS_INV_RECP as
with the server mode.
2002-06-29 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --auto-issuer-key-retrieve.
* certpath.c (find_up): Try to retrieve an issuer key from an
external source and from the ephemeral key DB.
(find_up_store_certs_cb): New.
* keydb.c (keydb_set_ephemeral): Does now return the old
state. Call the backend only when required.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Use GNUPG_DEFAULT_DIRMNGR.
(lookup_status_cb): Issue status only when CTRL is not NULL.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_lookup): Document that CTRL is optional.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Use GNUPG_DEFAULT_AGENT.
2002-06-28 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_recipient): Add more reason codes.
2002-06-27 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): Use
--debug-no-path-validation to also bypass this basic check.
* gpgsm.c (main): Use GNUPG_DEFAULT_HOMEDIR constant.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Create and pass the list of FD to
keep in the child to assuan.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Ditto.
2002-06-26 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Print an STATUS_IMPORTED.
* gpgsm.c: --debug-no-path-validation does not take an argument.
2002-06-25 Werner Koch <>
* certdump.c (print_dn_part): Always print a leading slash,
removed NEED_DELIM arg and changed caller.
* export.c (gpgsm_export): Print LFs to FP and not stdout.
(print_short_info): Ditto. Make use of gpgsm_print_name.
* server.c (cmd_export): Use output-fd instead of data lines; this
was actually the specified way.
2002-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Removed duped help entry for --list-keys.
* gpgsm.c, gpgsm.h: New option --debug-no-path-validation.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Use it here instead of the
debug flag hack.
* certpath.c (check_cert_policy): Return No_Policy_Match if the
policy file could not be opened.
2002-06-20 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Fixed locating of a
certificate with the required key usage.
* gpgsm.c (main): Fixed a segv when using --outfile without an
* keylist.c (print_capabilities): Also check for non-repudiation
and data encipherment.
* certlist.c (cert_usage_p): Test for signing and encryption was
swapped. Add a case for certification usage, handle
non-repudiation and data encipherment.
(gpgsm_cert_use_cert_p): New.
(gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Added a CTRL argument and changed all
callers to pass it.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Use it here to print a status
message. Added a CTRL argument and changed all callers to pass it.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Print a status message for wrong key
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Ditto.
* keydb.c (classify_user_id): Allow a colon delimited fingerprint.
2002-06-19 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (learn_cb): Use log_info instead of log_error on
successful import.
* keydb.c (keydb_set_ephemeral): New.
(keydb_store_cert): New are ephemeral, changed all callers.
* keylist.c (list_external_cb): Store cert as ephemeral.
* export.c (gpgsm_export): Kludge to export epehmeral certificates.
* gpgsm.c (main): New command --list-external-keys.
2002-06-17 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (read_parameters): Improved error handling.
(gpgsm_genkey): Print error message.
2002-06-13 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New option --log-file.
2002-06-12 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (lookup_status_cb): New.
(gpgsm_dirmngr_lookup): Use the status CB. Add new arg CTRL and
changed caller to pass it.
* gpgsm.c (open_fwrite): New.
(main): Allow --output for --verify.
* sign.c (hash_and_copy_data): New.
(gpgsm_sign): Implemented normal (non-detached) signatures.
* gpgsm.c (main): Ditto.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Special error handling for
no policy match.
2002-06-10 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (get_status_string): Add STATUS_ERROR.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Tweaked the error checking to
return error codes in a more sensitive way.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Send status TRUST_NEVER also for a bad
CA certificate and when the certificate has been revoked. Issue
TRUST_FULLY even when the cert has expired. Append an error token
to these status lines. Issue the new generic error status when a
cert was not found and when leaving the function.
2002-06-04 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New command --list-sigs
* keylist.c (list_cert_std): New. Use it whenever colon mode is
not used.
(list_cert_chain): New.
2002-05-31 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Don't print the "go ahead" message for an
invalid command.
2002-05-23 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Add error messages.
2002-05-21 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_internal_keys): Renamed from gpgsm_list_keys.
(list_external_keys): New.
(gpgsm_list_keys): Dispatcher for above.
* call-dirmngr.c (lookup_cb,pattern_from_strlist)
(gpgsm_dirmngr_lookup): New.
* server.c (option_handler): Handle new option --list-mode.
(do_listkeys): Handle options and actually use the mode argument.
(get_status_string): New code TRUNCATED.
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Try to identify the type of input and
handle certs-only messages.
2002-05-14 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --faked-system-time
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): And use it here.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Ditto.
2002-05-03 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Added EXPTIME arg and changed
all callers.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Tweaked usage of log_debug and
log_error. Return EXPSIG status and add expiretime to VALIDSIG.
2002-04-26 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.h (DBG_AGENT,DBG_AGENT_VALUE): Replaced by DBG_ASSUAN_*.
Changed all users.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Be more silent without -v.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Ditto.
2002-04-25 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Make copies of old locales and check
for setlocale.
2002-04-25 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Fix error handling logic so the
locale is always correctly reset.
2002-04-25 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* server.c (option_handler): Accept display, ttyname, ttytype,
lc_ctype and lc_messages options.
* gpgsm.c (main): Allocate memory for these options.
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): Make corresponding members non-const.
2002-04-24 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* gpgsm.h (struct opt): New members display, ttyname, ttytype,
lc_ctype, lc_messages.
* gpgsm.c (enum cmd_and_opt_values): New members oDisplay,
oTTYname, oTTYtype, oLCctype, oLCmessages.
(opts): New entries for these options.
(main): Handle these new options.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Set the various display and tty
parameter after resetting.
2002-04-18 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (gpgsm_genkey): Write status output on success.
2002-04-15 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Check ksba version.
* certpath.c (find_up): New to use the authorithKeyIdentifier.
Use it in all other functions to locate the signing cert..
2002-04-11 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (cert_usable_p): New.
(gpgsm_cert_use_sign_p,gpgsm_cert_use_encrypt_p): New.
(gpgsm_cert_use_verify_p,gpgsm_cert_use_decrypt_p): New.
(gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Check the key usage.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Ditto.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Print a message wehn an unsuitable
certificate was used.
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Ditto
* keylist.c (print_capabilities): Determine values from the cert.
2002-03-28 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Fixed listing of crt record; the
issuer is not at the right place. Print a chainingID.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_walk_cert_chain): Be a bit more silent on
common errors.
2002-03-21 Werner Koch <>
* export.c: New.
* gpgsm.c: Add command --export.
* server.c (cmd_export): New.
2002-03-13 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Allow multiple recipients.
2002-03-12 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (check_cert_policy): Print the policy list.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Detect certs-only message.
2002-03-11 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Print a notice about imported certificates
when in verbose mode.
* gpgsm.c (main): Print INV_RECP status.
* server.c (cmd_recipient): Ditto.
* server.c (gpgsm_status2): New. Allows for a list of strings.
(gpgsm_status): Divert to gpgsm_status2.
* encrypt.c (gpgsm_encrypt): Don't use a default key when no
recipients are given. Print a NO_RECP status.
2002-03-06 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (cmd_listkeys, cmd_listsecretkeys): Divert to
(do_listkeys): new. Add pattern parsing.
* keylist.c (gpgsm_list_keys): Handle selection pattern.
* gpgsm.c: New command --learn-card
* call-agent.c (learn_cb,gpgsm_agent_learn): New.
* gpgsm.c (main): Print error messages for non-implemented commands.
* base64.c (base64_reader_cb): Use case insensitive compare of the
Content-Type string to detect plain base-64.
2002-03-05 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c, gpgsm.h: Add local_user.
* sign.c (gpgsm_get_default_cert): New.
(get_default_signer): Use the new function if local_user is not
set otherwise used that value.
* encrypt.c (get_default_recipient): Removed.
(gpgsm_encrypt): Use gpgsm_get_default_cert.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Better error text for a bad signature
found by comparing the hashs.
2002-02-27 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c, call-agent.c: Add 2 more arguments to all uses
of assuan_transact.
2002-02-25 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (option_handler): Allow to use -2 for "send all certs
except the root cert".
* sign.c (add_certificate_list): Implement it here.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_is_root_cert): New.
2002-02-19 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (check_cert_policy): New.
(gpgsm_validate_path): And call it from here.
* gpgsm.c (main): New options --policy-file,
--disable-policy-checks and --enable-policy-checks.
* gpgsm.h (opt): Added policy_file, no_policy_checks.
2002-02-18 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Ask the agent to add the
certificate into the trusted list.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_marktrusted): New.
2002-02-07 Werner Koch <>
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Check that the specified
name identifies a certificate unambiguously.
(gpgsm_find_cert): Ditto.
* server.c (cmd_listkeys): Check that the data stream is available.
(cmd_listsecretkeys): Ditto.
(has_option): New.
(cmd_sign): Fix ambiguousity in option recognition.
* gpgsm.c (main): Enable --logger-fd.
* encrypt.c (gpgsm_encrypt): Increased buffer size for better
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_pksign): Check the S-Exp received from
the agent.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Filter out control characters.
2002-02-06 Werner Koch <>
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Bail out after an decryption error.
* server.c (reset_notify): Close input and output FDs.
(cmd_genkey): Close the FDs and release the recipient list even in
the error case.
2002-02-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Do not release certificate twice.
2002-01-29 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_havekey): New.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): New arg HAVE_SECRET, print "crs"
when we know that the secret key is available.
(gpgsm_list_keys): New arg MODE, check whether a secret key is
available. Changed all callers.
* gpgsm.c (main): New command --list-secret-keys.
* server.c (cmd_listsecretkeys): New.
(cmd_listkeys): Return secret keys with "crs" record.
2002-01-28 Werner Koch <>
* certreqgen.c (create_request): Store the email address in the req.
2002-01-25 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): Disable core dumps.
* sign.c (add_certificate_list): New.
(gpgsm_sign): Add the certificates to the CMS object.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_walk_cert_chain): New.
* gpgsm.h (server_control_s): Add included_certs.
* gpgsm.c: Add option --include-certs.
(gpgsm_init_default_ctrl): New.
(main): Call it.
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Ditto.
(option_handler): Support --include-certs.
2002-01-23 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Print the DN of a missing issuer.
* certdump.c (gpgsm_dump_string): New.
(print_dn): Replaced by above.
2002-01-22 Werner Koch <>
* certpath.c (unknown_criticals): New.
(allowed_ca): New.
(gpgsm_validate_path): Check validity, CA attribute, path length
and unknown critical extensions.
2002-01-21 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: Add option --enable-crl-checks.
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Implemented socket based access.
* call-dirmngr.c (start_dirmngr): Ditto.
2002-01-20 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (option_handler): New.
(gpgsm_server): Register it with assuan.
2002-01-19 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (gpgsm_server): Use assuan_deinit_server and setup
assuan logging if enabled.
* call-agent.c (inq_ciphertext_cb): Don't show the session key in
an Assuan log file.
* gpgsm.c (my_strusage): Take bugreport address from
2002-01-15 Werner Koch <>
* import.c (gpgsm_import): Just do a basic cert check before
storing it.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_basic_cert_check): New.
* keydb.c (keydb_store_cert): New.
* import.c (store_cert): Removed and change all caller to use
the new function.
* verify.c (store_cert): Ditto.
* certlist.c (gpgsm_add_to_certlist): Validate the path
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Check the trust list.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_istrusted): New.
2002-01-14 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c (inq_certificate): Changed for new interface semantic.
* certlist.c (gpgsm_find_cert): New.
2002-01-13 Werner Koch <>
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_certid): Print the serial and not the
hash after the dot.
2002-01-11 Werner Koch <>
* call-dirmngr.c: New.
* certpath.c (gpgsm_validate_path): Check the CRL here.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_certid): New.
* gpgsm.c: New options --dirmngr-program and --disable-crl-checks.
2002-01-10 Werner Koch <>
* base64.c (gpgsm_create_writer): Allow to set the object name
2002-01-08 Werner Koch <>
* keydb.c (spacep): Removed because it is now in util.c
* server.c (cmd_genkey): New.
* certreqgen.c: New. The parameter handling code has been taken
from gnupg/g10/keygen.c version 1.0.6.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_genkey): New.
2002-01-02 Werner Koch <>
* server.c (rc_to_assuan_status): Removed and changed all callers
to use map_to_assuan_status.
2001-12-20 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Implemented non-detached signature
verification. Add OUT_FP arg, initialize a writer and changed all
* server.c (cmd_verify): Pass an out_fp if one has been set.
* base64.c (base64_reader_cb): Try to detect an S/MIME body part.
* certdump.c (print_sexp): Renamed to gpgsm_dump_serial, made
(print_time): Renamed to gpgsm_dump_time, made global.
(gpgsm_dump_serial): Take a real S-Expression as argument and
print the first item.
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Ditto.
* keydb.c (keydb_search_issuer_sn): Ditto.
* decrypt.c (print_integer_sexp): Removed and made callers
use gpgsm_dump_serial.
* verify.c (print_time): Removed, made callers use gpgsm_dump_time.
2001-12-19 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Add new argument to assuan_pipe_connect.
2001-12-18 Werner Koch <>
* verify.c (print_integer_sexp): Renamed from print_integer and
print the serial number according to the S-Exp rules.
* decrypt.c (print_integer_sexp): Ditto.
2001-12-17 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Changed for new return value of
* keydb.c (keydb_search_issuer_sn): Ditto.
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cert_sig): Likewise for other S-Exp
returingin functions.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_keygrip): Ditto.
* encrypt.c (encrypt_dek): Ditto
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cms_signature): Ditto
* decrypt.c (prepare_decryption): Ditto.
* call-agent.c (gpgsm_agent_pkdecrypt): Removed arg ciphertextlen,
use KsbaSexp type and calculate the length.
* certdump.c (print_sexp): Remaned from print_integer, changed caller.
* Use the LIBGCRYPT and LIBKSBA variables.
* fingerprint.c (gpgsm_get_keygrip): Use the new
gcry_pk_get_keygrip to calculate the grip - note the algorithm and
therefore the grip values changed.
2001-12-15 Werner Koch <>
* certcheck.c (gpgsm_check_cms_signature): Removed the faked-key
(gpgsm_create_cms_signature): Removed the commented fake key
code. This makes the function pretty simple.
* gpgsm.c (main): Renamed the default key database to "keyring.kbx".
* decrypt.c (gpgsm_decrypt): Write STATUS_DECRYPTION_*.
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Write a STATUS_SIG_CREATED.
2001-12-14 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Kludge to show an email address
encoded in the subject's DN.
* verify.c (gpgsm_verify): Add hash debug helpers
* sign.c (gpgsm_sign): Ditto.
* base64.c (base64_reader_cb): Reset the linelen when we need to
skip the line and adjusted test; I somehow forgot about DeMorgan.
* server.c (cmd_encrypt,cmd_decrypt,cmd_sign,cmd_verify)
(cmd_import): Close the FDs on success.
(close_message_fd): New.
(input_notify): Setting autodetect_encoding to 0 after initializing
it to 0 is pretty pointless. Easy to fix.
* gpgsm.c (main): New option --debug-wait n, so that it is
possible to attach gdb when used in server mode.
* sign.c (get_default_signer): Use keydb_classify_name here.
2001-12-14 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* call-agent.c (LINELENGTH): Removed.
(gpgsm_agent_pksign): Use ASSUAN_LINELENGTH, not LINELENGTH.
(gpgsm_agent_pkdecrypt): Likewise.
2001-12-13 Werner Koch <>
* keylist.c (list_cert_colon): Print alternative names of subject
and a few other values.
2001-12-12 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c (main): New options --assume-{armor,base64,binary}.
* base64.c (base64_reader_cb): Fixed non-autodetection mode.
2001-12-04 Werner Koch <>
* call-agent.c (read_from_agent): Check for inquire responses.
(request_reply): Handle them using a new callback arg, changed all
(gpgsm_agent_pkdecrypt): New.
2001-11-27 Werner Koch <>
* base64.c: New. Changed all other functions to use this instead
of direct creation of ksba_reader/writer.
* gpgsm.c (main): Set ctrl.auto_encoding unless --no-armor is used.
2001-11-26 Werner Koch <>
* gpgsm.c: New option --agent-program
* call-agent.c (start_agent): Allow to override the default path
to the agent.
* keydb.c (keydb_add_resource): Create keybox
* keylist.c (gpgsm_list_keys): Fixed non-server keylisting.
* server.c (rc_to_assuan_status): New. Use it for all commands.
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