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Riv: Notes and wiki in rst

Last Update



New Changes

0.793: fix the RivInstruction, add RivDoc

0.792: fix the python/rst syntax file

0.791: Add a conceal syntax for *.rst filelink

0.79: As The clickable is not stable, and with many voting to disable it, revert to 0.77.


Riv is a vim plugin for taking notes with reStructuredText.

riv.vim (vim) + InstantRst (web server) + rhythm.css (theme)


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Title underline too short.


First things first.

There are some other note plugins in Vim, like vimwiki, vim-notes, VOoM, etc.

Also org-mode if you are an Emacs fan.

Why use this plugin?

In comparison, the biggest advantage of Riv.vim is reStructuredText support.

reStructuredText is a markup language.

Its syntax is similar to markdown, but more powerful and extensible. Tables, LaTex, etc. are supported.

It's widely used in the Python community, and has many relevant plugins. Sphinx ( Pygments, Nikola, etc.

Here is a post comparing reStructuredText and Markdown:



Write wiki with project and file link support. TODO syntax is added.


Faster typing, easier navigation, clear indenting, auto formatting etc.


Improved syntax highlighting and folding support for reading document clearly.


Convert RST files to a number of different formats: PDF, HTML, XML, Latex and ODT, etc. A new theme rhythm.css is added for better performance.


Support many plugins like Sphinx syntax support. Other RST plugins:

Contribution to this list are welcome.


Using Vundle

Recommended Add this line to your .vimrc (after you have properly set up Vundle):

Bundle 'Rykka/riv.vim'

Downloaded zip/tar.gz file

Extract the contents of the archive to your .vim directory.


You can add projects with g:riv_projects:

let proj1 = { 'path': '~/Dropbox/rst', }
let g:riv_projects = [proj1]

More options see the :RivInstruction

Make sure your .vim directory is before $VIMRUNTIME in runtimepath. By default it is present before $VIMRUNTIME.

Also make sure filetype plugin indent on and syntax on options are present in your .vimrc.


You can have a quick start with :RivQuickStart.

Here is the Screencast:

New To Vim

  • If you are new to Vim, you can get a basic overview of Vim using vimtutor. To use it simply type vimtutor in your shell.

  • To view the quick reference of Vim, use :h quickref.

New To RST

New To Riv

  • For getting started with Riv, read "QuickStart With Riv". You can also view it using :RivQuickStart in Vim.

  • Detailed instructions for Riv are available at "Instructions". Use :RivInstruction to read the same in Vim.


The bug tracker for Riv is at You can use it to report bugs and open feature requests. Discussions related to Riv are welcome too.

You can follow my twitter @rykkaf and tweet me there too.

Common Issues

  • If you get errors with folding in documents, you can try to force reload using :RivReload or <C-E>t`.

    Or just :w as it will auto-refold after saving.

  • Windows:

    • Converting to other formats may fail.

      This could happen due to Docutils not working correctly with vimrun.exe.

  • Mac OS:

    • Lists don't act as expected.

      This could happen if the <C-Enter> key could not be mapped. Try some other mapping instead.