BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdev-python/soundfile: Move from pysoundfile and do some QANils Freydank3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2018-11-26dev-python/soundfile: Move from pysoundfile and do some QAHEADmasterNils Freydank6
2018-10-18app-vim/riv: Add new package, version 0.792_p20181017Nils Freydank4
2018-10-13media-fonts/firacode: Drop package as it is in our tree nowNils Freydank3
2018-09-04README: Update the README file and introduce my new GPG keyNils Freydank1
2018-09-03dev-python/pifacecommon: Bump to EAPI="7" and python3.6Nils Freydank1
2018-09-03metadata: Update github.com entriesNils Freydank6
2018-08-13dev-python/python-nmap: Import ebuild from Jorgicio Gentoo Overlay.Nils Freydank3
2018-07-26net-misc/fb-client: Enable Python3.6 support and drop 3.4.Nils Freydank3
2018-07-16net-im/yowsup: Drop ebuild as it is now inside the main tree.Nils Freydank4
2018-06-25net-im/yowsup: Fix deps in live ebuild.Nils Freydank1