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Martin Woodward 4fb75626fc
Merge pull request #3326 from dsrini-open/aws-changes
4 months ago
Anjuta.gitignore Ignore the symbole database which is a generated binary file. 7 years ago
Ansible.gitignore introduce Ansible ignores 5 years ago
Archives.gitignore Update Archives.gitignore (#3220) 2 years ago
Backup.gitignore Backup: Add *.orig 3 years ago
Bazaar.gitignore Create the gitignore for Bazaar version control system 5 years ago
BricxCC.gitignore Add comment to BricxCC.gitignore 8 years ago
CVS.gitignore Update CVS.gitignore 6 years ago
Calabash.gitignore Move Calabash to Global 6 years ago
Cloud9.gitignore Update Cloud9.gitignore 8 years ago
CodeKit.gitignore Updated for Codekit 3 3 years ago
DartEditor.gitignore Move editor specific files into a new DartEditor.gitignore 8 years ago
Diff.gitignore New file for diff files 3 years ago
Dreamweaver.gitignore Add the other Dreamweaver added files 6 years ago
Dropbox.gitignore Add Dropbox.gitignore 6 years ago
Eclipse.gitignore [Global/Eclipse] Make .project opt-in (#3305) 2 years ago
EiffelStudio.gitignore Fix few typos 6 years ago
Emacs.gitignore Add "" 3 years ago
Ensime.gitignore Add .ensime_cache dir 7 years ago
Espresso.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 8 years ago
FlexBuilder.gitignore Added bin-release folder 8 years ago
GPG.gitignore Adding rule to not accidentally publish your PGP/GPG private keys. 6 years ago
Images.gitignore New template file for Images 4 years ago
JDeveloper.gitignore doc JDeveloper.gitignore 7 years ago
JEnv.gitignore Create .gitignore rules for JEnv 4 years ago
JetBrains.gitignore Ignore AWS specific file with IDEA 2 years ago
KDevelop4.gitignore adding global gitignore for KDevelop4 10 years ago
Kate.gitignore Added Kate ignore file 8 years ago
Lazarus.gitignore Reworked Lazarus.gitignore according to Lazarus Wiki 7 years ago
LibreOffice.gitignore Move LibreOffice.gitignore to /Global 7 years ago
Linux.gitignore Add .nfs files to Linux.gitignore 5 years ago
LyX.gitignore Create LyX.gitignore 7 years ago
MATLAB.gitignore Added Simulink cache files (#3148) 2 years ago
Mercurial.gitignore Added dotfiles in working directory 6 years ago
Metals.gitignore add in global metals (#3296) 2 years ago
MicrosoftOffice.gitignore Removed Microsoft Word 2016 Auto Backuped File on macOS 3 years ago
ModelSim.gitignore added initial version of ModelSim.gitignore 11 years ago
Momentics.gitignore Add user-specific settings to Momentics.gitignore 7 years ago
MonoDevelop.gitignore Added support for MonoDevelop .gitignore 10 years ago
NetBeans.gitignore Ignore Generated Files 3 years ago
Ninja.gitignore Make ninja a global template. 7 years ago
NotepadPP.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 8 years ago
Octave.gitignore correct capitalization problems and add Octave which link to MATLAB 3 years ago
Otto.gitignore Add Otto 6 years ago
PSoCCreator.gitignore Add .log and .zip to ignores, Thanks Alex Bustos 3 years ago
Patch.gitignore New file for artifacts of patch 3 years ago
PuTTY.gitignore Create PuTTY.gitignore 4 years ago Update stale heading anchor (#3445) 1 year ago
Redcar.gitignore Masking Redcar project files. 11 years ago
Redis.gitignore Add a global redis ignore file. 7 years ago
SBT.gitignore [SBT] Add some excludes kept in Scala.gitignore . 5 years ago
SVN.gitignore Ignore all the .svn folders. 11 years ago
SlickEdit.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 8 years ago
Stata.gitignore Commented out the exclusion of image files, added a link to list the image file types 6 years ago
SublimeText.gitignore add alternative sftp settings file (#3006) 2 years ago
SynopsysVCS.gitignore Trim trailing whitespace 3 years ago
Tags.gitignore Ignore GNU Global GSYMS database of other symbols 5 years ago
TextMate.gitignore add "*.tmproject" to ignore list 11 years ago
TortoiseGit.gitignore Create TortoiseGit.gitignore 7 years ago
Vagrant.gitignore Fix log filename for Vagrant (#3053) 2 years ago
Vim.gitignore Update Vim.gitignore (#3169) 2 years ago
VirtualEnv.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into patch-1 6 years ago
Virtuoso.gitignore Initial gitignore file for [Cadence Virtuoso]( 6 years ago
VisualStudioCode.gitignore Ignore Local History folder (#3008) 1 year ago
WebMethods.gitignore Capitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting 7 years ago
Windows.gitignore Update Windows.gitignore (#2191) 2 years ago
Xcode.gitignore Partial revert of 837181e2f60198de3701a1f87e66aaf8e69d0e07 (#3132) 2 years ago
XilinxISE.gitignore Update to include iMPACT and Core Generator files 6 years ago
macOS.gitignore macOS low cap m 3 years ago

Globally Useful gitignores

This directory contains globally useful gitignores, e.g. OS-specific and editor specific.

For more on global gitignores:

And a good blog post about 'em: