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Nils Freydank 29827acaed
app-crypt/sirikali: Remove old
1 day ago
app-crypt/sirikali app-crypt/sirikali: Remove old 1 day ago
app-emulation/lxd app-emulation/lxd: Remove old 1 month ago
app-vim app-vim/riv: Remove old ebuild 7 months ago
dev-python dev-python/firefox-shm: Drop old ebuild 4 months ago
games-puzzle/osmos */*: Update metadata.xml to use my real name as in the portage tree. 1 year ago
licenses [games-puzzle/osmos] Added ebuild with EAPI="6". 2 years ago
media-fonts/sans-bullshit-sans media-fonts/firacode: Drop package as it is in our tree now 1 year ago
metadata metadata/layout.conf: Reformat and add tree compatible hashes. 1 year ago
net-misc/fb-client net-misc/fb-client: Cleanup old ebuild 8 months ago
profiles package.mask: Mask dev-python/keras for removal 2 weeks ago
sys-fs/gocryptfs sys-fs/gocryptfs: Add new package, version 1.7 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Initial commit to new git overlay. 3 years ago
README README: Migrate from markdown to restructured text 4 months ago
README.rst README: Reword licensing section 1 month ago