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Andrew Ammerlaan 5ac9c2752f
dev-libs/half: add version 1.12.0
3 months ago
asmjit dev-libs/asmjit: use https homepage 5 months ago
boost dev-libs/boost: restore patches 4 months ago
boost-compute dev-libs/boost-compute: restrict tests to FEATURE=test 9 months ago
half dev-libs/half: add version 1.12.0 3 months ago
intel-common dev-libs/intel-common: remove nnecessary slash strip 5 months ago
memkind dev-libs/memkind: version bump to 1.11.0 4 months ago
optix dev-libs/optix: cmake-utils --> cmake 5 months ago
protobuf dev-libs/protobuf: added missing file 4 months ago
simclist dev-libs/simclist: various fixes and options 9 months ago
tut dev-libs/tut: remove unnecessary PYTHON_COMPAT 5 months ago