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# Contributing to EMBD
This actually is really simple. A few simple guidelines and we can break for dinner:
* EMBD is designed with a lot of affection, with utmost importance given to the dev experience (read: the API feel and style.) So always think from that angle when creating the pull request
* [Documentation]( helps drive adoption. No exceptions
When it comes to the code:
* Always [gofmt + goimports]( the code. We absolutely adore them. Sublime Text 3 with GoSublime + GoImports is a very potent combination in our opinion
* Often you will hear us mention idiomatic Go ([read]( Writing Go "The Go Way™" helps keep the code readable and understandable by all Gophers.
* No blank lines where they don't belong
'commit'tee called:
* Commit messages should be all lower case, unless when absolutely required (proper nouns, acronyms, etc.)
* When possible, prefix the message with the general area the commit is regarding. Good examples would be ```doc```, ```gpio```, ```bbb```. You get the drift
* If the commit message is long, then follow this convention:
gpio: adding interrupts
this is inspired by Dave Cheney's gpio library and his work on EPOLL
* Individual lines must be wrapped at the 70-char limit. Yeah, old school
* No trailing '.'
* Real tabs for indentation

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* **ServoBlaster** RPi PWM/PCM based PWM controller [Documentation](, [Product Page](
## Contributing
We look forward to your pull requests, but contributions which abide by the [guidelines]( will get a free beer!
File an [issue](, open a [pull request]( We are waiting.
## About
EMBD is affectionately designed/developed by Karan Misra ([kidoman](, Kunal Powar ([kunalpowar]( and [FRIENDS](