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# This file provides an overview of code owners in this repository.
# Each line is a file pattern followed by one or more owners.
# The last matching pattern has the most precedence.
# For more details, read the following article on GitHub:
# These are the default owners for the whole content of this repository. The default owners are automatically added as reviewers when you open a pull request, unless different owners are specified in the file.
* @SebastianWolf-SAP @tkowark
# Solution architecture document and its translations
solution_architecture*.md @tklingbeil @SebastianWolf-SAP @tkowark
/images/solution_architecture/ @tklingbeil @SebastianWolf-SAP @tkowark
# Epidemiological Motivation of the Transmission Risk Level
transmission_risk* @kirchnergo @hoehleatsu @weidemannf @dirkschumacher @benzlerj
# How does the Corona-Warn-App identify an increased risk?
cwa-risk* @benzlerj @hoehleatsu @kirchnergo @SebastianWolf-SAP
translations/cwa-risk* @benzlerj @hoehleatsu @kirchnergo @SebastianWolf-SAP