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Werner Koch 4 weeks ago
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.3.2 (unreleased)
Noteworthy changes in version 2.3.2 (2021-08-24)
* gpg: Allow fingerprint based lookup with --locate-external-key.
* gpg: Allow decryption w/o public key but with correct card
inserted. [50293ec2eb]
* gpg: Auto import keys specified with --trusted-keys. [100037ac0f]
* gpg: Do not use import-clean for LDAP keyserver imports. [#5387]
* gpg: Fix mailbox based search via AKL keyserver method. [4fcfac6feb]
* gpg: Fix memory corruption with --clearsign introduced with 2.3.1.
* gpg: Use a more descriptive prompt for symmetric decryption.
* gpg: Improve speed of secret key listing. [40da61b89b]
* gpg: Support keygrip search with traditional keyring. [#5469]
* gpg: Let --fetch-key return an exit code on failure. [#5376]
* gpg: Emit the NO_SECKEY status again for decryption. [#5562]
* gpgsm: Support decryption of password based encryption (pwri).
* gpgsm: Support AES-GCM decryption. [4980fb3c6d]
* gpgsm: Let --dump-cert --show-cert also print an OpenPGP
fingerprint. [52bbdc731f]
* gpgsm: Fix finding of issuer in use-keyboxd mode. [6b76693ff5]
* gpgsm: New option --ldapserver as an alias for --keyserver.
* agent: Use SHA-256 for SSH fingerprint by default. [#5434]
* agent: Fix calling handle_pincache_put. [#5436]
* agent: Fix importing protected secret key. [#5122]
* agent: Fix a regression in agent_get_shadow_info_type. [#5393]
* agent: Add translatable text for Caps Lock hint. [#4950]
* agent: New option --pinentry-formatted-passphrase. [#5517]
* agent: Add checkpin inquiry for pinentry. [#5517,#5532]
* agent: New option --check-sym-passphrase-pattern. [#5517]
* agent: Use the sysconfdir for a pattern file.
* agent: Make QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct work for the pinentry.
* dirmngr: LDAP search by a mailbox now ignores revoked keys.
* dirmngr: For KS_SEARCH return the fingerprint also with LDAP.
* dirmngr: Allow for non-URL specified ldap keyservers. [#5405,#5452]
* dirmngr: New option --ldapserver. [52cf32ce2f]
* dirmngr: Fix regression in KS_GET for mail address pattern.
* card: New option --shadow for the list command. [2fce99d73a]
* tests: Make sure the built keyboxd is used. [#5406]
* scd: Fix computing shared secrets for 512 bit curves.
* scd: Fix unblock PIN by a Reset Code with KDF. [#5413]
* scd: Fix PC/SC removed card problem. [8d81fd7c01]
* scd: Recover the partial match for PORTSTR for PC/SC.
* scd: Make sure to release the PC/SC context. [#5416]
* scd: Fix zero-byte handling in ECC. [#5163]
* scd: Fix serial number detection for Yubikey 5. [#5442]
* scd: Add basic support for AET JCOP cards. [544ec7872a]
* scd: Detect external interference when --pcsc-shared is in use.
* scd: Fix access to the list of cards. [#5524]
* gpgconf: Do not list a disabled tpm2d. [#5408]
* gpgconf: Make runtime changes with different homedir work.
* keyboxd: Fix searching for exact mail adddress. [f79e9540ca]
* keyboxd: Fix searching with multiple patterns. [101ba4f18a]
* gpgtar: Fix file size computation under Windows. [14e36bdbe1]
* tools: Extend gpg-check-pattern. [73c03e0232]
* wkd: Fix client issue with leading or trailing spaces in
user-ids. [b4345f7521]
* Under Windows add a fallback in case the console can't cope with
Unicode. [#5491]
* Under Windows use LOCAL_APPDATA for the socket directory. [#5537]
* Pass XDG_SESSION_TYPE and QT_QPA_PLATFORM envvars to Pinentry.
* Change the default keyserver to This is a
temporary change due to the shutdown of the SKS keyserver pools.
See-also: gnupg-announce/2021q3/000462.html
Noteworthy changes in version 2.3.1 (2021-04-20)
@ -960,6 +1088,8 @@ Noteworthy changes in version 2.3.0 (2021-04-07)
Release dates of 2.2 versions
Version 2.2.29 (2021-07-04)
Version 2.2.28 (2021-06-10)
Version 2.2.27 (2021-01-11)
Version 2.2.26 (2020-12-21)
Version 2.2.25 (2020-11-23)


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