3557 Commits (urt)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Anthony Nguyen 596b587ba3 Disabled semicolon sanitization in commands 7 years ago
  Benoit Lery 24e88a14ae
Fixed cull face swapping 2 months ago
  sanecz 0429c03056 Move kills and frag to the same tab 1 year ago
  BidyBiddle ad677cdf29 Potential fix of cg_drawlefthand issues 2 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 11501795cd Use `r_texturemode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR` by default 2 years ago
  Mickaël Thomas 58d8e99421 Make dmaHD work with surround sound 1 year ago
  Mickaël Thomas 5055eefbdc Merge upstream commits from ioquake/master 1 year ago
  Benoit Lery a656de7d19
Merge pull request #38 from sanecz/urt 1 year ago
  Zack Middleton 1330320258 Don't use host pkg-config when cross-compiling 3 years ago
  Tom Kidd f2c61c14c4
Merge pull request #428 from tomkidd/master 1 year ago
  Tom Kidd a03cb319a2 Figured out method of referencing GLSL generated C files outside of code directory 1 year ago
  r-a-sattarov daae32ddfd E2K: fixed build by MCST lcc compiler when using USE_CURL=1 option 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton a6e66700e1 Fix duplicate team join center print for bots and g_teamAutoJoin 2 years ago
  Tom Kidd a545f81403 Further tweaks to Xcode project 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton dc0c3e7bdf Fix team orders menu not listing clients with lower clientnums 2 years ago
  Tom Kidd b340827153 Updated to latest recommended build settings, increased deployment target to 10.7 2 years ago
  Zachary J. Slater 34c0722b5e
Merge pull request #423 from tomkidd/master 2 years ago
  Tom Kidd c2025d94c5 Several updates to xcode project files for Xcode 11 2 years ago
  Tom Kidd de7123acee Fix for macOS Catalina screen resolution issue 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton f717a8396e Fix lightning gun handling for corpses and single player podiums 2 years ago
  Zachary J. Slater 4d82b8b525
Create Funding.yml 2 years ago
  Bernhard M. Wiedemann a96f32eba2 q3rcc: Allow to override build date 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 350b8f9c7c Restore OpenGL 1.1 support (GL_CLAMP) 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 0fbde293db Remove erroneous newlines from Com_Error in sdl_glimp.c 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 2a2646fe43 Fix IQM quat normalize fail case 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 95b9cab4d6 Fix warnings that IQM blendWeights may not be initialized 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton d404519cce Fix rendering IQM models between model frames 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton d13d06424e OpenGL2: Disable r_cubeMapping if not OpenGL 3.0+ 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 9fcb2bb336 Override video mode list in Team Arena UI 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton c61417b8e2 Add current (custom) resolution to Q3 UI video mode list 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 9b4dcc809e OpenGL2: Fix compiling lightall GLSL on OpenGL 2.1 2 years ago
  Ane-Jouke Schat 44b18d72ac Fix PRINT_ERROR print level missing from CL_RefPrintf 2 years ago
  James Canete d068e1dce1 Add r_parallaxMapShadows. 2 years ago
  James Canete e5da13f146 OpenGL2: r_cubemapping 2 for box cubemap parallax. 2 years ago
  kungfooman b0d2b141e7 Add .gitignore for misc/msvc12 2 years ago
  kungfooman a6df505d59 Prevent Q_IsColorString from asserting on negative ascii chars 2 years ago
  Zack Middleton 09166ba05e Make Team Arena prevTeamMember command loop around player list 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 302f12b8f6 Don't use host pkg-config when cross-compiling 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 0cf10d2b77 Make s_info command display channels instead of stereo 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 58b0fb07cd Fix SDL audio playback with 16-bit stereo sound 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 93dd14c9fb Disable pulseaudio capture regardless of SDL version 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton aab1d92b13 Allow binds to use hex values for all key codes 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 33a899d6dd Fix predicting entity origin on rotating mover 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 812a3dbfa5 Fix SDL audio playback with surround sound 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton e4208cf5a7 Improve finding obelisk entitynum for bot AI 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 29db64070a Fix loading favorites as initial source in server browser 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton c7ebe82131 Calculate bounds for unanimated IQM models 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 1994801e1c Fix axis returned by IQM's LerpTag 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton 11337c9fa2 OpenGL2: Add GPU vertex skinning for IQM models 3 years ago
  Zack Middleton cccd283be8 Improve IQM CPU vertex skinning performance 3 years ago