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Repository mirror & CI 6d29e273c8
2019-09-11 16:52:53 UTC
6 days ago
acct-group acct-group/postfix: add postfix group (UID 207) 6 days ago
acct-user acct-user/postfix: add postfix user (UID 207) 6 days ago
app-accessibility app-accessibility/sound-icons: bump to eapi 7 1 week ago
app-admin app-admin/yadm: Drop old 6 days ago
app-antivirus app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs: [QA] Fix ${HOMEPAGE} in SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
app-arch app-arch/xar: ppc64 stable wrt bug #693856 6 days ago
app-backup app-backup/rdumpfs: [QA] Fix ${HOMEPAGE} in SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
app-benchmarks app-benchmarks/geekbench: bump to version 5.0.0 1 week ago
app-cdr app-cdr/cdemu-daemon: Update HOMEPAGE & SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
app-crypt app-crypt/pesign: Drop old 6 days ago
app-dicts app-dicts/myspell-nl: Drop old 6 days ago
app-doc app-doc/linkers-and-loaders: sparc stable wrt bug #688960 1 week ago
app-editors app-editors/ghex: remove old 1 week ago
app-emacs app-emacs/vhdl-mode: Update HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI. 1 week ago
app-emulation app-emulation/virtualbox-bin: Drop old 6 days ago
app-eselect app-eselect/eselect-repository: Drop old 1 week ago
app-forensics app-forensics/lynis: Version bump. Remove old 3 weeks ago
app-i18n app-i18n/man-pages-zh_CN: Drop old 6 days ago
app-laptop app-laptop/dispad: remove jsbronder as maintainer 1 week ago
app-leechcraft app-leechcraft/liblaretz: drop old version 6 days ago
app-metrics app-metrics/postgres_exporter: Drop old 6 days ago
app-misc app-misc/tdfsb: Drop old 6 days ago
app-mobilephone app-mobilephone/gnocky: [QA] Fix ${HOMEPAGE} in SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
app-office app-office/libreoffice-voikko: new package 1 week ago
app-officeext app-officeext/texmaths: Drop 0.46.1 2 months ago
app-pda */*: Add maintainer-needed comment to all unmaintained packages 2 months ago
app-portage app-portage/cpuid2cpuflags: keyword version 7 on ppc/ppc64 6 days ago
app-shells app-shells/bash-completion: sparc stable wrt bug #693738 1 week ago
app-text app-text/xmldiff: Drop old 6 days ago
app-vim app-vim/pydiction: Drop old, buggy ebuilds 1 week ago
app-xemacs app-xemacs/ebuild-mode: stable 1.47 for hppa, bug #692936 2 weeks ago
dev-ada Revert ada.eclass modification as requested 1 week ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/sparsehash: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-db dev-db/unixODBC: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-dotnet dev-dotnet/libgdiplus: bump version to 6.0.2 4 weeks ago
dev-embedded dev-embedded/esptool: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-erlang dev-erlang/stun: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-games dev-games/vamos: Remove from tree 2 weeks ago
dev-go dev-go/go-bindata: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-haskell dev-haskell/language-docker: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-java dev-java/cortado: remove me from maintainer 3 weeks ago
dev-lang dev-lang/jimtcl: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-libs dev-libs/xerces-c: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-lisp dev-lisp/roswell: fix fill collision with libroutersos 1 month ago
dev-lua dev-lua/luasocket: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-ml dev-ml/llvm-ocaml: Remove 5.0.2 1 week ago
dev-perl dev-perl/XML-LibXML-2.20.100: add ~sparc, bug 690140 6 days ago
dev-php dev-php/ming-php: Remove last-rited pkg 1 week ago
dev-python dev-python/python-gammu: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-qt dev-qt/qtwebengine: Fix build with >=linux-headers-5.2 2 weeks ago
dev-ros dev-ros/turtle_tf2: add missing boost dep 2 weeks ago
dev-ruby dev-ruby/net-ssh: ppc64 stable wrt bug #694018 6 days ago
dev-scheme dev-scheme/gambit: amd64 stable wrt bug #689868 1 week ago
dev-tcltk dev-tcltk/bwidget: ia64 stable wrt bug #693860 6 days ago
dev-tex dev-tex/tex4ht: sparc stable wrt bug #693806 1 week ago
dev-texlive dev-texlive/texlive-xetex: Drop type1 font from fontconfig 1 month ago
dev-util dev-util/scanmem: Drop old 6 days ago
dev-vcs dev-vcs/git-mailz: Drop old 6 days ago
eclass s6.eclass: minor @USAGE clarifications 1 week ago
games-action games-action/powermanga: Depend on acct-group/gamestat. 2 months ago
games-arcade games-arcade/shovel-knight: New package 1 week ago
games-board */*: Depend on media-libs/mesa[X(+)] 1 month ago
games-emulation games-emulation/pcsx2: ebuild enhancements. 2 weeks ago
games-engines games-engines/odamex: Remove unnecessary -waddir argument 1 week ago
games-fps games-fps/freedm-data: Drop old 0.11.3-r1 1 week ago
games-kids games-kids/tuxmathscrabble: Fix installing Python modules 2 weeks ago
games-misc games-misc/rfksay: Port to EAPI 7 1 month ago
games-mud games-mud/tintin: bump version to 2.01.8 1 month ago
games-puzzle games-puzzle/braincurses: bump version to 1.1.0 3 weeks ago
games-roguelike games-roguelike/angband: bump version to 4.2.0 4 weeks ago
games-rpg games-rpg/eternal-lands: drop old 1.9.3-r2 2 weeks ago
games-server games-server/monopd: fix build with >=dev-libs/utfcpp-2.3.6 2 weeks ago
games-simulation games-simulation/crrcsim: remove automake restriction; resurrect 2 weeks ago
games-sports games-sports/billardgl: fix HOMEPAGE 6 months ago
games-strategy games-strategy/warzone2100: Bump to version 3.3.0. Removed old 2 weeks ago
games-util games-util/deutex: Add ~arm keyword 1 week ago
gnome-base gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon: bump to 3.32.1 1 week ago
gnome-extra gnome-extra/nm-applet: remove old 1 week ago
gnustep-apps gnustep-apps/sogo: 4.0.7 bump 5 months ago
gnustep-base gnustep-base/libobjc2: bump to release 2.0 and EAPI 7 3 weeks ago
gnustep-libs gnustep-libs/sope: rev bump to ease migration to dev-db/mysql-connector-c 2 weeks ago
gui-apps gui-apps/waybar: yank 0.7.2 2 weeks ago
gui-libs gui-libs/libhandy: x86 keyworded (bug #692802) 1 week ago
gui-wm gui-wm/sway: crashes if not rebuilt when wlroots is updated 2 weeks ago
java-virtuals java-virtuals/jdk-with-com-sun: Remove last-rited pkg 11 months ago
kde-apps kde-apps/akonadi-calendar: Drop 19.08.1 (r0) 1 week ago
kde-frameworks kde-frameworks/kwayland: keyworded 5.61.0 for ppc64, bug #689606 1 week ago
kde-misc kde-misc/kdeconnect: Drop 1.3.4 1 week ago
kde-plasma kde-plasma/libkscreen: keyworded 5.16.5 for ppc64, bug #689606 1 week ago
licenses games-fps/gzdoom: Bump to version 4.2.0 1 week ago
lxde-base lxde-base/lxsession: stable 0.5.4-r1 for ppc, bug #692514 1 week ago
lxqt-base lxqt-base/lxqt-openssh-askpass: keyworded 0.14.1 for ppc64, bug #689606 1 week ago
mail-client mail-client/cone: Drop old 6 days ago
mail-filter mail-filter/spamdyke: Drop old 6 days ago
mail-mta mail-mta/sendmail: Drop old 6 days ago
mate-base mate-base/mate-panel: drop old 2 months ago
mate-extra mate-extra/mate-user-share: Bump to 1.22.1 1 month ago
media-fonts media-fonts/ipamonafont: update HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
media-gfx media-gfx/xpaint: Drop old 6 days ago
media-libs media-libs/libmetalink: Drop old 6 days ago
media-plugins media-plugins/kodi-audiodecoder-timidity: Cleanup old versions 6 days ago
media-radio media-radio/tucnak: Version bump 2 weeks ago
media-sound media-sound/supercollider: Drop old 6 days ago
media-tv media-tv/kodi: require fontconfig 2.13.1 6 days ago
media-video media-video/photofilmstrip: Drop old 6 days ago
metadata 2019-09-11 16:52:53 UTC 6 days ago
net-analyzer net-analyzer/net-snmp: Fix `net-snmp-config --libs` 1 week ago
net-dialup net-dialup/mgetty: add support for /usr merge 1 month ago
net-dns net-dns/validns: Drop old 6 days ago
net-firewall net-firewall/nftables: amd64 stable wrt bug #693716 1 week ago
net-fs net-fs/cifs-utils: x86 stable wrt bug #693852 1 week ago
net-ftp net-ftp/proftpd: tweak for mysql-8, bug #692434 4 weeks ago
net-im net-im/gg-transport: Drop old 6 days ago
net-irc net-irc/ii: Drop old 6 days ago
net-libs net-libs/ripe-atlas-sagan: Drop old 6 days ago
net-mail net-mail/vpopmail: Drop old 6 days ago
net-misc net-misc/trackma: Drop old 6 days ago
net-nds net-nds/389-ds-base: Drop old 6 days ago
net-news net-news/snownews: amd64 stable wrt bug #689870 1 week ago
net-nntp net-nntp/sabnzbd: remove jsbronder as maintainer 1 week ago
net-p2p net-p2p/ktorrent: add ~arm64 keyword 1 week ago
net-print net-print/cups-filters: Removed old 1 week ago
net-proxy net-proxy/http-replicator: Drop old 6 days ago
net-voip net-voip/telepathy-salut: arm64 stable 1 month ago
net-vpn net-vpn/wireguard: version bump 1 week ago
net-wireless net-wireless/horst: Drop old 6 days ago
perl-core perl-core/Time-Local: Add ~m68k-mint ~riscv from dev-lang/perl 2 months ago
profiles 2019-09-11 16:52:53 UTC 6 days ago
ros-meta ros-meta/vision_visp: Bump to 0.11.1. 2 weeks ago
sci-astronomy sci-astronomy/celestia: Added sub-slot dep to dev-libs/libfmt 3 weeks ago
sci-biology sci-biology/bioruby: amd64 stable wrt bug #690048 1 week ago
sci-calculators sci-calculators/hexcalc: [QA] Version the distfile 1 month ago
sci-chemistry sci-chemistry/wxmacmolplt: Remove media-libs/ming dep 1 week ago
sci-electronics sci-electronics/geda-suite: Remove old 2 weeks ago
sci-geosciences sci-geosciences/libtcd: Drop old 6 days ago
sci-libs sci-libs/cantera: revision bump (r2) with fix python installation path 1 week ago
sci-mathematics sci-mathematics/e: Bump to 2.3, fix HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI 6 days ago
sci-misc sci-misc/ViSP-images: bump to 3.2.0 2 weeks ago
sci-physics sci-physics/root: version bump to 6.18/02 1 week ago
sci-visualization sci-visualization/epix: Drop old 2 weeks ago
scripts Whitespace. 2 years ago
sec-policy sec-policy/apparmor-profiles: remove 2.13.2 1 month ago
sys-apps sys-apps/udevil: Drop old 6 days ago
sys-auth sys-auth/yubico-piv-tool: Drop old 6 days ago
sys-block sys-block/thin-provisioning-tools: Drop non-existing dep 2 weeks ago
sys-boot sys-boot/palo: Version 2.12 1 week ago
sys-cluster sys-cluster/rdma-core: Add !sys-fabric/infiniband-diags blocker 1 week ago
sys-devel sys-devel/llvm-common: ppc64 stable wrt bug #693856 6 days ago
sys-fabric sys-fabric/mstflint: use slot operator for sqlite dep 4 months ago
sys-firmware sys-firmware/intel-microcode: drop old 1 week ago
sys-freebsd Convert ebuilds to inherit usr-ldscript 2 months ago
sys-fs sys-fs/cryptsetup: sparc stable wrt bug #693818 1 week ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: Linux patch 5.2.14 6 days ago
sys-libs sys-libs/lwp: Drop old 6 days ago
sys-power sys-power/intel-undervolt: sync live ebuild 2 weeks ago
sys-process sys-process/vixie-cron: Drop old 6 days ago
virtual virtual/mailx: Drop old 6 days ago
www-apache www-apache/mod_limitipconn: Drop old 6 days ago
www-apps www-apps/hugo: Drop old 6 days ago
www-client www-client/ripe-atlas-cousteau: Drop old 6 days ago
www-misc www-misc/fcgiwrap: Drop old 6 days ago
www-plugins www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins: remove non-functional version 6 days ago
www-servers www-servers/caddy: Drop old 6 days ago
x11-apps x11-apps/viewres: Version bump to 1.0.6 3 weeks ago
x11-base x11-base/xorg-server: Depend on media-libs/mesa[X] 1 month ago
x11-drivers x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers: Version 435.21 2 weeks ago
x11-libs x11-libs/xosd: Drop old 6 days ago
x11-misc x11-misc/obmenu-generator: Drop old 6 days ago
x11-plugins x11-plugins/wmacpimon: drop homepage, it was taken over 1 week ago
x11-terms x11-terms/kitty: remove old 2 weeks ago
x11-themes x11-themes/lxqt-themes: keyworded 0.14.0 for ppc64, bug #689606 1 week ago
x11-wm x11-wm/stumpwm: Drop old 6 days ago
xfce-base xfce-base/xfwm4: Drop old 1 week ago
xfce-extra xfce-extra/xfce4-screenshooter: Bump to 1.9.6 3 weeks ago
.gitignore Merge eclass/.gitignore into the top-level one. 2 years ago
header.txt header.txt, skel.ebuild: Happy New Year 2019! 8 months ago
skel.ebuild skel.ebuild: Use relative paths for directories. 1 month ago
skel.metadata.xml Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234. 2 years ago