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Andrew Ammerlaan fa9f0e6343
dev-util/rocm-clang-ocl: add 4.1.0
6 months ago
Tensile dev-util/Tensile: fix S. 7 months ago
bcm dev-util/bcm: fix to not use live ebuild 9 months ago
boost-build dev-util/boost-build: add missing patches and files. 7 months ago
f90cache dev-util/f90cache: fix MisplacedVariable 6 months ago
mad-numdiff dev-util/mad-numdiff: remove HOMEPAGE from SRC_URI 8 months ago
makefile2graph dev-util/makefile2graph: bump to eapi 7 + live ebuild 8 months ago
ndiff dev-util/ndiff: EAPI bump 7 months ago
plog dev-util/plog: drop old version 9 months ago
rocm-clang-ocl dev-util/rocm-clang-ocl: add 4.1.0 6 months ago
waf dev-util/waf: rdepend on python_deps 8 months ago