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/* $Id: cdb.h 106 2003-12-12 17:36:49Z werner $
* public cdb include file
* This file is a part of tinycdb package by Michael Tokarev,
* Public domain.
* Taken from tinycdb-0.73. By Werner Koch <> 2003-12-12.
#define TINYCDB_VERSION 0.73
typedef unsigned int cdbi_t; /*XXX should be at least 32 bits long */
/* common routines */
cdbi_t cdb_hash(const void *buf, cdbi_t len);
cdbi_t cdb_unpack(const unsigned char buf[4]);
void cdb_pack(cdbi_t num, unsigned char buf[4]);
struct cdb {
int cdb_fd; /* file descriptor */
/* private members */
#ifdef HAVE_W32_SYSTEM
void *cdb_mapping; /* Mapping handle. */
cdbi_t cdb_fsize; /* datafile size */
const unsigned char *cdb_mem; /* mmap'ed file memory */
cdbi_t cdb_vpos, cdb_vlen; /* found data */
cdbi_t cdb_kpos, cdb_klen; /* found key (only set if cdb_findinit
was called with KEY set to NULL). */
#define cdb_datapos(c) ((c)->cdb_vpos)
#define cdb_datalen(c) ((c)->cdb_vlen)
#define cdb_keypos(c) ((c)->cdb_kpos)
#define cdb_keylen(c) ((c)->cdb_klen)
#define cdb_fileno(c) ((c)->cdb_fd)
int cdb_init(struct cdb *cdbp, int fd);
void cdb_free(struct cdb *cdbp);
int cdb_read(const struct cdb *cdbp,
void *buf, unsigned len, cdbi_t pos);
int cdb_find(struct cdb *cdbp, const void *key, unsigned klen);
struct cdb_find {
struct cdb *cdb_cdbp;
cdbi_t cdb_hval;
const unsigned char *cdb_htp, *cdb_htab, *cdb_htend;
cdbi_t cdb_httodo;
const void *cdb_key;
cdbi_t cdb_klen;
int cdb_findinit(struct cdb_find *cdbfp, struct cdb *cdbp,
const void *key, cdbi_t klen);
int cdb_findnext(struct cdb_find *cdbfp);
/* old simple interface */
/* open file using standard routine, then: */
int cdb_seek(int fd, const void *key, unsigned klen, cdbi_t *dlenp);
int cdb_bread(int fd, void *buf, int len);
/* cdb_make */
struct cdb_make {
int cdb_fd; /* file descriptor */
/* private */
cdbi_t cdb_dpos; /* data position so far */
cdbi_t cdb_rcnt; /* record count so far */
char cdb_buf[4096]; /* write buffer */
char *cdb_bpos; /* current buf position */
struct cdb_rl *cdb_rec[256]; /* list of arrays of record infos */
int cdb_make_start(struct cdb_make *cdbmp, int fd);
int cdb_make_add(struct cdb_make *cdbmp,
const void *key, cdbi_t klen,
const void *val, cdbi_t vlen);
int cdb_make_exists(struct cdb_make *cdbmp,
const void *key, cdbi_t klen);
int cdb_make_put(struct cdb_make *cdbmp,
const void *key, cdbi_t klen,
const void *val, cdbi_t vlen,
int flag);
#define CDB_PUT_ADD 0 /* add unconditionally, like cdb_make_add() */
#define CDB_PUT_REPLACE 1 /* replace: do not place to index OLD record */
#define CDB_PUT_INSERT 2 /* add only if not already exists */
#define CDB_PUT_WARN 3 /* add unconditionally but ret. 1 if exists */
int cdb_make_finish(struct cdb_make *cdbmp);
#endif /* include guard */