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Gentoo Docker Images


A collection of Dockerfiles for generating Gentoo docker images.

These images are intended to be created automatically by a cron job and pushed to docker hub. This repository include basic stage3 images and an image usable as a /usr/portage volume



The following targets are built and pushed to Docker Hub:

  • portage
  • stage3
    • amd64
      • stage3-amd64-hardened-nomultilib-openrc
      • stage3-amd64-hardened-openrc
      • stage3-amd64-musl
      • stage3-amd64-musl-hardened
      • stage3-amd64-nomultilib-openrc
      • stage3-amd64-nomultilib-systemd
      • stage3-amd64-openrc
      • stage3-amd64-systemd
    • arm
      • stage3-armv5tel
      • stage3-armv5tel-systemd
      • stage3-armv6j
      • stage3-armv6j-systemd
      • stage3-armv6j_hardfp
      • stage3-armv6j_hardfp-systemd
      • stage3-armv7a
      • stage3-armv7a-systemd
      • stage3-armv7a_hardfp
      • stage3-armv7a_hardfp-systemd
    • arm64
      • stage3-arm64
      • stage3-arm64-systemd
    • ppc
      • stage3-ppc64le-musl-hardened-openrc
      • stage3-ppc64le-openrc
      • stage3-ppc64le-systemd
    • s390
      • stage3-s390x
    • x86
      • stage3-i686-hardened-openrc
      • stage3-i686-musl
      • stage3-i686-openrc
      • stage3-i686-systemd

The following upstream stage3 targets are not built at all:

[deprecated]: Deprecated stage3 target

[selinux]: SELinux doesn't seem to make sense inside containers

[unsupported]: Unsupported Docker architecture

Building the containers

The containers are created using a multi-stage build, which requires Docker >= 19.03.0. The container being built is defined by the TARGET environment variable:

TARGET=stage3-amd64 ./

Using the portage container as a data volume

docker create -v /usr/portage --name myportagesnapshot gentoo/portage:latest /bin/true
docker run --interactive --tty --volumes-from myportagesnapshot gentoo/stage3-amd64:latest /bin/bash

Using the portage container in a multi-stage build

docker-17.05.0 or later supports multi-stage builds, allowing the portage volume to be used when creating images based on a stage3 image.

Example Dockerfile

# name the portage image
FROM gentoo/portage:latest as portage

# based on stage3 image
FROM gentoo/stage3:latest

# copy the entire portage volume in
COPY --from=portage /var/db/repos/gentoo /var/db/repos/gentoo

# continue with image build ...
RUN emerge -qv www-servers/apache # or whichever packages you need


We'd love to hear any ideas. Feel free to contact us via any of the following methods:


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