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Notes for the GnuPG maintainer (GIT only)
Here are some notes on how to maintain GnuPG.
Release Planning:
If you are planning a new release and strings have changed you should
send a notification to all translators, so that they have time to
update their translations. scripts/mail-to-translators is useful for
this. It might need some tweaking and it needs to be armored for
actual sending. Running it as is to see what will happen is a good
idea, though.
Release process:
* Make sure that all new PO files are checked in.
* Decide whether you want to update the automake standard files
(Mainly config.guess and config.sub).
* [2.0] Copy needed texinfo files from master:
make -C doc update-source
* Run:
make -C po update-po
* Write NEWS entries and set the release date in NEWS.
* Commit all changes to GIT with a message of "Release n.m.o."
* Create a signed tag with the name "gnupg-x.y.z".
* Run "./ --force"
(--force is required for the git magic in and a good
idea in any case)
* Run "configure --enable-maintainer-mode".
* Run "make distcheck".
* Build and test the new tarball (best on a different machine).
* Build and test the W32 version.
* [2.x only] Using the final test build run a "make -C doc online".
* Sign the tarball
* Get the previous tarball and run "mkdiff gnupg".
You might need to set a different signature key than mine. mkdiff
has an option for this.
* Push the git changes and the tag.
* Copy the files to the FTP server
* Update the webpages - at least the file swdb.mac needs an update.
* Add a new headline to NEWS.
* Bump the version number in up, add an empty NEWS
entry, commit, and push that.
* Write an announcement.
* Update .
- If during "make distcheck" you get an error about a permission
problem moving to foo.po; this is caused by a check
whether the po files can be re-created. Now if the first tarball
has been created in a different top directory and if there exists a
no distributed file with the string "GNU gnupg" (e.g. a log file
from running make) you end up with different comments in the po
files. Check out /usr/lib/gettext/project-id for that silliness.
As a hack we added this string into
Please see or the
corresponding .org file in the gnupg-doc repo.


@ -511,7 +511,7 @@ libdns_init (void)
else if (!strchr (ld.resolv_conf->lookup, 'b'))
/* No DNS resulution type found in the list. This might be
/* No DNS resolution type found in the list. This might be
* due to systemd based systems which allow for custom
* keywords which are not known to us and thus we do not
* know whether DNS is wanted or not. Becuase DNS is