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Development on documentation


You will need to use following npm scripts before creating a pull request!

  1. npm install
  2. npm test


  • Linting of markdown documents
  • Spell checking
  • Link checking


This repository checks against following specification:


Supported languages are:


To run all the linters please install for your OS:


For linting and all the checks you need several npm packages. The following command installs all necessary npm dependencies:

npm install

This installs all dependencies into a local node_modules folder.


To enforce good spelling and specification conformity there are several checks defined as npm run-script targets. To run all checks please execute:

npm test

Individual checks

If you want to run individual checks see the targets and the description below. Every individual check can be run like so:

npm runscript my-individual-check

See the package.json file for help.

Markdown linter

Markdown linting. See the rules here.

npm run-script markdownlint
Markdown linter overrides

Sometimes it is not possible to be commonmark conform. In this rare cases an inline tag to skip linting is possible.

Candidates are tables.

<!-- markdownlint-disable-->
| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |
<!-- markdownlint-enable-->

Additionally HTML image tags can be allowed globally. This is useful if you need to resize images, since commonmark has no annotation for this.

This is done with a .markdownlint.json override file which would look something like this:

    "no-inline-html": {
        "allowed_elements": [

For more information how to tweak overrides consult the markdown linter documentation mentioned above.

Spell checker


Spell checking in American English (en_US).

npm run-script spellcheck

Not implemented yet.

Spell checker overrides

Add any additional words to the .spelling file and use the target to sort and clean them before adding these to master.

npm run-script format-spelling

Please note sometimes overriding is not the way to go. Our terminology should be applied consistently.

All cross references and external URLs are resolved.

npm run-script checklinks

Inconsiderate language scanner

This checks against profanity and inconsiderate language. This is help full for non-natives to detect words that could be inconsiderate. This utilizes alex

npm run-script detect-inconsiderate-language