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Documentation: regenerate-files: Update Releases
11 hours ago
Documentation Documentation: regenerate-files: Update Releases 11 hours ago
app-admin/systemdgenie */*: Switch HOMEPAGE to< category> 2 weeks ago
app-cdr app-cdr/dolphin-plugins-mountiso: New package 6 days ago
app-editors app-editors/kile: Set KDE_ORG_CATEGORY="office" 1 week ago
app-office app-office/ktimetracker: Set KDE_ORG_CATEGORY="pim" 1 week ago
app-text app-text/kjots: Drop unused DEPEND 1 week ago
dev-db/kdb dev-db/kdb: python3_9 6 days ago
dev-libs dev-libs/kreport: python3_9 6 days ago
dev-python/parse_cmake dev-python/parse_cmake: Update HOMEPAGE 1 week ago
dev-util dev-util/kdevelop*: Set KDE_ORG_CATEGORY="kdevelop" 1 week ago
dev-vcs/kdesvn dev-vcs/kdesvn: Add missing BDEPEND really this time 4 months ago
eclass Add games-board and games-mud categories 1 week ago
games-board/atlantik */*: Switch HOMEPAGE to< category> 2 weeks ago
games-kids/gcompris games-kids/gcompris: Add missing RDEPENDs 4 months ago
games-mud/kmuddy */*: Switch HOMEPAGE to< category> 2 weeks ago
gui-libs/wrapland gui-libs/wrapland: 0.518.0 version bump 1 month ago
gui-wm/kwinft gui-wm/kwinft: 5.18.0 version bump 1 month ago
kde-apps kde-apps/konsole: Disable hanging DBusTest 2 days ago
kde-frameworks kde-frameworks/kapidox: Drop cmake, just use distutils-r1 2 days ago
kde-misc kde-misc/tellico: Sort dependencies 1 week ago
kde-plasma kde-plasma/user-manager: Drop 9999, no more development 11 hours ago
media-gfx media-gfx/digikam: Fix MissingUseDepDefault on virtual/mysql 6 days ago
media-libs media-libs/phonon*: Update HOMEPAGE 1 week ago
media-sound media-sound/elisa: Add missing RDEPEND 5 days ago
media-video media-video/bangarang: Set KDE_ORG_CATEGORY="unmaintained" 1 week ago
metadata Ban EAPI 6 1 year ago
net-im/choqok net-im/choqok: Drop TODO 3 months ago
net-irc/konversation */*: Happy new year! 5 months ago
net-libs net-libs/telepathy-logger-qt: python3_9 6 days ago
net-misc/smb4k */*: Happy new year! 5 months ago
net-p2p/ktorrent net-p2p/ktorrent: Update DEPENDs 4 months ago
profiles profiles: updates: Drop obsolete *2016 updates 1 week ago
sci-astronomy/kstars */*: Happy new year! 5 months ago
sci-calculators/keurocalc */*: Happy new year! 5 months ago
sci-electronics sci-electronics/ktechlab: Set KDE_ORG_CATEGORY="sdk" 1 week ago
sets sets: kde-plasma-live: Drop kde-plasma/user-manager 11 hours ago
sys-auth/polkit-qt sys-auth/polkit-qt: Set KDE_ORG_CATEGORY="libraries" 1 week ago
sys-block/partitionmanager sys-block/partitionmanager: Raise minimum kpmcore version to 4.1.0 3 months ago
sys-libs/kpmcore sys-libs/kpmcore: Bump soversion/subslot to 9 3 months ago
www-client/falkon */*: Happy new year! 5 months ago
x11-themes/gnome-breeze */*: Happy new year! 5 months ago
.gitignore Use top level .gitignore 4 years ago
.mailmap Update mailmap 3 years ago
.travis.yml .travis.yml: bump to portage-2.3.62 1 year ago use a different preposition to sort out github weirdness 4 years ago
sets.conf sets are now added to world_sets again 9 years ago
skel.metadata.xml Update skel.metadata.xml 4 years ago

Welcome to the kde overlay!

Repoman Status

This is where the Gentoo KDE team develops and maintains ebuilds for experimental KDE related packages (pre-releases and “live” code from git). For your convenience we provide sets and keyword, masks and unmask files.

The overlay is hosted on Github and on the official Gentoo Overlays infrastructure at:

If you have questions, you can find us on IRC in #gentoo-kde on Freenode or at

Bugs should be reported at Be sure to include “[kde overlay]” in the summary of your bug report.

Users wanting to contribute should first read the coding style guide.