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Andrew Ammerlaan a0437da7f9
licenses: remove unused license
5 months ago
AMD Add missing license 5 years ago
Artistic-Manatee Renamed Artistic-IGS to Artistic-Manatee because both variants have same license 9 years ago
BSD-BroadInstitute new license 7 years ago
CPC sci-physics/mc-tester: ebuild added 8 years ago
CeCILL-1.1 [sci-visualization/v_sim] New application, see bug 109547. Ebuild submitted by Jérôme Borme. 12 years ago
CeCILL-2.1 licenses: add file for scilab-5.5.2 1 year ago
Eisen note in license file this is for sci-biology/cluster 14 years ago
FLI-Jena license file for align_to_scf, roche454ace2caf, sff_dump 11 years ago
FSL new licences needed for FSL package 7 years ago
GRL New license 9 years ago
Janelia-1.2 [licenses] Add Janelia-1.2 2 years ago
Non-profit-OSL-3.0 sci-biology/VarScan: add Non-profit-OSL-3.0 license and metadata.xml 7 years ago
OBO-Edit sci-biology/OBO-Edit: added license file 11 years ago
OpenSIFT licenses: Add OpenSIFT license 6 years ago
PGI added PGI ebuild 9 years ago
STFC added STFC license 8 years ago
UCSF-Motioncor2 Add UCSF-Motioncor2 license 2 years ago
XVIEW license: Add XVIEW liecense 1 year ago
blasr add new license 9 years ago
ccp4 licenses: Add ccp4 license to overlay 6 years ago
chimera new license 9 years ago
estscan sci-biology/estscan: added the license text 11 years ago
gamess Add missing license for gamess 5 years ago
ligplot+ a license is a license not an eclass 10 years ago
mRNAmarkup sci-biology/mRNAmarkup: another attempt to add the license 6 years ago
merlin New package, bug 121921 13 years ago
newmat new licences needed for FSL package 7 years ago
nmrpipe New license for nmrpipe 9 years ago
noweb app-text/noweb: new dep 1 year ago
polyphen Dummy polyphen license 7 years ago
signalp Licenses should not be executable 13 years ago
staden licenses: Add missing licenses 4 years ago
tmhmm [licenses] Added tmhmm license as referenced in sci-biology/tmhmm 12 years ago