17930 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Yuan Liao 5ddaec4db7
scripts/setup-and-run-repoman.sh: use 'sort -V' to get latest tag 2 days ago
  Lucas Mitrak 699ded99a8
sci-biology/dcm2niix: add version 1.0.20210317 6 days ago
  Lucas Mitrak 8cde5c5494
sci-biology/dcm2niix: add USE flags, dependencies, src_configure 6 days ago
  Lucas Mitrak 877cafa591
sci-biology/dcm2niix: add patch 6 days ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan b111bc689a
sci-mathematics/gappa: add version 1.4.0 1 week ago
  Lucas Mitrak 1f496e085b
sci-mathematics/gappa: Add multiprocessing.eclass for makeopts_jobs 1 week ago
  Lucas Mitrak 17f2d67ce4
sci-mathematics/gappa: Remove -l or --load-average from ${MAKEOPTS} 1 week ago
  Jakov Smolic 53e334d850
sci-biology/jellyfish: Call econf in src_configure in 1.1.12 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Freyermuth 4e7e86be43
net-misc/cernbox-client: Drop old version. 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Freyermuth 673f4b3d1e
net-misc/cernbox-client: Bump to 2 weeks ago
  leycec 0bae485bac
dev-python/numba: fix #1080 3 weeks ago
  Lucas Mitrak f49928525d
media-libs/libgfx: Remove test use flag 2 weeks ago
  Lucas Mitrak 9a79c92040
media-libs/libgfx: Fix patch name 2 weeks ago
  Lucas Mitrak 1853049bec
media-libs/libgfx: add test, dependencies, patches 2 weeks ago
  Jakov Smolic 967c7d1094
sci-biology/KING: Remove old 2.2.5 2 weeks ago
  Jakov Smolic ffd44092e7
sci-biology/KING: Bump to 2.2.7 2 weeks ago
  Lucas Mitrak 4b888966f7
sci-libs/fox: add inherit fortran-2 2 weeks ago
  Lucas Mitrak 8968649e1f
sci-libs/fox: DEPEND of fortran USE flag for gcc 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 7ce4870d08
dev-python/persim: move test deps out of RDEPEND 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan db82374e1b
sci-libs/mlpack: fix dependency.missingslot 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 755c8ee10e
sci-biology/fsl: fix dependency.missingslot 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 5e50343bfb
sci-biology/StarORF: remove pack 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 89c2d86997
dev-java/netcdf: remove last-rited package 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 4cdd05c69d
sci-chemistry/MotionCor2: fix cuda flag 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 717464e1e4
sci-chemistry/MotionCor2: drop support for cuda 9.2 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 1759ead4e6
sci-mathematics/gap: fix BadDefaultUseFlags 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 83d0976b0b
dev-lang/conceptual: bump PYTHON_COMPAT 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 42877f05ea
sci-biology/dipy: bump PYTHON_COMPAT in 9999 to match latest release 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan c29d3b0c36
sci-biology/nilearn: bump PYTHON_COMPAT in 9999 to match last release 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan d18bd689c3
sci-libs/nipy: bump PYTHON_COMPAT in 9999 to match latest release 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan abdc869549
dev-ml/lacaml: add missing dep 3 weeks ago
  Lucas Mitrak 7dc48772f2
dev-perl/BTLib: add blocker 3 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy e0a46e74f8
dev-python/persim: version bump to 0.3.1 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 847bf5ef21
dev-python/texext: maintainer self --> sci 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 3dad7d19db
sys-kernel/dkms: drop self as maintainer 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan bf34fe9901
profiles/updates/2Q-2021: do the move correctly 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 79d407ad9f
profiles/package.mask: mask dkms for removal 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 0e575b038f
media-libs/libredwg: move to ::gentoo 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 43edf6982f
sci-visualization/scidavis: move to ::gentoo 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan b9b7bb15c3
x11-libs/qwtplot3d: move to ::gentoo 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 5dd2a5082f
x11-libs/qwt: move to ::gentoo 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan 40bc9373db
dev-python/pyzotero: move to ::gentoo 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Ammerlaan a6f98d950c
app-text/zotero-bin: move to ::gentoo 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy 9505d99f5f
dev-python/pybind11-stubgen: version bump to 0.8.7 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy 426cf103a0
sci-libs/ensmallen: version bump to 2.16.2 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy 0c1a516e76
sci-visualization/forge: version bump to 1.0.7 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy baf55ad9bd
sci-biology/cutadapt: version bump to 3.3 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy f4af584806
media-libs/embree-bin: version bump to 3.13.0 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy 8d7feade59
dev-python/persim: version bump to 0.3.0 4 weeks ago
  Aisha Tammy 12d201184c
dev-python/kmapper: version bump to 2.0.1 4 weeks ago