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Andreas Sturmlechner 2dd65b16df
*/*: Add upstream metadata 1 month ago
Andreas Sturmlechner f21d78c799
dev-vcs/kdesvn: Use frameworks branch 6 years ago
Michael Palimaka 781c6d1eb0 Migrate metadata for GLEP 67 and perform general cleanup. 6 years ago
abcd 4e2da8438e Move dev-util/kdesvn to dev-vcs/kdesvn, to match gx86 12 years ago
Maciej Mrozowski (reavertm) 6dcfdbe932 [dev-util/kdesvn] Removing george from maintainer and updating herd from 'dev-tools' to 12 years ago
Theo Chatzimichos 92fdb4ca63 initial import of kdesvn 13 years ago
Theo Chatzimichos b0ee43f88f move plasmoids to stasis (these babies need review) 13 years ago
Alexey 'alexxy' Shvetsov d8a0ccb951 add missing 13 years ago
Tomas Chvatal (scarabeus) 1ec0ea5a10 Add koffice2beta1 ebuilds. Feel free to test. 13 years ago
Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) 8265e71f48 Initial commit for the kde overlay. 13 years ago