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Martin Woodward af57584132
Merge pull request #3727 from leighmcculloch/patch-1
3 weeks ago
AWS Ignore AWS Serverless Application Model build folder (#3357) 1 year ago
DotNet line endings 3 years ago
Elixir add a template for Phoenix projects 3 years ago
GNOME Added gitignore for GNOME Extension (#3268) 2 years ago
Golang style: (Golang) Remove the non-essentials (#3061) 2 years ago
Java add templates for older JBoss versions 3 years ago
JavaScript Comment out / add note about conflicting gitignore lines (#3204) 2 years ago
Linux add community Snap template 3 years ago
PHP Jigsaw (#3334) 1 year ago
Python IPython support for jupyter-notebook gitignore files (#3211) 2 years ago
embedded adds technical note for more info 3 months ago
AltiumDesigner.gitignore Rename AltiumDesigner.gitignore to community/AltiumDesigner.gitignore 1 month ago
Bazel.gitignore added template for Bazel 3 years ago
Exercism.gitignore added template for Exercism project 3 years ago
Gretl.gitignore Add template file for Gretl (#3737) 3 weeks ago
Logtalk.gitignore line endings 3 years ago
OpenSSL.gitignore Add OpenSSL-related file extensions (#3168) 2 years ago
Puppet.gitignore added template for Puppet modules 3 years ago
ROS2.gitignore Move into community folder 1 month ago
Racket.gitignore line endings 3 years ago
Red.gitignore Add community template for Red language 3 years ago
SPFx.gitignore Moved into community folder 3 weeks ago
Splunk.gitignore added template for Splunk apps 3 years ago
Strapi.gitignore Rename Strapi.gitignore to community/Strapi.gitignore 1 month ago
V.gitignore Remove the all files matches from V.gitignore 1 month ago
Xilinx.gitignore added template for Xilinx 3 years ago