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This repository contains a simple bash script to start and stop virtual machines run by QEMU and KVM and to connect to them via SSH or VNC or SPICE.

The newest version can be probably found on

Note: While the author already runs this software in "production" on his private setup he would still conside some parts as beta quality. As usual it's strongly recommended to create backups first and read through the bash script to understand roughly what it does.


Please install the following tools which are used by the script:


./ <name of your virtual machine> start | shutdown | stop | connect | save | restore | pause | resume"

Note that you do not see any 'setup' command there a one-shot boot from ISO is not implemented.


If you have questions, suggestions or want to brag about your other qemu managing tools feel free to write an email or conact me via IRC: mail: IRC: holgersson on and oftc, mostly in Gentoo related channels


The bash script and it's documentation (this README) are licensed as MIT, Copyright 2021 by Nils Freydank.

The used software has each is own license, but is all FLOSS software.