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LaTeX templates

This directory contains some LaTeX files to be used as general document preambles -- or as templates for pandoc.


Preambles can be found in the preambles directory. Their respective contents should be somewhat self-explanatory, at least due to the comments.

intended structure

The author of this documents organizes his files most time in the following ways:

├── cachedir
│   ├── ...
│   ├── document.pdf
├── content
│   ├── one.tex
│   ├── titlepage.tex
│   └── two.tex
├── document.tex -> static-tex/document.tex
├── latexmkrc
├── static-tex
│   ├── abbrev-German.tex
│   ├── document.tex
│   ├── heading-and-footer.tex
│   └── preamble.tex
└── var-tex
    └── metadata.tex

pandoc templates

The pandoc templates reside in the pandoc directory. They contain a short description inside. To use, put them into ~/.pandoc/templates or specify the full path when calling pandoc.

  • Author: Nils Freydank
  • Copying: Mostly open source, GPL or Creative Commons (BY-SA) as stated inside the files
  • Contact: By email