A Qt/C++ GUI front end to ecryptfs-simple,cryfs,gocryptfs,securefs and encfs
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  1. Install Qt Creator and Qt Libraries for windows(gcc version)

  2. Get SiriKali sources.

  3. Start Qt Creator and load CMakeLists.txt file from the root folder of SiriKali sources.

  4. Build SiriKali in release mode.

  5. Go to a build folder where Qt Creator build SiriKali and copy "sirikali.exe" executable to a new folder.

  6. Copy all libraries in "libs/lib" subfolders located in SiriKali source folder and put them in the same folder as "sirikali" binary.

  7. Open the terminal and browse to a folder where you have added "sirikali" binary and run the following commands:

8 Copy the contents of a file named "sirikali_windows_installer_commands" found in the build folder and paste them on the terminal. Those commands will copy all necessary libraries to the folder.

  1. Double click "sirikali.exe" file and SiriKali should start.