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2011-12-01 Werner Koch <>
NB: ChangeLog files are no longer manually maintained. Starting
on December 1st, 2011 we put change information only in the GIT
commit log, and generate a top-level ChangeLog file from logs at
"make dist". See doc/HACKING for details.
2011-11-30 Werner Koch <>
Rewrite dns-cert.c to not use the gpg-only iobuf stuff.
* dns-cert.c: Remove iobuf.h.
(get_dns_cert): Rename to _get_dns_cert. Remove MAX_SIZE arg.
Change iobuf arg to a estream-t. Rewrite function to make use of
estream instead of iobuf. Require all parameters. Return an
gpg_error_t error instead of the type. Add arg ERRSOURCE.
* dns-cert.h (get_dns_cert): New macro to pass the error source to
* t-dns-cert.c (main): Adjust for changes in get_dns_cert.
* estream.c (es_fopenmem_init): New.
* estream.h (es_fopenmem_init): New.
2011-11-29 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (func_mem_create): Don't set FUNC_REALLOC if GROW is
not set. Require FUNC_REALLOC if DATA is NULL and FUNC_FREE is
* dns-cert.c: Use new CERTTYPE_ constants for better readability.
2011-11-28 Werner Koch <>
* t-dns-cert.c (main): Increase MAX_SIZE to 64k.
* dns-cert.c (get_dns_cert): Factor test code out to ...
* t-dns-cert.c: new file.
2011-10-24 Werner Koch <>
* dotlock.h, dotlock.c: Add alternative to allow distribution of
these files under a modified BSD license
2011-09-30 Werner Koch <>
Change the license of all JNLIB parts from LPGLv3+ to to LGPLv3+
or GPLv2+.
* dotlock.h (DOTLOCK_EXT_SYM_PREFIX): New macro.
2011-09-29 Werner Koch <>
* dotlock.c (DOTLOCK_USE_PTHREAD): New macro.
[DOTLOCK_USE_PTHREAD] (all_lockfiles_mutex): New.
(LOCK_all_lockfiles, UNLOCK_all_lockfiles): New. Use them to
protect access to all_lockfiles.
(dotlock_set_fd, dotlock_get_fd): New.
2011-09-28 Werner Koch <>
* dotlock.c (dotlock_take, dotlock_take_unix, dotlock_take_w32):
Implement arbitrary timeout values.
(dotlock_create): Add arg FLAGS for future extensions.
2011-09-27 Werner Koch <>
* dotlock.c (dotlock_take_unix): Check only the link count and not
the error return from link.
(use_hardlinks_p): New.
(dotlock_create_unix): Test for hardlinks.
(dotlock_take_unix): Implement O_EXCL locking.
2011-09-23 Werner Koch <>
* dotlock.c: Factor Unix and W32 specific code out into specific
functions. Define HAVE_POSIX_SYSTEM. Rearrange some functions.
(disable_dotlock): Rename to dotlock_disable.
(create_dotlock): Rename to dotlock_create.
(destroy_dotlock): Rename to dotlock_destroy.
(make_dotlock): Rename to dotlock_take.
(release_dotlock): Rename to dotlock_release.
2011-09-22 Werner Koch <>
* dotlock.c: Remove support for RISCOS.
2011-08-10 Werner Koch <>
* t-exechelp.c (test_close_all_fds): Don't use the DUMMY_FD var.
* pka.c (get_pka_info): Remove unused var.
* signal.c (got_fatal_signal): Remove unused var.
* estream.c (es_fread, es_fwrite): Remove unused var.
2011-07-20 Werner Koch <>
* ssh-utils.c, ssh-utils.h: New.
* t-ssh-utils.c: New.
* (t_ssh_utils_LDADD): New.
(module_tests): Add t-ssh-utils.c
2011-06-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* util.h: Undef snprintf before redefining it.
2011-05-20 Werner Koch <>
* util.h: Remove some error code substitutes.
2011-04-25 Werner Koch <>
* userids.c (classify_user_id): Add arg OPENPGP_HACK to fix
regression from 2009-12-08.
2011-04-01 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (get_uint_nonce): New.
2011-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (struct estream_list): Rename to estream_list_s and
simplify. A double linked list is overkill for our purpose.
(do_list_add, do_list_remove): Adjust accordingly.
(_es_get_std_stream): Ditto.
(do_list_iterate, estream_iterator_t): Remove; it is used only at
one place.
(es_fflush): Replace iteration function. Also lock each stream
while flushing all streams.
2011-02-27 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (isotime2epoch): Factor check code out to ..
(isotime_p): .. new.
(isotime_human_p): New.
(string2isotime): New.
* t-gettime.c (test_string2isotime): New.
2011-02-11 Andrey Jivsov <>
* openpgp-oid.c (openpgp_oid_to_str): Use unsigned int for
get_opaque. Fixes a bug on 64 bit platforms.
2011-02-08 Werner Koch <>
* http.c (connect_server): Add arg R_HOST_NOT_FOUND.
2011-02-07 Werner Koch <>
* http.c (my_socket_new, my_socket_ref, my_socket_unref): New.
(cookie_close, cookie_read, cookie_write, http_close, _http_open)
(send_request): Replace use of an socket integer by the new socket
(_http_raw_connect): New.
(fp_onclose_notification): New.
(_http_raw_connect, _http_wait_response, http_close): Register and
unregister this notification.
* http.h (http_raw_connect): New.
* http.h (parsed_uri_s): Add field IS_OPAQUE.
(http_req_t): Add HTTP_REQ_OPAQUE.
* http.c (do_parse_uri): Parse unknown schemes into PATH.
(my_socket_new, my_socket_ref, my_socket_unref): New.
(send_request): Simplify save_errno stuff.
2011-02-03 Werner Koch <>
* argparse.c (strusage): Update copyright year.
2011-01-31 Werner Koch <>
* openpgp-oid.c: New.
* t-openpgp-oid.c: New.
2011-01-20 Werner Koch <>
Fix bug#1313.
* http.c (my_select): New. Define to pth_select if building with Pth.
(start_server, write_server, cookie_read, cookie_write): Use it.
(my_connect): New. Define to pth_connect if building with Pth.
(connect_server): Use it.
(my_accept): New. Define to pth_accept if building with Pth.
(start_server): Use it.
2011-01-20 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (struct b64state): Add field LASTERR.
* b64enc.c (enc_start, b64enc_write, b64enc_finish): Handle
LASTERR. This is to make sure that we don't leak strduped data.
* b64dec.c (b64dec_start, b64dec_proc, b64dec_finish): Ditto.
* http.c (escape_data): New.
(insert_escapes): Implement using escape_data.
(http_escape_data): New.
2011-01-19 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (gnupg_module_name): Use NAME_OF_INSTALLED_GPG instead
of "gpg2".
2011-01-18 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (file_es_filter_ctx_t): New.
(file_es_filter): New.
(iobuf_esopen): New.
* membuf.c (clear_membuf, peek_membuf): New.
* util.h (GPG_ERR_NO_KEYSERVER): New.
* keyserver.h (keyserver_spec): Move from ../g10/options.h to here.
* http.c (do_parse_uri): Add arg NO_SCHEME_CHECK. Change all
callers. Support HKP and HKPS.
(_http_parse_uri): Do proper error management.
* http.h (parsed_uri_s): Add field IS_HTTP.
(http_parse_uri): Support NO_SCHEME_CHECK arg.
* estream.c (es_func_mem_write): Fix computation of NEWSIZE.
2011-01-10 Werner Koch <>
* session-env.c (update_var): Fix same value detection. Fixes
2010-12-17 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (lock_spawning): Add arg VERBOSE. Improve timeout
management. Make callers pass a value for VERBOSE.
(lock_agent_spawning, unlock_agent_spawning): Remove. Change
callers to use lock_spawning and unlock_spawning.
2010-12-17 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* homedir.c (gnupg_cachedir): Create /temp subdirectories.
2010-12-02 Werner Koch <>
* miscellaneous.c (gnupg_cipher_algo_name): New. Replace all
users of gcry_cipher_algo_name by this one.
* logging.c (fun_cookie_s) [W32CE]: Add field USE_WRITEFILE.
(fun_writer) [W32CE]: Make use of it.
(set_file_fd) [W32CE]: Implement special filename "GPG2:".
2010-11-25 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent): Change style of startup info.
(start_new_dirmngr): Ditto.
2010-11-23 Werner Koch <>
Use these constants. For W32CE increase them to 30 seconds.
(start_new_gpg_agent): Print time to startup agent.
(start_new_dirmngr): Ditto.
2010-11-04 Werner Koch <>
* logging.c (do_logv) [W32]: Don't set a default log stream if the
registry entry is empty.
2010-10-27 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (gnupg_get_isotime): Compare to (time_t)-1.
(epoch2isotime): Ditto.
(asctimestamp): Use new macro.
(strtimestamp, isotimestamp): Ditto. Use snprintf.
2010-10-25 Werner Koch <>
* logging.c (do_log): Rename to log_log and make global.
2010-10-20 Werner Koch <>
* i18n.c (i18n_init) [USE_SIMPLE_GETTEXT]: Call textdomain.
2010-10-14 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent): Print a notice once the agent
has been started.
(start_new_dirmngr): Likewise.
2010-10-13 Werner Koch <>
* miscellaneous.c (parse_version_number, parse_version_string)
(gnupg_compare_version): New.
2010-10-04 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (asctimestamp) [W32CE]: Do not print the timezone.
2010-09-30 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (GPG_ERR_FULLY_CANCELED): Add replacement.
2010-09-17 Werner Koch <>
* http.c (INADDR_NONE): Provide fallback.
* logging.c (INADDR_NONE): Ditto.
2010-09-16 Werner Koch <>
* status.c (get_inv_recpsgnr_code): Ditto.
2010-09-13 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (gnupg_bindir) [W32CE]: Change to bin/.
(gnupg_libexecdir) [W32]: Call gnupg_bindir.
(gnupg_libdir, gnupg_datadir, gnupg_localedir) [W32]: Simplify by
using xstrconcat.
(gnupg_module_name): Ditto.
(w32_rootdir): Strip a trailing "bin".
2010-09-02 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (GPG_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED): Define if not defined.
2010-09-01 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* estream.c (_es_set_std_fd): Disable debug output.
2010-08-26 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_convert_mode): Rename to parse_mode.
(parse_mode): Add arg R_CMODE and parse key value pairs. Use Use
664 as the default mode. Change callers.
(es_fopen, do_fpopen, do_w32open, es_freopen): Support a creation
(es_func_file_create): Rename to func_file_create and add arg CMODE.
(es_func_fd_create): Rename to func_fd_create.
(es_func_fp_create): Rename to func_fp_create.
(es_list_add): Rename to do_list_add.
(es_list_remove): Rename to do_list_remove.
(es_list_iterate): Rename to do_list_iterate.
(es_pth_read): Rename to do_pth_read.
(es_deinit): Rename to do_deinit.
(es_init_do): Rename to do_init.
(es_func_mem_create): Rename to func_mem_create.
2010-08-23 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp-w32ce.c: Rewrite all spawn stuff.
* exechelp-w32.c (close_all_fds) [W32]: Make it a dummy function.
* estream.c (es_onclose): New.
(notify_list_t, onclose): New.
(struct estream_internal): Add field ONCLOSE.
(es_initialize, es_deinitialize): Manage new field.
(do_close): Call onclose notify functions.
2010-08-20 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp-w32.c (create_inheritable_pipe): Change arg to HANDLE.
* estream.h (es_sysopen_t): New.
* estream.c (es_func_w32_create, es_func_w32_read)
(es_func_w32_write, es_func_w32_seek, es_func_w32_destroy)
(estream_functions_w32, estream_cookie_fd): New. Only for W32.
(es_sysopen, es_sysopen_nc): New.
(do_w32open, do_sysopen): New.
(es_syshd, es_syshd_unlocked): New.
(struct estream_internal): Replace filed FD by SYSHD.
(es_initialize): Clear SYSHD_VALID.
(map_w32_to_errno): New.
(es_get_fd): Remove.
(es_fileno_unlocked): Re-implement using es_syshd.
(es_initialize, es_create): Replace arg FD by SYSHD.
(es_fopen, es_mopen, es_fopenmem, do_fdopen, do_fpopen)
(es_tmpfile): Use SYSHD instead of FD.
(es_destroy): Rename to do_close.
2010-08-19 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp-posix.c (create_pipe_and_estream): New.
(gnupg_spawn_process): Rework this function and its calling
convention; it is not used anyway.
* exechelp-w32.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Ditto.
2010-08-18 Werner Koch <>
* logging.c (writen): Add arg IS_SOCKET.
(fun_writer): Pass the is_socket flag.
(do_logv) [W32]: Allow for a default log stream
* estream.c (struct estream_internal): Remove obsolete fields
PRINT_FP, PRINT_ERRNO, PRINT_ERR and all remaining code cruft.
2010-08-16 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_printf_unlocked, es_printf): New.
* asshelp.c (lock_agent_t): Rename to lock_spawn_t.
(lock_agent_spawning, unlock_agent_spawning): Factor code out to ...
(lock_spawning, unlock_spawning): .. new.
(start_new_gpg_agent): Make more use of ERRSOURCE.
(start_new_dirmngr): New.
2010-08-13 Werner Koch <>
* (audit-events.h, status-codes.h): Fix srcdir problem
amd depend on instead of Makefile.
2010-08-12 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (gnupg_remove) [W32CE]: Fix returned error.
2010-08-09 Werner Koch <>
* logging.c (WITH_IPV6): New macro.
(parse_portno): New. From libassuan.
(fun_writer): Support TCP logging on all platforms.
(sock_close): New.
2010-08-06 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (dirmngr_socket_name) [W32CE]: Base on default homedir.
(gnupg_cachedir) [W32CE]: Drop drive letter.
* http.c (http_open_document): Rename to _http_open_document and
add arg ERRSOURCE. Pass ERRSOURCE to all called funcs.
(http_wait_response, http_open, http_parse_uri): Likewise.
(do_parse_uri, parse_response, store_header): Change to return an
gpg_err_code_t. Change callers.
(send_request): Add arg ERRSOURCE. Change callers.
* http.h (http_open_document, http_wait_response, http_open)
(http_parse_uri): Define as macro.
2010-08-05 Werner Koch <>
* estream.h (es_asprintf, es_vasprintf): Add lost prototyps.
* http.c: Require estream and make HTTP_USE_ESTREAM obsolete. It
make the code unreadable and we require estream anyway for GnuPG.
(http_wait_response): Get use of cookies right.
(send_request): s/xtryasprintf/es_asprintf/ to allow standalone
use of the code.
(insert_escapes, connect_server): s/sprintf/snprintf/.
(parse_response): s/my_read_line/es_read_line/.
(my_read_line): Remove.
(write_server): Use pth_write.
2010-07-26 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_func_fp_write) [W32]: Write smaller chunks.
2010-07-25 Werner Koch <>
* argparse.c (initialize): Use ARGPARSE_PRINT_WARNING constant.
2010-07-24 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_set_binary): New.
2010-07-19 Werner Koch <>
* utf8conv.c (utf8_to_wchar): s/malloc/jnlib_malloc/.
2010-07-16 Werner Koch <>
* http.h (HTTP_FLAG_IGNORE_CL): Add flag .
* http.c (WITHOUT_GNU_PTH): Test macro for Pth support.
(http_parse_uri): s/xcalloc/xtrycalloc/.
(send_request): Replace of discrete allocation and sprintf by
(http_wait_response): Replace HTTP_FLAG_NO_SHUTDOWN by
HTTP_FLAG_SHUTDOWN to change the default to no shutdown.
(cookie_read) [HAVE_PTH]: Use pth_read.
(longcounter_t): New.
(struct cookie_s): Add support for content length. Turn flag
fields into bit types.
(parse_response): Parse content length header.
(cookie_read): Take care of the content length.
2010-07-08 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (estream_functions_file): Remove and replace by
identical estream_functions_fd.
2010-07-06 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (b64state): Add field STREAM.
* b64enc.c (b64enc_start): Factor code out to ..
(enc_start): new.
(b64enc_start_es, my_fputs): New.
(b64enc_write, b64enc_finish): Support estream.
2010-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (lock_agent_spawning) [W32]: Use CreateMutexW.
(start_new_gpg_agent): Use HANG option for gnupg_wait_progress.
Fixes regression from 2010-06-09.
2010-06-21 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (xfree_fnc): New.
2010-06-18 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (make_canon_sexp_pad): Add arg SECURE.
2010-06-17 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (make_canon_sexp_pad): New.
2010-06-14 Werner Koch <>
* membuf.c (put_membuf): Add shortcut for !LEN.
2010-06-11 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* sysutils.c (translate_sys2libc_fd): Revert last change.
(translate_sys2libc_fd_int): Revert last change.
2010-06-10 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* sysutils.c (translate_sys2libc_fd) [HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM]:
(translate_sys2libc_fd_int) [HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM]: Don't call
* estream.c (_es_get_std_stream): Fix cut&paste bug.
2010-06-09 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp-posix.c, exechelp-w32.c
* exechelp-w32ce.c (gnupg_wait_process): Add new arg HANG. Change
all callers.
(gnupg_release_process): New. Use it after all calls to
* homedir.c (gnupg_cachedir): New.
(w32_try_mkdir): New.
(dirmngr_socket_name): Change standard socket name.
(gnupg_module_name): Support GNUPG_MODULE_NAME_DIRMNGR_LDAP.
* logging.c (log_set_get_tid_callback): Replace by ...
(log_set_pid_suffix_cb): .. new.
(do_logv): Change accordingly.
2010-06-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
(t_common_ldadd): Add $(LIBASSUAN_LIBS).
* sysutils.c: Include <assuan.h>.
(translate_sys2libc_fd_int): Cast to silence gcc warning.
* iobuf.c: Include <assuan.h>
(translate_file_handle): Fix syntax error.
2010-06-08 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (translate_file_handle) [W32CE]: Handle rendezvous ids.
2010-06-07 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c [W32CE]: Finish pipe creation.
* estream.c (es_fname_get, es_fname_set): New.
(fname_set_internal): New.
(struct estream_internal): Add fields printable_fname and
(_es_get_std_stream): Set stream name.
(es_fopen, es_freopen, es_deinitialize): Set fname.
* exechelp-posix.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Allow passing INFILE or
* exechelp-w32.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Ditto.
* exechelp-w32ce.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Return an error for
2010-06-01 Werner Koch <>
* logging.c (log_get_stream): Make sture a log stream is available.
2010-05-30 Werner Koch <>
* init.c (writestring_via_estream): New.
(init_common_subsystems): Register with argparse.
* argparse.c (argparse_register_outfnc): New.
(writestrings, flushstrings): New. Use them instead of stdout or
stderr based functions.
2010-05-04 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (_es_get_std_stream): Re-use registered standard fds.
(es_func_fd_read, es_func_fd_write, es_func_fd_seek)
(es_func_fd_destroy): Implement a dummy stream.
* exechelp-w32ce.c (build_w32_commandline): Add args FD0_ISNULL
and FD1_ISNULL. Remove arg PGMNAME. Change callers.
(gnupg_spawn_process_detached): Implement.
(gnupg_spawn_process_fd): Implement one special case for now.
2010-05-03 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (lock_agent_spawning, unlock_agent_spawning): New.
(start_new_gpg_agent): Test for configured standard socket and
try to fire up the agent in this case.
* exechelp-posix.c (gnupg_wait_process): Do not log a message if
EXITCODE is given.
(gnupg_spawn_process_detached): Do not reuse PID for the second fork.
2010-04-26 Werner Koch <>
* utf8conv.c (load_libiconv) [W32CE]: No libiconv warning
* init.c (init_common_subsystems) [W32CE]: Register the sleep
function before es_init.
2010-04-20 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_deinit): New.
(es_init_do): Install atexit handler to flush all streams.
* (common_sources): Add gettime.h.
2010-04-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* logging.c (do_log_ignore_arg): New helper function.
(log_string): Use it to remove ugly volatile hack that causes gcc
(log_flush): Likewise.
* sysutils.c (gnupg_unsetenv) [!HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM]: Return something.
(gnupg_setenv) [!HAVE_W32CE_SYSTEM]: Likewise.
* pka.c (get_pka_info): Solve strict aliasing rule violation.
* t-exechelp.c (test_close_all_fds): Use dummy variables to
silence gcc warning.
2010-04-15 Werner Koch <>
* util.h: Factor time related functions out to ...
* gettime.h: New.
(gnupg_copy_time): Move to ...
* gettime.c (gnupg_copy_time): New.
* sysutils.c (gnupg_setenv) [!W32CE]: Add missing return.
(gnupg_unsetenv) [!W32CE]: Add missing return.
2010-04-14 Werner Koch <>
* (noinst_LIBRARIES) [W32CE]: Exclude libsimple-pwquery.
* w32help.h (umask) [W32CE]: New.
* sysutils.c (_gnupg_isatty): New.
* util.h (gnupg_isatty): New.
* asshelp.c (setup_libassuan_logging): Read ASSUAN_DEBUG envvar.
(my_libassuan_log_handler): Use it.
* sysutils.c (_gnupg_getenv): Implement ASSUAN_DEBUG.
2010-04-08 Werner Koch <>
* w32help.h (_setmode, setmode) [W32CE]: Provide prototype and
2010-04-07 Werner Koch <>
* mischelp.c (timegm): Replace unsetenv/putenv by gnupg_unsetenv.
* sysutils.c: Include setenv.h.
(gnupg_setenv, gnupg_unsetenv): New.
2010-04-06 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (gnupg_mkdir): New.
2010-03-29 Werner Koch <>
* init.c (sleep_on_exit): Change to 400ms.
2010-03-25 Werner Koch <>
* init.c (sleep_on_exit) [W32CE]: New.
(init_common_subsystems): Call it.
2010-03-24 Werner Koch <>
* stringhelp.c (change_slashes, compare_filenames): Replace
(make_basename, make_dirname): Detect backslashes and drive
letters separately.
* dotlock.c (make_dotlock, create_dotlock, release_dotlock): Use
LockFileEx and UnlockFileEx to support W32CE.
* ttyio.c (USE_W32_CONSOLE): Replace all _WIN32 by this.
(init_ttyfp) [W32CE]: Use stderr.
* iobuf.c (FD_FOR_STDIN, FD_FOR_STDOUT) [W32CE]: Use estream.
(translate_file_handle) [W32CE]: Remove handle translation.
2010-03-23 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (gnupg_remove): New.
2010-03-22 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp-w32ce.c (build_w32_commandline): Replace by code from
(create_inheritable_pipe): Use _assuan_w32ce_prepare_pipe.
(build_w32_commandline_copy, do_create_pipe): Remove.
* exechelp-posix.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Change to use estream
* exechelp-w32.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Ditto.
2010-03-22 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c: Remove after factoring all code out to ...
* exechelp-posix.c, exechelp-w32.c, exechelp-w32ce.c: .. new.
* exechelp.c (create_inheritable_pipe_r)
(create_inheritable_pipe_w): Fold both into ...
(create_inheritable_pipe): .. New. Change callers to use this.
(gnupg_create_inbound_pipe, gnupg_create_outbound_pipe): Factor
code out to ...
(do_create_pipe): .. New.
* init.c (parse_std_file_handles): Change to use rendezvous ids.
2010-03-15 Werner Koch <>
* init.c (init_common_subsystems): Add args ARGCP and
ARGVP. Change all callers to provide them.
(parse_std_file_handles): New.
* t-sysutils.c (rewind) [W32CE]: Provide a replacement.
* (module_tests) [W32CE]: Don't build t-exechelp for now.
* sysutils.c (gnupg_allow_set_foregound_window) [W32CE]: Don't
call AllowSetForegroundWindow.
* logging.c (isatty) [W32CE]: New.
(fun_writer, set_file_fd): Use estream even for the internal error
(log_string, log_flush): Make DUMMY_ARG_PTR static.
2010-03-15 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment) [!HAVE_SETLOCALE]: Do not
define OLD_LC.
* http.c (connect_server) [!USE_DNS_SRV]: Mark SRVTAG unused.
* dns-cert.c (get_dns_cert) [!USE_DNS_CERT]: Mark args unused.
* pka.c (get_pka_info): Ditto.
* signal.c (pause_on_sigusr): Remove. It was used in ancient gpg
version with shared memory IPC. Last caller removed on 2006-04-18.
(do_block) [W32]: Mark arg unused.
* exechelp.c (w32_open_null): Use CreateFileW.
* init.c (init_common_subsystems): Add args ARGCP and ARGVP.
Change all callers to pass them.
* logging.c (S_IRGRP, S_IROTH, S_IWGRP, S_IWOTH) [W32]: New.
(fun_writer, set_file_fd) [W32]: Disable socket code.
* localename.c: Include gpg-error.h.
* util.h (GPG_ERR_NOT_ENABLED): Remove this temporary definition.
2010-03-12 Werner Koch <>
* status.h (STATUS_ENTER): New.
* ttyio.c (tty_fprintf): Change to use estream.
* miscellaneous.c (print_utf8_string): Rename to print_utf8_buffer
and change FP arg to an estream. Change all callers.
(print_utf8_string2): Ditto; new name is to print_utf8_buffer2.
2010-03-11 Werner Koch <>
* miscellaneous.c (print_string): Remove.
* estream.c (es_setvbuf): Fix parameter check.
(es_set_buffering): Allow a SIZE of 0.
* asshelp.c (setup_libassuan_logging, my_libassuan_log_handler): New.
* logging.c (do_logv): Add arg IGNORE_ARG_PTR. Change all callers.
(log_string): New.
(log_flush): New.
(set_file_fd): Simplify by using estreams es_stderr.
* estream.h (es_stdout, es_stderr, es_stdin): New.
2010-03-10 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_func_fp_read, es_func_fp_write, es_func_fp_seek)
(es_func_fp_destroy): Allow a NULL FP to implement a dummy stream.
(do_fpopen): Ditto.
(es_vfprintf_unlocked): New.
(es_fprintf_unlocked): Make public.
(es_fputs_unlocked): New.
* logging.h: Replace FILE* by estream_t.
* logging.c: Remove USE_FUNWRITER cpp conditional because we now
use estream.
(my_funopen_hook_ret_t, my_funopen_hook_size_t): Replace by
(log_get_stream): Change to return an estream_t.
(set_file_fd): Always close the log stream because it can't be
assigned to stderr or stdout directly. Use a dummy estream as
last resort log stream.
(log_test_fd, log_get_fd): Use es_fileno.
(log_get_stream): Assert that we have a log stream.
(do_logv): Use estream functions and lock the output.
2010-03-10 Werner Koch <>
* util.h: Replace jnlib path part by common.
(snprintf): Use the replacement macro on all platforms.
* (jnlib_sources): New.
(libcommon_a_SOURCES, libcommonpth_a_SOURCES): Add jnlib_sources.
(jnlib_tests): New.
(noinst_PROGRAMS, TESTS): Add jnlib_tests.
(t_common_ldadd): Remove libjnlib.a.
* README.jnlib, ChangeLog.jnlib, libjnlib-config.h, argparse.c
* argparse.h, dotlock.c, dotlock.h, dynload.h, logging.c
* logging.h, mischelp.c, mischelp.h, stringhelp.c, stringhelp.h
* strlist.c, strlist.h, types.h, utf8conv.c, utf8conv.h
* w32-afunix.c, w32-afunix.h, w32-reg.c, w32help.h, xmalloc.c
* xmalloc.h, t-stringhelp.c, t-support.c, t-support.h
* t-timestuff.c, t-w32-reg.c: Move from jnlib to here.
* init.c: Remove "estream.h".
* util.h: Include "estream.h".
* xasprintf.c, ttyio.c: Remove "estream-printf.h".
2010-03-08 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c [!HAVE_SIGNAL_H]: Do not include signal.h.
* iobuf.h (iobuf_ioctl_t): New. Use the new macros instead of the
hard wired values.
* iobuf.c (iobuf_append): Remove.
(iobuf_fdopen): Factor code out to ...
(do_iobuf_fdopen): ... new.
(iobuf_fdopen_nc): New.
(iobuf_open_fd_or_name): Implement using iobuf_fdopen_nc.
* iobuf.c (INVALID_FD): Replace by GNUPG_INVALID_FD.
(fp_or_fd_t): Replace by gnupg_fd_t.
(my_fileno): Replace by the FD2INT macro.
(file_filter): Make full use of FD_FOR_STDIN.
(USE_SETMODE): Remove. Not needed without stdio.
(my_fopen_ro, my_fopen): Replace unneeded macros.
* iobuf.c [FILE_FILTER_USES_STDIO]: Remove all code. It has not
been used for a long time.
* exechelp.h: Include "estream.h".
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Change OUTFILE to an estream_t.
2010-03-02 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c, estream.h, estream-printf.c, estream-printf.h: Update
from libestream.
2010-03-01 Werner Koch <>
* signal.c [!HAVE_SIGNAL_H]: Don't include signal.h.
* iobuf.c (direct_open) [W32CE]: Make filename to wchar_t.
(iobuf_cancel) [W32CE]: Use DeleteFile.
* gettime.c (dump_isotime): Use "%s" to print "none".
* homedir.c (standard_homedir) [W32CE]: Use wchar_t to create the
(w32_rootdir) [W32CE]: Likewise.
* sysutils.c (translate_sys2libc_fd) [W32CE]: Add support.
(gnupg_tmpfile) [W32CE]: Ditto.
(_gnupg_getenv) [W32CE]: New.
* util.h (getpid, getenv) [W32CE]: New.
* i18n.c (i18n_switchto_utf8)
(i18n_switchback) [USE_SIMPLE_GETTEXT]: Use new function from
libgpg-error which supports proper restoring.
* sysutils.c (get_session_marker): Simplified by using gcrypt.
2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* (audit-events.h, status.h) [!MAINTAINER_MODE]: No
longer include these rules if not in maintainer mode.
2009-12-08 Werner Koch <>
* userids.h, userids.c: New.
(classify_user_id): Merged from similar fucntions in sm/ and g10/.
* dns-cert.c (get_dns_cert): Add support for ADNS.
2009-12-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent): Convert posix FD to assuan FD.
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent) [HAVE_W32_SYSTEM]: Add missing
argument in assuan_socket_connect invocation.
* iobuf.c (iobuf_open_fd_or_name): Fix type of FD in function
2009-12-07 Werner Koch <>
* pka.c (get_pka_info): Add support for ADNS.
* src.v (getsrv): Add support for ADNS.
* srv.c (getsrv): s/xrealloc/xtryrealloc/.
2009-12-04 Werner Koch <>
* (audit-events.h, status-codes.h): Create files in
the source dir. Fixes bug#1164.
2009-12-02 Werner Koch <>
* audit.c (proc_type_decrypt, proc_type_sign): Implemented.
(proc_type_verify): Print hash algo infos.
2009-11-05 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent): Update use of
assuan_socket_connect and assuan_pipe_connect.
2009-11-02 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* get-passphrase.c (default_inq_cb, membuf_data_cb): Change return
type to gpg_error_t.
2009-10-28 Werner Koch <>
* status.h (STATUS_MOUNTPOINT): New.
2009-10-16 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* (libcommon_a_CFLAGS): Use LIBASSUAN_CFLAGS instead
2009-10-13 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c (gnupg_kill_process): New.
2009-09-29 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c (create_inheritable_pipe): Rename to
(create_inheritable_pipe_r): New.
(gnupg_create_outbound_pipe): New.
* iobuf.h: Include "sysutils.h"
* iobuf.c (iobuf_open_fd_or_name): New.
(iobuf_get_fname_nonnull): New.
2009-09-23 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent): Allocate assuan context before
starting server.
2009-09-03 Werner Koch <>
Update from libestream:
* estream-printf.c: Include stdint.h only if HAVE_STDINT_H is
* estream-printf.c: Remove all test code. Use macro DEBUG instead
of TEST for debugging.
* estream-printf.c (pr_float): Make buffer larger for silly high
2009-08-11 David Shaw <>
* ttyio.h, ttyio.c (tty_enable_completion): Some ifdefs around
HAVE_LIBREADLINE to allow building when readline isn't available.
2009-08-06 Werner Koch <>
* status.c (get_inv_recpsgnr_code): New.
2009-07-23 David Shaw <>
* srv.c (getsrv): Fix type-punning warning.
2009-07-23 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (GPG_ERR_NOT_ENABLED): New.
* audit.h (enum): Add AUDIT_CRL_CHECK.
* audit.c (proc_type_verify): Show CRL check result.
2009-07-06 Werner Koch <>
* get-passphrase.c (struct agentargs): Add SESSION_ENV and remove
obsolete args.
(gnupg_prepare_get_passphrase): Ditto.
* session-env.c, session-env.h: New.
* t-session-env.c: New.
* (common_sources, module_tests): Add them.
* asshelp.h: Include "session-env.h"
* asshelp.c (send_one_option): Add arg PUTENV.
(send_pinentry_environment): Replace most args by SESSION_ENV and
rewrite fucntion.
(start_new_gpg_agent): Likewise.
* t-exechelp.c (test_close_all_fds): Remove debug code.
2009-07-01 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (get_pk_algo_from_canon_sexp): New.
2009-06-29 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (BUFFER_ROUND_TO_BLOCK): Remove unused macro.
(es_func_mem_write): Rewrite reallocation part.
* estream.c (es_write_sanitized_utf8_buffer): Typo typo fix.
2009-06-25 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_write_sanitized_utf8_buffer): Typo fix.
2009-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_read_line): In the malloc error case, set
MAX_LENGTH to 0 only if requested.
* xreadline.c (read_line): Ditto.
* estream.c (es_write_sanitized_utf8_buffer): Pass on error from
* sexputil.c (get_rsa_pk_from_canon_sexp): Check for error after
the loop. Reported by Fabian Keil.
2009-06-22 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_pth_read, es_pth_write) [W32]: New.
2009-06-03 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_convert_mode): Rewrite and support the "x" flag.
2009-05-28 David Shaw <>
From 1.4:
* http.h, http.c (send_request) Pass in a STRLIST for additional
headers. Change all callers.
2009-05-27 David Shaw <>
From 1.4:
* http.h, http.c (send_request): Pass in srvtag and make its
presence sufficient to turn the feature on.
(http_open): From here.
(http_document): And here.
* srv.c (getsrv): Raise maximum packet size to 2048, as PACKETSZ
is too small these days.
2009-05-22 Werner Koch <>
* ttyio.c (tty_cleanup_after_signal): New.
2009-05-19 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (agent_open): Use SUN_LEN
(JNLIB_NEED_AFLOCAL): Define and include mischelp.h.
2009-05-07 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (get_rsa_pk_from_canon_sexp): New.
* t-sexputil.c (test_make_canon_sexp_from_rsa_pk): Extend the test.
2009-04-28 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (make_canon_sexp_from_rsa_pk): New.
* t-sexputil.c (test_make_canon_sexp_from_rsa_pk): New.
2009-04-01 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c: Port David's changes from 1.4:
(fd_cache_invalidate): Pass return code from close back.
(direct_open, iobuf_ioctl): Check that return value.
(fd_cache_synchronize): New.
(iobuf_ioctl): Add new sub command 4 (fsync).
* iobuf.c (fd_cache_strcmp): New. Taken from 1.4.
(fd_cache_invalidate, fd_cache_close, fd_cache_open): Use it.
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Implement new flag bit 6.
* sysutils.c (gnupg_allow_set_foregound_window): Allow the use of
* membuf.c (put_membuf, get_membuf): Wipe memory on out of core.
2009-03-31 Werner Koch <>
* percent.c (percent_unescape, percent_plus_unescape): New.
(percent_plus_unescape_inplace, percent_unescape_inplace): New.
(do_plus_or_plain_unescape, count_unescape, do_unescape): New.
(do_unescape_inplace): New.
* t-percent.c (test_percent_plus_escape): Test percent_plus_unescape.
* get-passphrase.c, get-passphrase.h: New.
* (without_pth_sources): New.
2009-03-18 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c: Include sys/resource.h and sys/stat.h.
(get_max_open_fds): New.
(do_exec): Use it.
(get_all_open_fds): New.
(close_all_fds): New.
(do_exec): Use close_all_fds.
* t-exechelp.c: New.
2009-03-13 David Shaw <>
* http.c (do_parse_uri): Properly handle IPv6 literal addresses as
per RFC-2732. Adapted from patch by Phil Pennock.
2009-03-12 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c: Include i18n.h.
(dump_isotime): New.
2009-03-06 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (make_canon_sexp): New.
2009-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c (do_exec): Make sure that /dev/null connected FDs are
not closed.
2009-01-19 Werner Koch <>
* audit.c (writeout_li): Translate a few more result strings.
Fixes bug#970.
* convert.c (hex2str): Fix optimization to append a nul character.
2008-12-05 Werner Koch <>
* percent.c, t-percent.c: New.
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process, gnupg_spawn_process_fd)
(gnupg_spawn_process_detached) [W32]: Remove debug output.
2008-11-20 Werner Koch <>
* audit.c (writeout_li): Translate OKTEXT.
2008-11-04 Werner Koch <>
* i18n.c (i18n_init) [USE_SIMPLE_GETTEXT]: Adjust for changed
* homedir.c (gnupg_localedir): New.
2008-10-20 Werner Koch <>
* http.c (http_register_tls_callback) [!HTTP_USE_GNUTLS]: Mark
unused arg.
* localename.c (do_nl_locale_name): Ditto.
* audit.c (event2str): Silent gcc warning.
* sysutils.c (translate_sys2libc_fd): Mark unused arg.
(translate_sys2libc_fd_int): Ditto.
* iobuf.c (translate_file_handle): Ditto.
* asshelp.c (send_one_option): Ditto.
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Ditto.
* signal.c (got_usr_signal): Ditto
* estream.c (es_func_fd_create) [!W32]: Ditto.
(es_func_fp_create) [!W32]: Ditto.
(es_write_hexstring): Ditto.
(dummy_mutex_call_void, dummy_mutex_call_int) [HAVE_PTH]: New.
(ESTREAM_MUTEX_INITIALIZE) [HAVE_PTH]: Use dummy calls so to mark
unused arg.
2008-10-19 Werner Koch <>
* estream-printf.c (estream_vsnprintf): Fix return value.
(check_snprintf): Add a new test.
(one_test) [W32]: Disable test.
2008-10-17 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (snprintf) [W32]: Redefine to estream_snprintf.
2008-09-03 Werner Koch <>
* convert.c (hex2str): New.
(hex2str_alloc): New.
* t-convert.c (test_hex2str): New.
2008-08-19 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c: Avoid passing a NULL (iobuf_t)->desc to the log
function. Should in general never be NULL, but well. Reported by
M. Heneka.
2008-06-26 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_write_sanitized): Loose check for control
characters to better cope with utf-8. The range 0x80..0x9f is
nowadays not anymore accidently used for control charaters.
2008-06-25 Marcus Brinkmann <>
Revert last three changes related to handle translation.
* sysutils.c:
(FD_TRANSLATE_MAX, fd_translate, fd_translate_len)
(translate_table_init, translate_table_lookup): Removed.
* iobuf.c (check_special_filename): Do not use
* sysutils.h (translate_table_init, translate_table_lookup):
Remove prototypes.
2008-06-19 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c: Remove <ctype.h>.
(fd_translate_max): Use macro for the size.
(translate_table_init): Protect read against EINTR and replace
isspace by spacep.
2008-06-18 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* sysutils.c (TRANS_MAX): Bump up to 350 to be on the safe side.
* sysutils.h (translate_table_init, translate_table_lookup): New
* sysutils.c: Include <ctype.h>.
(FD_TRANSLATE_MAX): New macro.
(fd_translate, fd_translate_len): New static variables.
(translate_table_init, translate_table_lookup): New functions.
(translate_sys2libc_fd_int): Translate file descriptor.
* iobuf.c (check_special_filename): Translate handle values from
special filenames.
2008-06-16 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (w32_commondir): New.
(gnupg_sysconfdir): Use it.
2008-06-09 Werner Koch <>
* b64dec.c: New.
2008-06-05 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (gnupg_copy_time): Replace strcpy by memcpy.
2008-05-26 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (send_one_option, send_pinentry_environment): use
xfree and xtrystrdup.
* i18n.c (i18n_switchto_utf8) [USE_SIMPLE_GETTEXT]: Return NULL.
* homedir.c (gnupg_module_name): Add
2008-04-21 Werner Koch <>
* http.c (http_wait_response) [W32]: Use DuplicateHandle because
it is a socket.
(cookie_read) [W32]: Use recv in place of read.
2008-04-08 Werner Koch <>
* i18n.c (i18n_switchto_utf8, i18n_switchback)
2008-04-07 Werner Koch <>
* b64enc.c (b64enc_start): Detect PGP mode.
(b64enc_finish): Write PGP CRC.
* util.h (struct b64state): Add field CRC.
* t-b64.c: New.
* pka.c (get_pka_info): Use xtrymalloc and check result.
2008-03-25 Werner Koch <>
* localename.c: Strip all W32 code. Include w32help.h.
(gnupg_messages_locale_name) [W32]: Use the gettext_localename.
2008-03-17 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (IOBUF_BUFFER_SIZE): Actually use this macro.
* simple-pwquery.c (agent_send_all_options): Fix last change.
2008-03-06 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (agent_send_all_options): Add support for
2008-02-15 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process_fd): Add flag DETACHED_PROCESS
unconditionally (required for all callers at the moment).
2008-02-14 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (gnupg_allow_set_foregound_window): New.
(WINVER) [W32]: Define.
2008-01-31 Werner Koch <>
* audit.c (audit_print_result): Make sure that the output is
always UTF8.
2008-01-27 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Add arg FLAGS and changed all
callers to pass 0 for it.
2007-12-13 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (hash_algo_from_sigval): New.
* t-sexputil.c: New.
* (module_tests): Add it.
2007-12-11 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment): Allow using of old
gpg-agents not capabale of the xauthority and pinentry_user_data
2007-12-04 Werner Koch <>
* (t_helpfile_LDADD, module_maint_tests): New.
* t-helpfile.c: New.
* helpfile.c: New.
* membuf.h (is_membuf_ready, MEMBUF_ZERO): New.
* localename.c: New. Taken from gettext with modifications as done
for GpgOL. Export one new function.
* util.h (gnupg_messages_locale_name, gnupg_get_help_string): Added.
* sysutils.c (gnupg_reopen_std): New. Taken from ../g10/gpg.c.
2007-11-27 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (dirmngr_socket_name): Use CSIDL_WINDOWS.
2007-11-15 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment): Add args XAUTHORITY and
(start_new_gpg_agent): Ditto.
2007-11-07 Werner Koch <>
* status.h: New.
* errors.h: Remove.
2007-11-05 Werner Koch <>
* audit.c, audit.h: New.
* Add rules to build audit-events.h.
* exaudit.awk: New.
* mkstrtable.awk: New. Taken from libgpg-error.
2007-10-19 Werner Koch <>
* i18n.c (i18n_switchto_utf8, i18n_switchback): New.
2007-10-01 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.h (FD2INT, INT2FD): New.
2007-09-21 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (default_homedir): Make registry work. Reported by
Marc Mutz.
2007-08-29 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c (gnupg_wait_process): Add arg EXITCODE. Changed all
(gnupg_create_inbound_pipe): New.
* homedir.c (gnupg_module_name): Add them
2007-08-28 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (check_isotime, add_isotime): New. Originally written
for DirMngr by me.
(add_days_to_isotime): New.
(date2jd, jd2date, days_per_month, days_per_year): New. Taken from
my ancient (1988) code used in Wedit (time2.c).
2007-08-27 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (gnupg_module_name): Add it.
* exechelp.c (w32_fd_or_null) [W32]: New.
(gnupg_spawn_process_fd): New.
(gnupg_wait_process) [W32]: Close the handle after if the process has
2007-08-22 Werner Koch <>
Updated estream from libestream.
* estream.c (mem_malloc, mem_realloc, mem_free): New. Use them
instead of the ES_MEM_foo.
* estream.c (estream_cookie_mem): Remove members DONT_FREE,
FLAGS struct.
(es_func_mem_create): Remove APPEND_ZERO, DONT_FREE, PTR and
(es_func_mem_write, es_func_mem_seek, es_func_mem_destroy): Revamp.
(es_open_memstream): Change API to just take a memory limit and a
mode argument. Rename to ..
(es_fopenmem): .. this.
(HAVE_W32_SYSTEM) [_WIN32]: Define if not defined.
(tmpfd) [W32]: Implement directly using the W32 API.
(es_fgets): Rewrite without using doreadline.
2007-08-21 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (gnupg_tmpfile): New.
* t-sysutils.c: New.
* (module_tests): Add t-sysutils.
2007-08-20 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c [W32]: Redefine X_OK to F_OK.
2007-08-16 Werner Koch <>
* (t_convert_DEPENDENCIES): Remove
($(PROGRAMS)): Remove.
(t_common_ldadd): Use libcommon.a and not the macro.
2007-08-14 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (dirmngr_socket_name): New.
2007-08-07 Werner Koch <>
* tlv.c, tlv.h: Move from ../scd/.
* tlv.c (parse_sexp, parse_ber_header): Add ERRSOURCE arg and prefix
name with a _.
* tlv.h: Use macro to convey ERRSOURCE.
2007-08-02 Werner Koch <>
* gc-opt-flags.h: New.
2007-08-01 Werner Koch <>
* estream-printf.c (read_dummy_value): Removed as it is useless now.
(read_values): Remove check on !vaargs which is not anymore needed
and anyway not portable. Reported by Peter O'Gorman.
2007-07-16 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_func_file_create): Clear NO_CLOSE flag.
2007-07-12 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.h (gnupg_fd_t): New.
* sysutils.c (translate_sys2libc_fd): Use that type instead of int.
(translate_sys2libc_fd_int): New.
2007-07-09 Werner Koch <>
* t-gettime.c (test_isotime2epoch): Use time_t and not u32.
2007-07-05 Werner Koch <>
* t-gettime.c: New.
* gettime.c (isotime2epoch, epoch2isotime): New.
2007-07-04 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_init_do): Do not throw an error if pth has already
been initialized.
2007-06-26 Werner Koch <>
* ($(PROGRAMS)): New.
* util.h (init_common_subsystems): Moved to ..
* init.h: .. New.
* util.h: Include init.h.
* homedir.c (standard_homedir): New.
(default_homedir) [W32]: Reimplemented in terms of
standard_homedir. Fixed memory leak.
2007-06-25 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c: Add more documentation and slighly restructured macro
defintion for better readability.
(FILEP_OR_FD): Rename to fp_or_fd_t.
(CLOSE_CACHE): Rename to close_cache_t.
* sysutils.c (translate_sys2libc_fd): New using the code from iobuf.c.
* iobuf.c: Include sysutils.h.
(iobuf_translate_file_handle): Remove.
(translate_file_handle): Use new function.
* estream-printf.c [TEST]: Header including fixes.
(do_format): Do not append a trailing Nul. This avoids spurious
Nuls in the es_printf output.
(estream_vsnprintf, estream_vasprintf): Take this in account.
* estream.h (struct es__stream): Change FLAGS to a bit structure.
(ES__FLAG_WRITING): Replace by a bit from FLAGS. * estream.c
(struct estream_internal): Rename FLAGS to MODEFLAGS so that they
are not confused with the estream flags.
(es_initialize, es_create): Add arg MODEFLAGS so that we can setup
the intial writemode. Changed all callers to pass them.
(es_convert_mode): Set O_BINARY.
(es_func_fd_create, es_func_fp_create, es_func_file_create) [W32]:
Call setmode if requested.
2007-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (do_fpopen, es_fpopen, es_fpopen_nc): New.
(es_func_fp_create, es_func_fp_read, es_func_fp_write)
(es_func_fp_seek, es_func_fp_destroy): New.
2007-06-22 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (es_fdopen): Factored code out to..
(do_fdopen): .. new.
(es_fdopen_nc): New.
(estream_cookie_fd): Add field NO_CLOSE.
(es_func_fd_create): Add arg NO_CLOSE and changed all callers.
(es_func_fd_destroy): Handle the new flag.
* homedir.c (gnupg_libexecdir) [W32]: Factor code out to ..
(w32_rootdir): .. new.
(gnupg_sysconfdir, gnupg_libdir, gnupg_datadir) [W32]: Return
name based on w32_rootdir().
2007-06-21 Werner Koch <>
* membuf.h (get_membuf_len): New.
* membuf.c (init_membuf_secure): Really allocate in secure memory.
(put_membuf_str): New.
* ttyio.c (tty_getf): New.
* util.h (ctrl_t): Declare it here.
* asshelp.c (start_new_gpg_agent): New. Based on code from
2007-06-20 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (gnupg_sleep): New.
* sysutils.h [W32]: Remove _sleep wrapper. Changed all callers to
use gnupg_sleep.
* exechelp.c (build_w32_commandline_copy): New.
(build_w32_commandline): Factored some code out to new function
and correctly process a PGMNAME with spaces.
(gnupg_spawn_process_detached) [W32]: Implement.
2007-06-14 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.h (MAP_SPWQ_ERROR_IMPL): New.
* simple-pwquery.c (simple_pw_set_socket): New.
(agent_open): Use it if GPG_AGENT_INFO is not set.
(simple_pwquery): Extended to allow returning of otehyr error codes.
* homedir.c (gnupg_module_name): New.
(gnupg_bindir): New.
2007-06-12 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (gnupg_sysconfdir): New.
(gnupg_libexecdir): New. Taken from g10/misc.c:get_libexecdir.
(gnupg_datadir): New.
(gnupg_libdir): New.
* http.c (connect_server) [W32]: Do not call init_sockets if
* init.c: New.
* estream.c (es_init_do): Init stream lock here because we can't
use a static initialization with W32pth.
2007-06-11 Werner Koch <>
* (t_common_ldadd): Use libcommonstd macro.
2007-06-06 Werner Koch <>
* Include am/
* sysutils.h [W32]: Remove prototypes for the registry access.
* w32reg.c: Move to ../jnlib/w32-reg.c.
* i18n.c (i18n_init): New.
* simple-gettext.c: Remove.
* iobuf.c (iobuf_get_filelength): Rename SIZE to EXSIZE to silent
shadowing warning.
2007-06-04 Werner Koch <>
* http.c [W32]: Include unistd.h also in this case.
(write_server) [W32]: Fixed error code.
(init_sockets): Fixed syntax error.
(cookie_close): Replace close by sock_close macro.
* estream.c [w32]: Do not init Mutex.
* (common_sources) [USE_SNS_SRV]: Build srv.c only
when needed.
* ttyio.c (init_ttyfp) [W32]: Do not use TTYFP.
* util.h: Include ../jnlib/dynload.h.
* dynload.h: Move to ../jnlib.
2007-05-30 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (MEM_FREE, MEM_ALLOC, MEM_REALLOC): Prefix with ES_ as
windows.h also has such definitions,
2007-05-15 Werner Koch <>
* util.h: Do not include gnulib's vasprintf. Redefine asprintf
and vasprintf.
* xasprintf.c (xasprintf, xtryasprintf): Use estream_vasprintf.
* estream-printf.h, estream-printf.c: New. Taken from current
libestream SVN.
* (common_sources): Add them.
2007-05-14 Werner Koch <>
* sexp-parse.h (smklen): New.
* sexputil.c: Include sexp-parse.h.
(make_simple_sexp_from_hexstr): Replace sprintf by smklen.
2007-05-07 Werner Koch <>
* signal.c (got_fatal_signal): Protect SIG from being clobbered by
a faulty signal implementaion. Suggested by James Juran.
2007-04-25 Werner Koch <>
* i18n.h (ngettext): New.
* simple-gettext.c (ngettext): New.
2007-04-20 Werner Koch <>
* miscellaneous.c (my_gcry_logger, my_gcry_outofcore_handler):
Moved from gpg-agent to here.
(my_gcry_fatalerror_handler): new.
(setup_libgcrypt_logging): New.
2007-03-19 Werner Koch <>
* miscellaneous.c (print_hexstring): New.
* estream.c (es_fprintf_unlocked): New.
(es_write_sanitized): New.
(es_write_hexstring): New.
(es_write_sanitized_utf8_buffer) [GNUPG_MAJOR_VERSION]: New.
2007-03-09 David Shaw <>
* http.c (do_parse_uri): Remove the hkp port 11371 detection. We
implement hkp in the keyserver handler, and the support here makes
it appear like a bad hkp request actually succeeded.
2007-01-31 Werner Koch <>
* (t_common_ldadd): Add LIBINCONV and LIBINTL.
2007-01-25 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (simple_pwquery): New arg OPT_CHECK.
2006-12-13 David Shaw <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Include intl/ so we can reference the
built-in headers.
2006-11-23 Werner Koch <>
* http.c: Include i18n.h
2006-11-21 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c: Remove explicit Pth soft mapping diabling becuase it
is now done in config.h.
2006-11-15 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c: Disabled Pth soft mapping.
(my_funopen_hook_ret_t): New.
(print_fun_writer): Use it here.
* iobuf.c (fd_cache_close): Use %d instead of %p for debug output.
2006-11-03 Werner Koch <>
* (t_convert_DEPENDENCIES): Add libcommon. From
2006-10-24 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* (libcommon_a_CFLAGS): Add $(LIBASSUAN_CFLAGS).
(libsimple_pwquery_a_CFLAGS): New variable.
2006-10-20 Werner Koch <>
* convert.c (hex2bin): New.
2006-10-17 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c (struct estream_internal, es_initialize)
(es_deinitialize, print_fun_writer, es_print): New and modified
functions to avoid tempfiles for printf style printing.
* (libcommonpth_a_SOURCES): New. We now build a secon
version of the library with explicit Pth support.
* exechelp.c, estream.c: Make use of WITHOUT_GNU_PTH.
2006-10-08 Werner Koch <>
* gpgrlhelp.c: Trun all functions into dummies if readline is not
2006-10-06 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CFLAGS): Use PTH version of libassuan.
* util.h (GNUPG_GCC_A_SENTINEL): Defined for gcc >= 4.
2006-10-04 David Shaw <>
* gpgrlhelp.c: readline requires stdio.h.
2006-10-04 Werner Koch <>
* membuf.c (init_membuf_secure): New.
(put_membuf): Make sure that ERRNO is set even if the underlying
malloc code does not work properly.
(get_membuf): Set ERRNO on error.
(get_membuf): Allow to pass LEN as NULL.
2006-10-02 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (iobuf_unread): Removed. This code is not required.
Also removed the entire unget buffer stuff.
2006-09-27 Werner Koch <>
* util.h: Do not include strsep.h and strpbrk.h.
(isascii): Removed as it is now in jnlib.
* iobuf.c (pop_filter, underflow, iobuf_close): Free the unget
2006-09-27 Florian Weimer <> (wk)
* iobuf.c (iobuf_unread): New.
2006-09-22 Werner Koch <>
* i18n.h: Changed license to an all permissive one.
* ttyio.c (tty_get): We need to use readline too. Added two more
2006-09-21 Werner Koch <>
* ttyio.c (tty_private_set_rl_hooks): New.
(tty_enable_completion, tty_disable_completion): Use a hook to
enable readline support. Now always available.
(tty_cleanup_rl_after_signal): New.
* ttyio.h: Removed readline specific stuff. Included util.h.
* common-defs.h: New.
2006-09-15 Werner Koch <>
* convert.c: New.
(hexcolon2bin): New.
(bin2hex, bin2hexcolon, do_binhex): New.
* t-convert.c: New
2006-09-14 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (out_of_core): Use new gpg_error_from_syserror function.
* http.c (init_sockets): Changed it to require 2.2 unless it is
build within gnupg 1 where we require 1.1 (and not anymore allow
for 1.0).
2006-09-07 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.c (gnupg_spawn_process): Factor out post fork code to ..
(do_exec): .. new function. Allow passing of -1 for the fds.
(gnupg_spawn_process): Terminate gcrypt's secure memory in the child.
(gnupg_spawn_process_detached): New.
2006-09-06 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c: Removed.
* util.h (out_of_core): New.
2006-09-04 Werner Koch <>
* http.c (http_get_header): New.
(capitalize_header_name, store_header): New.
(parse_response): Store headers away.
(send_request): Return GPG_ERR_NOT_FOUND if connect_server failed.
* http.h: New flag HTTP_FLAG_NEED_HEADER.
2006-08-21 Werner Koch <>
* (libcommon_a_SOURCES): Added keyserver.h
* openpgpdefs.h: New. Stripped from ..g10/packet.h.
2006-08-16 Werner Koch <>
* keyserver.h: Moved from ../include to here.
* http.c: Include srv.h.
* srv.c, srv.h: New. Taken from GnuPG 1.4
2006-08-14 Werner Koch <>
* http.h (struct http_context_s): Moved to implementation.
* http.c (http_open): Changed call to return a context.
(http_open_document): Ditto.
(http_get_read_ptr, http_get_read_ptr, http_get_status_code): New.
(do_parse_uri): Replaced strlwr by straight code to ease
standalone use of this file.
(http_wait_response): Removed arg STATUS_CODE as it is available
through an accessor function. Adjusted caller.
(http_escape_string): New.
* estream.c (es_read_line): Renamed to ..
(doreadline): .. this. Changed all callers.
(es_read_line): New. This is theusual limited getline variabnt as
used at several places. Here taken and adjusted from xreadline.c
(es_free): New.
2006-08-11 Werner Koch <>
* http.c: Major internal changes to optionallly support GNUTLS and
(http_open): Move initialization of the stream ...
(send_request): .. here.
(http_register_tls_callback): New.
* estream.c (es_writen): Try to seek only is a seek function has
been registered.
2006-08-09 Werner Koch <>
* http.c, http.h: New. Taken from gnupg 1.4.5, merged with
changes done for the Dirmngr project (by g10 Code) and cleaned up
some stuff.
(make_header_line): New. Change all caller to make user of the new
* (libcommon_a_SOURCES): Added http.c and http.h.
2006-05-23 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (isotimestamp): New.
* ttyio.c (tty_get_ttyname): Posixly correct usage of ctermid.
* dns-cert.c: New. Taken from 1.4.3's util/cert.c.
* dns-cert.h: New.
2006-05-22 Werner Koch <>
* pka.c: New. Taked from 1.4.3.
* pka.h: New.
* Added pka.
2006-05-19 Werner Koch <>
* yesno.c (answer_is_yes_no_default, answer_is_yes_no_quit):
Updated from 1.4.3.
(answer_is_okay_cancel): new. From 1.4.3.
* miscellaneous.c (match_multistr): New. Taken from 1.4.3.
* ttyio.c (tty_enable_completion, tty_disable_completion): New
dummy functions.
* ttyio.h: Add prototypes and stubs.
2006-04-19 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (iobuf_get_fd): New. Taken from 1.4.3.
(iobuf_is_pipe_filename): New.
(pop_filter): Made static.
(iobuf_skip_rest): New. Orginal patch by Florian
Weimer. Added new argument PARTIAL.
(block_filter): Remove the old gpg indeterminate length mode.
(block_filter): Properly handle a partial body stream
that ends with a 5-byte length that happens to be zero.
(iobuf_set_block_mode, iobuf_in_block_mode): Removed as
(iobuf_get_filelength): New arg OVERFLOW.
(iobuf_get_filelength) [W32]: Use GetFileSizeEx if available
* miscellaneous.c (is_file_compressed): Take care of OVERFLOW.
2006-04-18 Werner Koch <>
* homedir.c (w32_shgetfolderpath): New. Taken from gpg 1.4.3.
(default_homedir): Use it.
2005-10-08 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* signal.c (get_signal_name): Check value of HAVE_DECL_SYS_SIGLIST
instead of just if it is defined.
2005-09-28 Marcus Brinkmann <>
2005-07-04 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* simple-pwquery.h (simple_pwclear): New prototype.
* simple-pwquery.c (simple_pwclear): New function.
2005-06-15 Werner Koch <>
* miscellaneous.c (make_printable_string): Made P a void*.
* sexputil.c (keygrip_from_canon_sexp, cmp_simple_canon_sexp):
Fixed signed/unsigned pointer mismatch.
(make_simple_sexp_from_hexstr): Ditto. This is all too ugly; I
wonder why gcc-4's default is to warn about them and forcing us to
use cast the warning away.
* iobuf.c (block_filter): Ditto.
(iobuf_flush): Ditto.
(iobuf_read_line): Ditto.
(iobuf_read): Make BUFFER a void *.
(iobuf_write): Make BUFFER a const void *.
* ttyio.c (tty_print_utf8_string2): Ditto.
* estream.c (estream_cookie_mem): Make MEMORY unsigned char*.
(es_write): Make BUFFER a void *.
(es_writen): Ditto.
(es_func_fd_read, es_func_fd_write, es_func_mem_read)
(es_func_mem_write): Ditto.
(es_read, es_readn): Ditto.
(es_func_mem_write): Made MEMORY_NEW an unsigned char *.
* estream.h (es_cookie_read_function_t)
(es_cookie_write_function_t): Changed buffer arg to void*.
2005-06-03 Werner Koch <>
* estream.c: Use HAVE_CONFIG_H and not USE_CONFIG_H!
(es_func_fd_read, es_func_fd_write): Protect against EINTR.
2005-06-01 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Added.
* util.h: Add some includes for gnulib.
(ttyname, isascii): Define them inline.
* fseeko.c, ftello.c: Removed.
* strsep.c, mkdtemp.c: Removed.
* ttyname.c, isascii.c: Removed.
2005-05-31 Werner Koch <>
* dynload.h: s/__inline__/inline/.
2005-05-13 Werner Koch <>
* signal.c (got_fatal_signal): Print the signal number if we can't
get a name for it.
(get_signal_name): Return NULL if no name is available. Fixed
conditional for sys_siglist to the correct one.
2005-04-17 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c (cmp_simple_canon_sexp): New.
(make_simple_sexp_from_hexstr): New.
2005-04-07 Werner Koch <>
* sexputil.c: New.
2005-04-11 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* simple-pwquery.c (simple_pwquery): Use spwq_secure_free.
2005-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CFLAGS): Added PTH_CFLAGS. Noted by Kazu Yamamoto.
2005-02-25 Werner Koch <>
* xasprintf.c (xtryasprintf): New.
2005-01-26 Moritz Schulte <>
* (libcommon_a_SOURCES): New source files: estream.c,
* estream.c, estream.h: New files.
2005-01-03 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment): Fixed changed from
2004-12-18; cut+paste error for lc-messages.
2004-12-21 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (agent_open) [W32]: Implement for W32.
(readline) [W32]: Use recv instead of read.
(writen) [W32]: Use send instead of write.
(my_stpcpy): Define a stpcpy replacement so that this file
continues to be self-contained.
(agent_send_all_options) [W32]: Don't call ttyname.
2004-12-21 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* simple-pwquery.h (simple_query): Add prototype.
* simple-pwquery.c (simple_query): New function.
2004-12-21 Werner Koch <>
* signal.c (got_fatal_signal, got_usr_signal)
(got_fatal_signal) [DOSISH]: Don't build.
* simple-gettext.c: Include sysutils.h
* homedir.c: New. Use CSIDL_APPDATA for W32 as the default home
* (libcommon_a_SOURCES): Add it.
(EXTRA_DIST): Removed mkerror and mkerrtok.
2004-12-20 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.h [W32]: Define sleep.
* util.h: Add prototype for mkdtemp.
* membuf.c (put_membuf): Wipe out buffer after a failed realloc.
2004-12-19 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_assuan_err_with_source): Oops, args were swapped.
2004-12-18 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_assuan_err): Renamed to ..
(map_assuan_err_with_source): .. this and add arg SOURCE.c
* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment, send_one_option): Add arg
2004-12-15 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.h [W32]: Prototypes for registry functions.
* w32reg.c: Include sysutils.h
* simple-pwquery.c [W32]: Dummy code to allow a build.
* exechelp.c [W32]: Implemented for W32 .
* ttyname.c: New.
* asshelp.c (send_one_option): New.
(send_pinentry_environment): Cleaned up and made sure that empty
values are not send.
2004-12-07 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c (send_pinentry_environment) [W32]: Do not use ttyname.
2004-12-06 Werner Koch <>
* exechelp.h, exechelp.c: New. Based on code from ../sm/import.c.
2004-12-03 Werner Koch <>
* strsep.c: Fixed copyright comments.
2004-11-26 Werner Koch <>
* simple-gettext.c: New taken from gnupg 1.3.x
* simple-pwquery.c [_WIN32]: Include winsock2.h.
(agent_open): Disable it until we have our AF_UNIX implementation
* fseeko.c, ftello.c: Include sys/types for the sake of W32.
2004-11-23 Werner Koch <>
* b64enc.c: Include stdio.h and string.h
2004-08-18 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (simple_pwquery): Handle gpg-error style return
code for canceled.
2004-07-20 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c: Removed header ksba.h. Not required anymore.
2004-06-14 Werner Koch <>
* xreadline.c: New. Based on the iobuf_read_line function.
2004-05-12 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (xtrycalloc_secure,xtrymalloc_secure): New.
2004-05-11 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c (disable_core_dumps): Only set the current limit.
(enable_core_dumps): New.
2004-04-13 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (copy_and_escape): Relaxed quoting.
2004-04-05 Werner Koch <>
* errors.h (STATUS_NEWSIG): New.
2004-03-11 Werner Koch <>
* dynload.h [__MINGW32__]: Define RTLD_LAZY.
2004-03-09 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_assuan_err): Map the Locale_Problem item.
2004-03-03 Werner Koch <>
* asshelp.c, asshelp.h: New.
(send_pinentry_environment): New. Code taken from ../sm/call-agent.c.
2004-02-19 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (agent_open): Don't mangle INFOSTR.
2004-02-17 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c (agent_open): Ignore an empty GPG_AGENT_INFO.
* errors.h: Added STATUS_IMPORT_OK.
2004-02-10 Werner Koch <>
* b64enc.c: New. Based on code from ../sm/base64.c.
2004-01-30 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* (libcommon_a_SOURCES): Add xasprintf.c.
* miscellaneous.c (xasprintf): Moved to ...
* xasprintf (xasprintf): ... here. New file.
This allows to use xasprintf without sucking in gpg-error.
2004-01-27 Werner Koch <>
* sexp-parse.h: New; moved from../agent.
* util.h (xtoi_4): New.
2003-12-23 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_assuan_err): Prepared for a new error code.
2003-12-17 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (asctimestamp): Add a note on a non-avoidable gcc warning.
* util.h [!HAVE_VASPRINTF]: Add printf format attribute to the
replacement function.
* miscellaneous.c (xasprintf): New.
2003-11-14 Werner Koch <>
* mkdtemp.c (mkdtemp): Use gcry_create_nonce.
* cryptmiss.c: Removed.
2003-11-13 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (vasprintf): Also fixed the prototype.
* vasprintf.c (vasprintf): ARGS should not be a pointer. Fixed
segv on Solaris. Reported by Andrew J. Schorr.
2003-11-12 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_ksba_err, map_gcry_err, map_kbx_err): Removed.
2003-10-31 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (gnupg_isotime_t): New.
(gnupg_copy_time): New.
* gettime.c (gnupg_get_isotime): New.
2003-09-23 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (check_special_filename): Replaced is isdigit by digitp
to avoid passing negative values and potential locale problems.
Problem noted by Christian Biere.
* util.h (ascii_isspace): New.
2003-09-18 Werner Koch <>
* ttyio.c (tty_fprintf): New.
(tty_print_string, tty_print_utf8_string2)
(tty_print_utf8_string): Made P argument const byte*.
2003-08-20 Marcus Brinkmann <>
* maperror.c (map_ksba_err): Map -1. Use gpg_err_make to set
the error source.
2003-08-14 Timo Schulz <>
* dynload.h. New. W32 wrapper around the dynload mechanism.
2003-07-15 Werner Koch <>
* simple-pwquery.c, simple-pwquery.h: New; moved from ../agent.
* (libsimple_pwquery_a_LIBADD): New.
2003-06-25 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_to_assuan_status): Directly map 0 to 0.
2003-06-17 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (scan_isodatestr,add_days_to_timestamp,strtimevalue)
(strtimestamp,asctimestamp): New. Code taken from gnupg 1.3.2
* yesno.c: New. Code taken from gnupg 1.3.2 mischelp.c
* miscellaneous.c: New.
* util.h: Include utf8conf.h
2003-06-16 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c (make_timestamp): New.
* ttyio.c: New. Taken from gnupg 1.2.
* ttyio.h: Move from ../include.
2003-06-13 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (seterr): Removed macro.
(xmalloc_secure,xcalloc_secure): New.
2003-06-11 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c (iobuf_writebyte,iobuf_write): Return error code from
(iobuf_writestr): Ditto.
2003-06-10 Werner Koch <>
* iobuf.c, iobuf.h: New. Taken from current gnupg 1.3 CVS. Run
indent on it and adjusted error handling to libgpg-error style.
Replaced IOBUF by iobuf_t. Renamed malloc functions.
2003-06-04 Werner Koch <>
* errors.h: Removed all error codes. We keep the status codes for
* Do not create errors.c anymore; remove it from the
* maperror.c: Don't include error.h. Change all error codes to
libgpg-error style.
(map_assuan_err): Changed to new Assuan error code convention.
(map_to_assuan_status): Likewise.
(map_gcry_err,map_kbx_err): Not needed. For now dummy functions.
* membuf.c, membuf.h: New. Code taken from ../sm/call-agent.h.
* Added above.
2003-04-29 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (fopencokokie): Removed prototype and struct.
* fopencookie.c: Removed.
* maperror.c: Use system assuan.h
2002-10-31 Neal H. Walfield <>
* isascii.c: New file.
* putc_unlocked.c: Likewise.
2002-10-28 Neal H. Walfield <>
* signal.c (caught_fatal_sig): Remove superfluous zero
(caught_sigusr1): Likewise.
2002-09-04 Neal H. Walfield <>
* vasprintf.c (vasprintf) [va_copy]: Use va_copy.
[!va_copy && __va_copy]: Use __va_copy.
[!va_copy && !__va_copy]: Only now fall back to using memcpy.
2002-08-21 Werner Koch <>
* errors.h: Added STATUS_IMPORT_PROBLEM.
2002-08-20 Werner Koch <>
* vasprintf.c: Hack to handle NULL for %s.
2002-08-09 Werner Koch <>
* signal.c: New. Taken from GnuPG 1.1.91.
2002-07-23 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (_IO_cookie_io_functions_t): Fixed typo. Noted by
Richard Lefebvre.
2002-07-22 Werner Koch <>
* fseeko.c, ftello.c: New.
2002-06-28 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_to_assuan_status): Map more errorcodes to Bad
2002-06-26 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_to_assuan_status): Map EOF to No_Data_Available.
2002-06-10 Werner Koch <>
* errors.h (gnupg_error_token): Add new prototype.
* mkerrtok: New.
* Use it to create the new error token function.
2002-06-04 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_to_assuan_status): Map Bad_CA_Certificate.
2002-05-23 Werner Koch <>
* no-pth.c, Removed.
2002-05-22 Werner Koch <>
* mkdtemp.c: Replaced byte by unsigned char because it is no longer
defined in gcrypt.h.
2002-05-21 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_gcry_err): Add libgcrypt's new S-expression errors.
(map_ksba_err): Add a few mappings.
2002-05-14 Werner Koch <>
* gettime.c: New.
2002-05-03 Werner Koch <>
2002-04-15 Werner Koch <>
* cryptmiss.c: New.
2002-02-14 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c: Add more assuan<->gnupg mappings.
2002-02-12 Werner Koch <>
* fopencookie.c: Dummy function.
* vasprintf.c: New. Taken from binutils-2.9.1 and dropped all non
ANSI-C stuff. Merged with asprintf version.
* no-pth.c: New.
2002-01-23 Werner Koch <>
* mkdtemp.c: Copied from gnupg-1.0.6c and changed to use libgcrypt.
2002-01-19 Werner Koch <>
* sysutils.c: New. This is the misc.c file from gnupg 1.0.6 with
the OpenPGP stuff removed.
* sysutils.h: New.
2002-01-15 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c: Add mapping for Not_Trusted.
2002-01-11 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_assuan_err): Codes for CRL
2002-01-08 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (spacep): New.
2002-01-02 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_to_assuan_status): New. Merged from ../agent
and ../sm.
2001-12-20 Werner Koch <>
* maperror.c (map_gcry_err): Add some mappings.
2001-12-18 Werner Koch <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Include flags for gcrypt and ksba
2001-12-14 Werner Koch <>
* util.h (digitp, hexdigitp): New ctype like macros.
(atoi_1,atoi_2,atoi_4,xtoi_1,xtoi_2): New.
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