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ioquake 3 for UrbanTerror

Build Status Download prebuilt binaries for Linux/macOS/Windows

This project is an initiative to backport the relevant ioUrbanTerror-specific features to an up-to-date ioquake3.

This brings all of the ioquake3 features to UrbanTerror:

And a lot of other things, see the ioquake3 README

New features

Those are the features that are specific to this build.

No more map conflicts!

This build includes a few features to address the map conflict issues that can be encountered when playing Urban Terror.

If you have a lot of third-party maps in your download folder and tried to play in single player, you might have noticed some issues, like say the SR8 being different in aspect, or different sounds, invalid textures, etc.

This is caused by the way quake3 search path works: when a file is requested, it goes through the quake3 search path until the file is found, so a file that exists higher in the search path will always "shadow" lower priority files. Since there is no concept of "map file", you can have situations where a resource exists in the map pk3 but gets picked from another pk3. Some maps also like to override default resources (like weapon models, flags, sounds, etc.)

fs_reorderPaks cvar

When set to 1 (the default), this will reorder the pk3s in the search path so that the pk3 containing the loaded map comes first, then the high priority paks (starting with z) and finally everything else.

This way:

  • The map always has priority over everything else, respecting the mapper's intention.

  • Other maps can't override core resources from the game paks

  • Additional resources (like funstuff) can still be loaded from the other pk3s

This cvar works on clients and servers :

  • Pure servers with this cvar will affect the clients since they respect the search path order from the server. This is not the case on unpure servers so this option will have no practical effect on unpure servers.

  • Clients with this cvar on will always benefit, whether they connect to pure or unpure servers. When connecting to pure servers, the reordering is done after the server search order is copied

sv_extraPure and sv_extraPaks

When set to 1, this will make the server "extra pure". The loaded paks list sent to clients will be reduced to include only the core game paks as well as the referenced paks (ie the map pk3). The main use for this is if you have so many loaded paks that the server can't work in pure mode (because the list of loaded paks is too big to fit in the server info string).

This also means that no paks other than the map pak will be loaded by clients, disabling usage of, for instance, funstuff. This can be solved by setting the sv_extraPaks cvar to a space-separated list of pk3 names that you don't want to exclude from the search path

Warning: Setting this has an undesirable side-effect for clients. The voting UI for map changes will not display custom maps (unless they're whitelisted in sv_extraPaks).


When set to 1 (the default), this puts the maps in the download folder at a lower priority than anything else.

fs_defaultHomePath cvar

This new cvar is similar to the ioUrbanTerror use_defaultHomePath cvar and controls the default value for the fs_homepath cvar (which specifies where the writable data such as map downloads and configs will be written).

Possible values are:

  • 0 (default): use the value of DEFAULT_HOMEDIR specified at compile-time if defined, else use the system home path.

  • 1: use the system home path (AppData, ~/.q3a, ~/Library)

  • 2: use the executable directory

  • 3: use the installation path, that is the value of DEFAULT_BASEDIR specified at compile-time if defined, else use current working directory.

Improved sv_cheats

The sv_cheatMode server cvar was added to allow enabling cheats without having to use the devmap command.

When set to 1, cheats will be enabled only for the next map (can be set in mapcycle.txt).

When set to 2, cheats will be enabled for every map.

Example mapcycle.txt:

    sv_cheatMode 1 // cheats for abbey only (automatically resets to 0)
    // no cheats


Some cvars can exclusively be set from the command line arguments which makes customization harder because it requires creating wrapper scripts.

To make things easier, command line arguments will also be loaded from the cmdline.txt file from the following locations (in that order):

  • the same directory as the executable
  • the installation path (if set at compile time)
  • the current working directory

This can be used, to, for instance, create a portable version that stores all of its data in the same directory as the executable:

set fs_defaultHomePath 2 // Use the executable directory as the home path

Another use for this is to set whether your server will be visible to the internet or only to your LAN using the dedicated cvar and to execute the server.cfg file:

set dedicated 2 // Make the server visible to the internet
exec server.cfg // Start server with the specified config file

Impoved keyboard handling

  • Number keys in the first row are always mapped to number keys, on AZERTY layouts for instance. This matches with the behavior of ioUrbanTerror on Windows and brings it to other platforms as well.

  • Numpad 2 and 8 keys aren't interpreted as up/down in console anymore.

  • The leftmost key in the upper row (left of the 1 key) is now bound the console regardless of the current user layout. This can be disabled by setting cl_consoleUseScanCode to 0.

  • Non-ascii keys can now be mapped on all platforms (using the WORLD_n key names)

  • Ctrl-V and Shift-Insert can be used to paste text on all platforms.

Other changes

  • Download UI is improved a bit

  • Downloading can still be attempted if the server has no download URL set. In this case we use the default one (

  • +vstr supports nested key presses.

  • /map will now accept to load maps that are not in a pure pak (when connected to a pure server)

  • Added sv_autoRecordDemocvar to automatically create a server demo of every player that connects.

Security fixes

  • QVMs, q3config.cfg and autoexec.cfg can't be loaded from downloaded pk3s anymore.

  • Only .dll / .so / .dynlib exensions are accepted for dynamic libraries.

  • /condump and /writeconfig can only write to .txt files.

  • CURL protocols (for map downloads) are limited to HTTP(S) and FTP(S).

  • Fixed stats command exploit

  • Fixed that save could create new directories on jump servers with persistent positions enabled

  • Fix a buffer overflow when a funstuff is bigger than 13 characters

Feature parity status with original ioUrbanTerror




This list is likely incomplete. Please let me know if I forgot anything!