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Jason Karns ed7b451e45 added gitignore for Oracle Forms development 9 years ago
Global Merge pull request #183 from x3ro/master 10 years ago
Actionscript.gitignore Update to the Actionscript ignore file to put the .settings reference as a directory 11 years ago
Android.gitignore Updated Generated Files location (*R was kind of dangerous), added 10 years ago
Autotools.gitignore Removed empty line from Autotools.gitignore 11 years ago
C++.gitignore Fixed comments in C++.gitignore 11 years ago
CFWheels.gitignore add cfwheels gitignore 11 years ago
CMake.gitignore Added a .gitignore for files auto-generated by the CMake build-system. 11 years ago
CSharp.gitignore ReSharper is a add-in which works in Visual Studio only. It's already in the VisualStudio gitignore file. 10 years ago
CakePHP.gitignore Don't ignore empty files meant to preserve the file structure of an application within a git repository for later deployment 11 years ago
Clojure.gitignore Add .gitignore for Leiningen projects 10 years ago
CodeIgniter.gitignore Changes to support CodeIgniter (Reactor) 2.0 10 years ago
Compass.gitignore Ignore .sass-cache directory in Compass projects. 10 years ago
Concrete5.gitignore Added Concrete5 CMS .gitignore file 11 years ago
Coq.gitignore add Coq gitignore 11 years ago
Django.gitignore Added .pyc to Django.gitignore 10 years ago
Drupal.gitignore Added more rules to work as non core drupal developer 11 years ago
Erlang.gitignore Added *.plt used by dialyzer 10 years ago
ExpressionEngine.gitignore Added ExpressionEngine gitignore file. 11 years ago
Finale.gitignore Added a gitignore file for the Finale music notation software 10 years ago
ForceDotCom.gitignore Initial commit, gitignore file. 10 years ago
FuelPHP.gitignore FuelPHP gitignore 10 years ago
Go.gitignore Added Go.gitignore 11 years ago
Grails.gitignore Added common .gitignore for the Grails framework 11 years ago
Haskell.gitignore Added cabal-dev dir. 10 years ago
Java.gitignore Added Java package files (JAR, WAR, EAR) 10 years ago
Jboss.gitignore Jboss gitignore file 11 years ago
Jekyll.gitignore Add Jekyll.gitignore 10 years ago
Joomla.gitignore Added Joomla 1.6 10 years ago
Jython.gitignore Jython ignores 11 years ago
Kohana.gitignore Kohana-PHP gitignore 11 years ago
LaTeX.gitignore Merge pull request #180 from DigitalGuru/master 10 years ago
Leiningen.gitignore Add .gitignore for Leiningen projects 10 years ago
LemonStand.gitignore Add LemonStand gitignore. 11 years ago
Lilypond.gitignore Add ignore file for lilypond. 11 years ago
Lithium.gitignore Adding Lithium ignores. 11 years ago
Magento.gitignore update Magento.gitignore to work with Magento 1.6 10 years ago
Maven.gitignore Added Maven gitignore 11 years ago
Node.gitignore [minor] Update Node.gitignore for npm 1.0 10 years ago
OCaml.gitignore Add OCaml gitignore 11 years ago
Objective-C.gitignore Fixed comment in Objective-C.gitignore 11 years ago
OracleForms.gitignore added gitignore for Oracle Forms development 9 years ago
Perl.gitignore added .build - used by Dist::Zilla 11 years ago
PlayFramework.gitignore Ignoring precompiled directory 10 years ago
Python.gitignore Update Python.gitignore with some commonly used patterns for buildout-based projects 10 years ago
Qooxdoo.gitignore Add gitignore for qooxdoo apps 11 years ago Fix readme about config setting 11 years ago
Rails.gitignore config/*.yml should not be ignored in Rails 10 years ago
RhodesRhomobile.gitignore Add Rhodes mobile application framework gitignore 11 years ago
Ruby.gitignore Keep entries sorted to make it easier to lookup for a specific item or spot duplicates. 10 years ago
Scala.gitignore Add ".scala_dependencies" file generated by Scala-IDE 10 years ago
SeamGen.gitignore Added ignore patterns for projects generated using seam-gen 11 years ago
SugarCRM.gitignore Sometime the emails folder starts with an uppercase letter. 10 years ago
Symfony.gitignore Added plugin-generated model paths to symfony-1 ignore file. 10 years ago
Symfony2.gitignore Updated through 10 years ago
SymphonyCMS.gitignore Adding Symphony CMS gitignore 10 years ago
Tasm.gitignore Add Tasm.gitignore 11 years ago
TurboGears2.gitignore Add for TurboGears2 (based off of Python template) 11 years ago
VB.Net.gitignore Added a VB.Net gitignore 11 years ago
Waf.gitignore added Waf.gitignore 11 years ago
Wordpress.gitignore Merge pull request #179 from willmot/master 10 years ago
Yii.gitignore Adding Yii ignores 11 years ago
ZendFramework.gitignore Added ZendFramework.gitignore. 11 years ago
gcov.gitignore .gitignore for gcov files 11 years ago
nanoc.gitignore Add gitignore for nanoc 10 years ago
opencart.gitignore Opencart gitignore file 10 years ago

A Collection of Useful .gitignore Templates

That's what we're trying to build. Please contribute by forking and sending a pull request.

Also please only modify one file per commit. This'll make merging easier for everyone.

Global gitignores (OS-specific, editor-specific) should go into the Global/ directory.

For more information on gitignore: gitignore(5)

Global Ignores

git has a global configuration that applies rules to all of your projects. For example:

git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.global_ignore

... will apply the rules in ~/.global_ignore for all of your repos.

This is useful if you use an editor (like Emacs) that drops backup files, or if you work in an environment that generates binary or intermediate files that are always ignored.