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nEMU [Ncurses UI for QEMU]

Build Status Latest Tag Packaging status


  • Install/delete/clone/rename VM
  • Show VM status, CPU usage
  • Start/stop/shutdown/reset VM
  • Connect to VM via VNC or SPICE protocol
  • Full VM snapshots
  • Show/Edit VM settings
  • USB support
  • Network via tap/macvtap interfaces
  • VirtFS support (Plan 9 host files sharing)
  • Import OVA (OVF 1.0/2.0)
  • D-Bus support

UI demo

Alt New user interface Form navigation

Old user interface (versions < 2.0.0)

Alt Install OpenBSD VM example Alt Redirecting serial line terminals to tty,socket Alt Snapshots preview Alt Overview

Environment Requirements

  • Linux/FreeBSD host
  • QEMU (>= 2.12.0)


  • Debian and Ubuntu packages
  • Gentoo: emerge app-emulation/nemu
  • FreeBSD: pkg install nemu or make -C /usr/ports/emualtors/nemu install clean
  • RPMs: stable, latest