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# Learn more about Jenkins and JENKINS_HOME directory for which this file is
# intended.
# Note: secret.key is purposefully not tracked by git. This should be backed up
# separately because configs may contain secrets which were encrypted using the
# secret.key. To back up secrets use 'tar -czf /tmp/secrets.tgz secret*' and
# save the file separate from your repository. If you want secrets backed up
# with configuration, then see the bottom of this file for an example.
# Ignore all JENKINS_HOME except jobs directory, root xml config, and
# .gitignore file.
# Ignore all files in jobs subdirectories except for folders.
# Note: git doesn't track folders, only file content.
# Uncomment the following line to save next build numbers with config.
# For performance reasons, we want to ignore builds in Jenkins jobs because it
# contains many tiny files on large installations. This can impact git
# performance when running even basic commands like 'git status'.
# Exclude only config.xml files in repository subdirectories.
# Don't track workspaces (when users build on the master).
# Security warning: If secrets are included with your configuration, then an
# adversary will be able to decrypt all encrypted secrets within Jenkins
# config. Including secrets is a bad practice, but the example is included in
# case someone still wants it for convenience. Uncomment the following line to
# include secrets for decryption with repository configuration in Git.
# As a result, only Jenkins settings and job config.xml files in JENKINS_HOME
# will be tracked by git.