originally from git.lmitsystems.de/lukas/brainfuck2ook.
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Collaborative (mitm) cryptocurrency mining pool in wifi networks

Warning: this project is for academic/research purposes only.

A blog post about this project can be read here: http://arnaucode.com/blog/coffeeminer-hacking-wifi-cryptocurrency-miner.html



  • Performs a MITM attack to all selected victims
  • Injects a js script in all the HTML pages requested by the victims
  • The js script injected contains a cryptocurrency miner
  • All the devices victims connected to the Lan network, will be mining for the CoffeeMiner


  • install.sh
bash install.sh
  • edit victims.txt with one IP per line
  • edit coffeeMiner.py, line 28, with the coffeeMiner httpserver IP:
os.system("~/.local/bin/mitmdump -s 'injector.py' -T")
  • execute coffeeMiner.py
python3 coffeeMiner.py ipgateway


A complete instructions for academic scenario can be found in https://github.com/arnaucode/coffeeMiner/blob/master/virtualbox_scenario_instructions.md