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rpi-pico-candle / Little christmas candle

The rpi-pico-candle project uses a real candle or any similar structured and shaped object and adds some LED to simulate flickering candle light aswell as a PWM-driven piezo for somewhat-nerdy christmas music.

The code is written in python and should run on the micropython port for the rpi pico boards. (Note that circuitpython exists, too, but is not supported by this project.)

To put files on the pico board you can use e.g. the tool adafruit-ampy. The file is executed first.

Music data are stored as JSON files in a custom format which sets the note's name plus the interval, e.g. c4 and _q for a quarter note.

Note that the names use the German naming, which means that b is h and bb is b. Details can be found inside the file

At startup the software plays a version of the German christmas song O Tannenbaum.