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Martin Woodward b3ece8cef6
Add newline. 3 months ago
Tim Heuer 5db7eeab30 Adding VS Code to global VS family 3 months ago
Parsa 5f1ce29425
Add nuget.config file 3 months ago
tustin2121 fd40ca24de
Add .tlog to the Visual Studio template 4 months ago
Justin Gregory 6eff882467
Fix false positives on Coverage*.cs files (#3454) 1 year ago
Daniel Chalmers 2a4de265d3
Add FodyWeavers.xsd to VisualStudio.gitignore (#3380) 1 year ago
Jeffrey Walton 811be05b83
Add Win32/ to gitginore list (#3308) 1 year ago
Patrick Roche 0af689b988
[VisualStudio] Add rule for ScaffoldingReadMe.txt (#3328) 1 year ago
Łukasz Kurzyniec b4551f2e98 added Coverlet result files as a Code Coverage Tool (#3252) 2 years ago
Matthew cedf2d1e99 JustCode has been discontinued as the features it provided are now included in Visual Studio 2017 and newer. (#3227) 2 years ago
Paul Smith 26c3d8407c [VisualStudio] add Logs folder (#3143) 2 years ago
steveh-ivendi f900e7e0dd Ignore the .ionide working folder (#3108) 2 years ago
Dariusz Woźniak d82e9e96ff NUnit - reorganize (#2960) 2 years ago
Alvaro Enrique Ruano 8f83007b29 Update VisualStudio.gitignore to add a safer rule for rdl backups (#3047) 2 years ago
Alessio Franceschelli 65bb94ddc1 Update VisualStudio.gitignore to ignore NuGet Symbol Packages (#3041) 2 years ago
Jimmy Lewis 7f765e3f2a Remove wwwroot/lib exclusion for ASP.NET Core (#3009) 2 years ago
Nick bbd09f3585 Add more Windows Store app package types (#2995) 2 years ago
José Fabio Martinez Gonzalez b960d3c704 Update VisualStudio.gitignore file (#2975) 2 years ago
Coskun Sunali 96baa6309f Remove Rider (idea) ignore statements from VS (#2991) 2 years ago
Terje Sandstrom 8dff1bed1a Added backup folder for Package Reference Convert tool in VS 2017 2 years ago
Jason Davis d72f17f13e
Update VisualStudio.gitignore 3 years ago
Kexy Biscuit 4e9a58b9af
Remove trailing whitespace added last commit. 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi 98a3e85f01
cleanup 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi 5bbde8f927
Update the rule 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi db53e8cfc9
Changed the rule to healthchecksdb 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi 6cc207982e
Add * wildcard 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi 5abe1395f1
Remove empty line 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi 2861abc28c
Add BeatPulse specific section 3 years ago
Hassan Hashemi b2310e0ddc
Ignore health check temp database 3 years ago
Wouter de Vries 38b9fdf4fb Only unignore directories that have at least a character ending with .cache 3 years ago
Chris Gunn b3d1e72efb Add `ARM` and `ARM64` to Visual Studio's ignore file. 3 years ago
Kevin R. Raney 3f0a607c11
Update VisualStudio.gitignore 3 years ago
Andrew b0b1b52543
No need to fully exclude CodeRush settings 3 years ago
Jeff Cyr a89e5e1464
Added *_wpftmp.csproj ignore 3 years ago
Matthias Schäfer a3b7954a02 Fixing MIDL header file pattern for Visual Studio 3 years ago
ofthelit 3674716af1
Ignore files from Local History plug-ins 3 years ago
John Vandenberg a47c27d351 Trim trailing whitespace 3 years ago
Giovanni Bassi c26008c00d
Do not ignore launchsettings.json for VS 3 years ago
Nick Schonning b442e97798
Ignore Reporting Project Upgrade backup files 3 years ago
Matthew Robbins 5cdf57adf7
Added MFractor's working folder to VisualStudio.gitignore 3 years ago
linlux a0f645dd33
added: *.iobj, *.ipdb 3 years ago
Quique Fdez Guerra 2e7e0bb4f2
Remove typings ignore 3 years ago
komaflash // ec8or 415d732230
Added "ServiceFabricBackup/" 4 years ago
raterus 4c35119bfb
Add rptproj.rptuser 4 years ago
jerzywie 31848ebd63 Add .nvuser NVidia Nsight configuration file 4 years ago
toby 7d42effdeb Add *.snk strong name key files (#2483) 4 years ago
Enrico Sada 6fa7f9416d ignore MSBuild Binary and Structured Log (#2549) 4 years ago
Tuomas-Matti Soikkeli 86e01548dd Add ignore for Azure Stream Analytics local run output folder (#2498) 4 years ago
Denis Peshkov 65b8b3b6fe Update VisualStudio.gitignore (#2510) 4 years ago
Aayush Kapoor 91c39c4151
Update VisualStudio.gitignore 4 years ago