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/* http.h - HTTP protocol handler
* Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006,
* 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2015 g10 Code GmbH
* This file is part of GnuPG.
* This file is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of either
* - the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
* Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at
* your option) any later version.
* or
* - the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
* Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
* your option) any later version.
* or both in parallel, as here.
* This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, see <>.
#include <gpg-error.h>
#include "../common/fwddecl.h"
struct uri_tuple_s
struct uri_tuple_s *next;
const char *name; /* A pointer into name. */
char *value; /* A pointer to value (a Nul is always appended). */
size_t valuelen; /* The real length of the value; we need it
because the value may contain embedded Nuls. */
int no_value; /* True if no value has been given in the URL. */
typedef struct uri_tuple_s *uri_tuple_t;
struct parsed_uri_s
/* All these pointers point into BUFFER; most stuff is not escaped. */
char *original; /* Unmodified copy of the parsed URI. */
char *scheme; /* Pointer to the scheme string (always lowercase). */
unsigned int is_http:1; /* This is a HTTP style URI. */
unsigned int is_ldap:1; /* This is a LDAP style URI. */
unsigned int use_tls:1; /* Whether TLS should be used. */
unsigned int opaque:1; /* Unknown scheme; PATH has the rest. */
unsigned int v6lit:1; /* Host was given as a literal v6 address. */
unsigned int onion:1; /* .onion address given. */
unsigned int explicit_port :1; /* The port was explicitly specified. */
unsigned int ad_current:1; /* Use Active Directory's current user. */
char *auth; /* username/password for basic auth. */
char *host; /* Host (converted to lowercase). */
unsigned short port; /* Port (always set if the host is set). */
unsigned short off_host; /* Offset to the HOST respective PATH parts */
unsigned short off_path; /* in the original URI buffer. */
char *path; /* Path. */
uri_tuple_t params; /* ";xxxxx" */
uri_tuple_t query; /* "?xxx=yyy" */
char buffer[1]; /* Buffer which holds a (modified) copy of the URI. */
typedef struct parsed_uri_s *parsed_uri_t;
struct uri_tuple_s *uri_query_lookup (parsed_uri_t uri, const char *key);
const char *uri_query_value (parsed_uri_t url, const char *key);
typedef enum
HTTP_REQ_OPAQUE = 4 /* Internal use. */
/* We put the flag values into an enum, so that gdb can display them. */
HTTP_FLAG_TRY_PROXY = 1, /* Try to use a proxy. */
HTTP_FLAG_SHUTDOWN = 2, /* Close sending end after the request. */
HTTP_FLAG_FORCE_TOR = 4, /* Force a TOR connection. */
HTTP_FLAG_LOG_RESP = 8, /* Log the server response. */
HTTP_FLAG_FORCE_TLS = 16, /* Force the use of TLS. */
HTTP_FLAG_IGNORE_CL = 32, /* Ignore content-length. */
HTTP_FLAG_IGNORE_IPv4 = 64, /* Do not use IPv4. */
HTTP_FLAG_IGNORE_IPv6 = 128, /* Do not use IPv6. */
HTTP_FLAG_TRUST_DEF = 256, /* Use the CAs configured for HKP. */
HTTP_FLAG_TRUST_SYS = 512, /* Also use the system defined CAs. */
HTTP_FLAG_TRUST_CFG = 1024, /* Also use configured CAs. */
HTTP_FLAG_NO_CRL = 2048 /* Do not consult CRLs for https. */
struct http_session_s;
typedef struct http_session_s *http_session_t;
struct http_context_s;
typedef struct http_context_s *http_t;
/* An object used to track redirection infos. */
struct http_redir_info_s
unsigned int redirects_left; /* Number of still possible redirects. */
ctrl_t ctrl; /* The usual connection info or NULL. */
const char *orig_url; /* The original requested URL. */
unsigned int orig_onion:1; /* Original request was an onion address. */
unsigned int orig_https:1; /* Original request was a http address. */
unsigned int silent:1; /* No diagnostics. */
unsigned int allow_downgrade:1;/* Allow a downgrade from https to http. */
unsigned int trust_location:1; /* Trust the received Location header. */
typedef struct http_redir_info_s http_redir_info_t;
/* A TLS verify callback function. */
typedef gpg_error_t (*http_verify_cb_t) (void *opaque,
http_t http,
http_session_t session,
unsigned int flags,
void *tls_context);
void http_set_verbose (int verbose, int debug);
void http_register_tls_callback (gpg_error_t (*cb)(http_t,http_session_t,int));
void http_register_tls_ca (const char *fname);
void http_register_cfg_ca (const char *fname);
void http_register_netactivity_cb (void (*cb)(void));
gpg_error_t http_session_new (http_session_t *r_session,
const char *intended_hostname,
unsigned int flags,
http_verify_cb_t cb,
void *cb_value);
http_session_t http_session_ref (http_session_t sess);
void http_session_release (http_session_t sess);
void http_session_set_log_cb (http_session_t sess,
void (*cb)(http_session_t, gpg_error_t,
const char *,
const void **, size_t *));
void http_session_set_timeout (http_session_t sess, unsigned int timeout);
gpg_error_t http_parse_uri (parsed_uri_t *ret_uri, const char *uri,
unsigned int flags);
void http_release_parsed_uri (parsed_uri_t uri);
gpg_error_t http_raw_connect (ctrl_t ctrl, http_t *r_hd,
const char *server, unsigned short port,
unsigned int flags, const char *srvtag,
unsigned int timeout);
gpg_error_t http_open (ctrl_t ctrl, http_t *r_hd, http_req_t reqtype,
const char *url,
const char *httphost,
const char *auth,
unsigned int flags,
const char *proxy,
http_session_t session,
const char *srvtag,
strlist_t headers);
void http_start_data (http_t hd);
gpg_error_t http_wait_response (http_t hd);
void http_close (http_t hd, int keep_read_stream);
gpg_error_t http_open_document (ctrl_t ctrl, http_t *r_hd,
const char *document,
const char *auth,
unsigned int flags,
const char *proxy,
http_session_t session,
const char *srvtag,
strlist_t headers);
estream_t http_get_read_ptr (http_t hd);
estream_t http_get_write_ptr (http_t hd);
unsigned int http_get_status_code (http_t hd);
const char *http_get_tls_info (http_t hd, const char *what);
const char *http_get_header (http_t hd, const char *name);
const char **http_get_header_names (http_t hd);
gpg_error_t http_verify_server_credentials (http_session_t sess);
char *http_escape_string (const char *string, const char *specials);
char *http_escape_data (const void *data, size_t datalen, const char *specials);
gpg_error_t http_prepare_redirect (http_redir_info_t *info,
unsigned int status_code,
const char *location, char **r_url);
const char *http_status2string (unsigned int status);