17997 Commits (8f6d9646512c93e7db8693ea423e34e54a725404)

Author SHA1 Message Date
bicatali 66915c6557 sci-astronomy/celestia/celestia-1.4.0.ebuild: dependencies cleaning 17 years ago
bicatali 2881cdf6c3 ds9-4.0_beta7.ebuild: added () for dohtml 17 years ago
bicatali b5458939e8 added celestia-1.4.0.ebuild 17 years ago
bicatali bfcbdbb161 added veusz-0.8.ebuild 17 years ago
bicatali 5b28d3905d Added pspp-0.4.0.ebuild 17 years ago
bicatali 1dec0757ea minuit-1.7.9 version bump 17 years ago
bicatali 12cdc36124 minuit-1.7.9 version bump 17 years ago
bicatali beddebbb1d minuit-1.7.9.ebuild version bump 17 years ago
bicatali f8e3bee8c4 minuit-1.7.6.ebuild: added insinto for doc, cfortran-4.4.ebuild added a link for cfortran.h 17 years ago
bicatali 45118029a4 New ebuild added: cfortran 17 years ago
cryos dc70b549d5 Small fix to header too... 17 years ago
cryos ff697cc8f1 Tweaking dep. 17 years ago
cryos 0117d5e7eb Initial import from bug 50565. 17 years ago
bicatali c00a610d01 IDL_STARTUP + cosmetics 17 years ago
bicatali e3451871c5 added umfpack-4.4.ebuild 17 years ago
bicatali f97a9baa51 change gdl category to dev-lang + slight ebuild update 17 years ago
bicatali 91a6c85237 minuit: pdf doc with DISTDIR 17 years ago
bicatali 1d7972f5f9 cosmetics + RDEPEND without icc 17 years ago
bicatali 0beae5fef2 Added new ebuild for swarp-2.15.6 17 years ago
bicatali f61fdaeb01 Added new ebuild for ds9-4.0_beta7 17 years ago
tulku c8504a5528 Adding ebuild for kseg 17 years ago
bicatali a81a78d91f added pyfits-1.0.ebuild 17 years ago
bicatali 1f3dfeba8e added examples to test even without doc flag 17 years ago
bicatali e657a06659 USE flags cleaning (ncurses, imagemagick and python) 17 years ago
tulku 507b2a49f8 Adding linsmith patch 17 years ago
bicatali 225c9745bf Added new ebuild for minuit-1.7.6 17 years ago
bicatali f49925cfdd Added new ebuild for gdl-0.8.11 17 years ago
bicatali 6187b9b0f8 Added new ebuild for sextractor-2.4.4 17 years ago
tulku 8e81bb2c73 Adding linsmith-0.9.2.ebuild 17 years ago
tulku 1aec7c159a Adding emu-1.10 form bug #98051 17 years ago
tulku 96476690b6 Added new ebuild for linsmith-0.9.2 17 years ago
tulku a3e68af036 Adding R-2.2.0 ebuild from bug 112022 17 years ago
tulku 61e5f6e2d6 Adding kst-1.1.1 17 years ago
tulku dc44a5ecc1 New ebuild for linsmith-0.9.1 17 years ago
cryos 511cd88306 Removed boinc -> moved to main tree. 17 years ago
cryos 5e25a287aa Cleaned up deps on X and modular X, bug 110606. 17 years ago
cryos d6e387915a Add experimental boinc ebuild to the overlay for testing. 17 years ago
cryos 2f856334f3 Moved to portage main tree. 17 years ago
cryos f61f288a34 Small cleanup. 17 years ago
cryos 61dc9719ca Forgot to add the revbumped kst ebuild... 17 years ago
cryos 200228ed40 Clean up old ebuilds not changed in overlay, revision bump, reset keywords and a few small ebuild cleanups. 17 years ago
tulku 425255ada6 new ebuild for another smith chart calculation program 17 years ago
tulku 517775c370 New patch to really fix bug 104617 17 years ago
tulku b22c6bce63 Added media-gfx/kst with patch to fix bug #104617 17 years ago
tulku 466f56bfcd Fixed some errors in the ebuild and in the ChangeLog 17 years ago
tulku 1081f6332b Adding new ebuild for gsmc-1.0 17 years ago
cryos c9993698cc Created initial directory structure. 17 years ago