Mirror of the docs of https://github.com/omarroth/invidious, which is a frontend for Googles Youtube.com and licensed under AGPL-3
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Public Invidious Instances:

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Instances API

List of public Invidious Instances:

Note: Please add new instances on the bottom so that every user can see how old and how long an instance is listed here. Please move instances that have gone Offline to the bottom of the Offline list only if the instance doesn't serve Invidious anymore. Known errors from Invidious doesn't mean the instance is offline.

Instances using Cloudflare must be marked as such.

Instances using any type of analytics must be marked as such, must be GDPR compliant if it's usable in the EU, and must respect the AGPL by explaining their changes and by publishing their source code. In short: don't run analytics, it's not worth it.

Tor Onion Services:

Eepsite (I2P):

Plain HTTP (without SSL):

Broken SSL or self-signed: