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Andrew Ammerlaan b111bc689a
sci-mathematics/gappa: add version 1.4.0
3 days ago
Oid sci-mathematics/Oid: remove redundant long description 4 months ago
acl2 sci-mathematics/acl2: drop old 3 months ago
cipi sci-mathematics/cipi: EAPI bump, fix compile phase 5 months ago
flocq sci-mathematics/flocq: drop old 3 months ago
frama-c sci-mathematics/frama-c: set USE default 3 months ago
freefem++ sci-mathematics/freefem++: version bump, fix fetch 5 months ago
gap sci-mathematics/gap: fix BadDefaultUseFlags 2 weeks ago
gappa sci-mathematics/gappa: add version 1.4.0 3 days ago
gappalib-coq sci-mathematics/gappalib-coq: drop old 3 months ago
giac sci-mathematics/giac: fix SRC_URI 4 months ago
libsfmt sci-mathematics/libsfmt: EAPI bump 3 months ago
lie sci-mathematics/lie: fixup to EAPI 7 4 months ago
ltl2ba sci-mathematics/ltl2ba: Port to EAPI 7 4 months ago
netgen sci-mathematics/netgen: fixup dep, <sci-libs/metis-5.0 unavailable 4 months ago
open-axiom sci-mathematics/open-axiom: some steps towards fixing compilation 4 months ago
pulp sci-mathematics/pulp: update HOMEPAGE 5 months ago
ripser sci-mathematics/ripser: update homepage 5 months ago
scilab sci-mathematics/scilab: some progress 3 months ago
why3 sci-mathematics/why3: fix StaticURL 3 months ago