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This repository contains a dockerfile to create a most trustworthy base image for further containers. The distribution Alpine Linux is used inside.

Note that alpine linux uses the musl libc, which is faster and far smaller than the typically used glibc, but also far less supported by vendors shipping closed source programms as pre compiled binaries.


To build this container as a base for other images get sure wget, gnupg and podman/libpod are installed and set up. Then run the setup script


which will generate a container named alpine-${ARCH}:${VERSION}, e.g. alpine-x86_64 (with default parameters). Note that you can overwrite the params directly when calling the script, e.g. as

ARCH="x86" prepare-and-build.sh

for a 32bit installation.

Author and Copying

This repository is authored by Nils Freydank. You can use, modify and share this code under the terms of the MIT license (see the file COPYING-MIT for details).