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from flask_babel import gettext
import re
from searx.url_utils import urlparse, parse_qsl
regex = re.compile(r'10\.\d{4,9}/[^\s]+')
name = gettext('DOAI rewrite')
description = gettext('Avoid paywalls by redirecting to open-access versions of publications when available')
default_on = False
preference_section = 'privacy'
def extract_doi(url):
match =
if match:
for _, v in parse_qsl(url.query):
match =
if match:
return None
def on_result(request, search, result):
doi = extract_doi(result['parsed_url'])
if doi and len(doi) < 50:
for suffix in ('/', '.pdf', '/full', '/meta', '/abstract'):
if doi.endswith(suffix):
doi = doi[:-len(suffix)]
result['url'] = '' + doi
result['parsed_url'] = urlparse(result['url'])
return True