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Andrew Ammerlaan 89c2d86997
dev-java/netcdf: remove last-rited package
4 months ago
fits dev-java/fits: version bump 1.15.1, EAPI bump 9 months ago
flexdock dev-java/flexdock: remove RedundantLongDescription 7 months ago
gluegen dev-java/gluegen: also EAPI bump old version 7 months ago
htsjdk */* misc fixes to make repoman happier 9 months ago
jeuclid-core dev-java/jeuclid-core: EAPI bump, version bump, add keyword 9 months ago
jgraphx dev-java/jgraphx: EAPI bump, version bump 9 months ago
jlatexmath dev-java/jlatexmath: EAPI bump 7 months ago
jlatexmath-fop dev-java/jlatexmath-fop: EAPI bump 7 months ago
jogl dev-java/jogl: drop old 7 months ago
jrosetta dev-java/jrosetta: EAPI bump 7 months ago
lucene dev-java/lucene: fix USE="modules" 6 months ago
skinlf dev-java/skinlf: import from ::gentoo 5 months ago